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Quinta Heeren: this is the mysterious story of the Barrios Altos mansion

Tierras Vivas Travel > Quinta Heeren: this is the mysterious story of the Barrios Altos mansion

Quinta Heeren is located in the district of Barrios Altos, one of the mansions with the greatest history in Lima. Discover what tragic event occurred in this place.

Quinta Heeren is a group of European-style mansions that were built in 1880 in the district of Barrios Altos, in the city of Lima. In its early days, it was one of the most luxurious private condominiums, but over the years it gained fame for harboring a mystery inside.

The designer of this famous residence was the German Óscar Heeren. He acquired more than 40,000 square meters of Jirón Junín to build the popular property.

What tragic event occurred at Quinta Heeren?

The Quinta Heeren hosted an event that caught the attention of the population of Lima on February 24, 1928. That day, the newspapers reported the suicide of the prominent Japanese businessman Seiguma Kitsutani, who had arrived in Peru in 1901 and lived in the condominium since 1915.

Kitsutani was one of the main promoters so that Japan could donate the monument to Manco Cápac – which is currently located in the district of La Victoria – and he invested in a series of businesses in the textile industry, but his ventures did not have good results. . Later, the renowned merchant committed suicide.

This event caused the press and the population at the beginning of the 20th century to give an aura of mystery to the luxurious home. In addition, it caused various journalists to look for clues or ask constant questions to the inhabitants of Quinta Heeren to learn more details about Kitsutani’s death.

Currently, the place is uninhabited, but open to the public, since people can visit and contemplate the homes. On these tours it is also customary to make artistic presentations.

What is the history of Quinta Heeren?

The popular mansion was built between the years 1880 and 1890. The first to lead the construction activities was Manuel Pardo, grandson of Oscar Heeren. Later, in 1940, new homes were built on the land near the Maynas jirón.

It should be noted that this set of mansions also housed the embassies of France, Japan, Germany, the United States and Belgium during 1890 and 1940. During these years, residents also began to stop renting the facilities.

The 1970 earthquake caused the deterioration of several of the houses in Quinta Heeren. Likewise, in the mid-1990s it hosted the successful television series about the life of Perricholi.

In recent years, the establishment has become the headquarters of different artistic and cultural activities organized in order to revalue the importance of this space in the history of Peru.

What famous people lived in Quinta Heeren?

Throughout its history, Quinta Heeren has hosted a large number of artists and illustrious people from Peru. Find out below who lived in this popular house:

  • Chabuca Granda
  • Teofilo Castillo
  • Max Uhle
  • Carlos ‘Chino’ Domínguez
  • Humberto Martínez Morosini
  • Eduardo San Román, among others.

Paintings of the Quinta Heeren

The Quinta Heeren has also been an inspiration for different artists, who portrayed the beauty of this group of mansions. One of the most recognized was the Peruvian Víctor Humareda. He was the author of one of the main paintings that were made of the condominium, whose title is “Quinta Heeren at night.” The particular thing about this painting is that Humareda was able to finish it three days before he died.

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