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Palcoyo Mountain Tour

Palcoyo Mountain Tour

During the Palcoyo Mountain Tour, you will discover the second rainbow mountain hidden in Cusco, which stands out for its easy accessibility and beautiful natural landscapes. Have you ever heard about the Vinicunca?, also called the Mountain of the 7 Colors or Rainbow Mountain. This natural attraction is located in Cusco and grows in popularity every day.  But know? Today, there is another similar attraction called the Mountain of the Seven Colors of Palcoyo. This is the destination that we will discover during the Palcoyo Mountain Tour in the Andes of Peru and enjoy a unique views of Ausangate Mountain. Beyond the splendid panorama with which one is, in Palcoyo Mountain Tour you will enjoy different activities that you can perform.


In this Palcoyo Mountain Tour you can also appreciate a forest of stones that gives a mystical attraction to the place and that is perfect for lovers of nature and trekking. On the way to Checacupe, you can visit the colonial temple that has fine works of wood carving, gold leaf and houses paintings of the Cusco school. In addition, you can learn about the Inca, Colonial and Republican ancestral bridges. So, are you ready to discover Palcoyo Rainbow Mountain?

Quick Itinerary:

06:30 am: Pick up from your hotel in Cusco

07:00 am: Transportation from Cusco to Checacupe

10:00 am: Visit of the Palcoyo community 

10:30 am: Arrival at the parking lot (view of the first mountain of colors) + briefing 

11:00 am: Visit of the second mountain of colors

10:30 am: Visit the third mountain of colors + pause with coca tea

11:00 am: Hike to the Stone Forest (optional) with a spectacular view

12:30 am: Return to car 

01:50 pm: Lunch in a restaurant 

05:00 pm: Arrival at Cusco

Note: All times are approximate.


About the Excursion:

Start of the Tour in Cusco

03:30 am

Return to Cusco

from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Maximum height

5040 m.s.n.m.

Total walk distance

5 km

Duration of the trek

45 - 60 minutes

Difficulty level

Easy - Moderate

Group size

2 - 8 passengers

Best time to visit

May - Nov


4:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Palcoyo Mountain Tour Video



Palcoyo Mountain Tour Gallery

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Palccoyo-1 Palccoyo-Rainbow -Mountain-Tour Palccoyo-Tour-Private
Palccoyo Palccoyo-Tour-1 Palccoyo-Tour-2

Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Full Day Tour

Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Full Day Tour

We will pick you up at your hotel around 06.30 am. Then we will left Cusco and start our adventure going to the south of the city. Passing through valleys, rivers, mountains and some smaller communities, we reach our starting point at 4900 meters above sea level. We walk uphill for approximately 45 minutes to the highest point of our excursion that is 5000 meters away, passing through the unique formations of the rainbow mountain range.


The incredible view of the Ausangate mountain covered with snow is really impressive!!! Once we are at the top of our point of view, we will have the Vilcanota Mountain Range in front of us. You will have all the time to rest and take amazing pictures. Then, we will descend for approximately 30 minutes to the starting point to finally take the bus to the place where we will have a delicious lunch and then return to Cusco where we will arrive around 5:30 p.m.



  • In our shared services, we will pick-up our clients from your hotel as long as it is located in the downtown.
  • In our shared services, at the end of the tour, we leave our clients in a place close to the Main Square, because is easier go walking instead the car for the traffic jam. If your hotel is far from the downtown, take some cash with you in order to take a taxi.
  • Pick-up and drop off times are referential, this will depend on the traffic that can be found in the streets or delay of the other clients, our assistant will be on time but sometimes the transport could delay a few minutes.



Not Included


What to Bring?


Tips for Palcoyo Rainbow Mountain Tour

  • For clients who come from areas of less than 1000 m altitude, we recommend that you spend at least 2-3 days in Cusco before the Palcoyo Rainbow Mountain tour to acclimatize. Otherwise, the visitor may suffer the so-called altitude sickness.
  • This is a different route, this route does not go to Vinicunca, we go to another Rainbow Mountain called Palcoyo, it is a similar Valley but with less people, we only organize private excursions.
  • This mountain is a tourist attraction that receives few visitors every day. It is recommended to follow the indicated route and avoid looking for another different route.
  • It is advisable to find out how the weather in Palcoyo is before booking a tour. The cold can cause the entire area to be covered in snow and the tour ruined.
  • The trekking route to this mountain is not as challenging as the Vinicunca. That is why the Palcoyo is a great option for people who do not feel capable of making the difficult walk to the Mountain of the 7 Colors.

Vinicunca vs Palcoyo

Vinicunca vs Palcoyo

Do you want a Group Hike? Or do you enjoy more a Solo Hiking: This is the first question that you should think before make a decision beetween Vinicunca or Palcoyo rainbow Mountain visit. Many say that the Vinicunca mountain and the Palcoyo Cusco mountain range are very similar, but one landscape can never be identical to the other, the difference always exists whether in temperature, altitude, landscape beauty or other, because each landscape is made up of a multitude of essential elements without comparing their little details that sometimes tend to be the most significant. Discover Palcoyo Mountain Tour with us and amaze yourself with a unique experience in Peru!!!


Here 3 Facts of Palcoyo vs Vinicunca:

  • The popular Vinicunca Mountain due to its majestic and amazing colors is one of the favorites destinations visit in the city of Cusco, so Vinicunca will likely be more crowded with tourists than the beautiful isolation of Palcoyo, know that Palcoyo is a recent trek that no many explore.
  • Both walks require some physical effort, but remember hiking will  make your experience unique and will help to connect you with nature. Hiking can also help you to connect deeply with yourself.
  • Vinicunca might not allow the experience of self-reflection, peace, and contemplation along the hike as you will be hiking alongside other groups hoping to reach the top for its incredible views. On the other hand, Palcoyo offers you a unique colorful views and the best? You will feel like the King of the mountain because there are not many tourist to hike Palcoyo Mountain.




  Vinicunca Mountain Palcoyo Mountain Range
Height: 5,200 m.a.s.l 4,900 m.a.s.l
Difficulty: Moderate Trip Easy Trip
Walk distance: 5 km 2 Km
Walking Time: 3 h. at 2 h. 1 h.
Landscape: Spectacular Spectacular
Visitors: Many Visitors Few Visitors
Duration of the Trip in Transportation: 3 Hours 3 Hours

Vinicunca tour cheap: USD 40

Vinicunca tour private: USD 200

Palcoyo tour cheap: USD 80

Palcoyo tour private: USD 320


Frequently Asked Questions about Palcoyo Mountain Tour

How is the weather on the Palcoyo Rainbow Mountain?

The Palcoyo Rainbow Mountain has a cold climate due to its proximity to the snowy Ausangate. The temperature can drop below 0 ° C. That is why, at certain times of the year, the slopes are covered with snow.


What to see in the Palcoyo Mountain?

Besides being a natural attraction of incomparable beauty, the Palcoyo Cusco is a natural habitat for various types of animals such as llamas, alpacas, vizcachas, condors and more. On the road that connects Cerro Colorado there is a forest of stones formed naturally millions of years ago. From there you can appreciate the beauty of Ausangate, the largest in Cusco.


What is the admission schedule?

Due to the cold weather, visits to the Palcoyo Cusco are only in the mornings and part of the afternoons. The hours of operation are 8 a.m. at 3 p.m.


When is the best time to visit the mountain?

The best time to visit the Palcoyo Rainbow Mountain is during the dry season (from April to October). In those months, rains occur much less frequently, making the trip easy.


Rainbow Mountain Peru Tour

Rainbow Mountain Peru Tour

At first glance, this mountain in the Andes of Peru, with stretches of turquoise, lavender, red and golden earth, seems to be an illusion created by tools such as Photoshop.

However, this attraction, at 5200 meters above sea level, is very real. The nearby inhabitants call it Vinicunca, the Rainbow Mountain.

This variegated mountain, which has mineral sediments dating back millions of years, was discovered only about five years ago, according to local inhabitants. Since then it has become an unmissable attraction for many hikers. Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain Tour

Humantay Lake Day Trip

Humantay Lake Day Trip

Humantay Lake is one of the most spectacular landscapes along the Salkantay Trail, This full-day tour gives you the opportunity to visit this turquoise color lagoon located at the base of the Humantay mountain, which takes 1.5 hours of ascending walk to reach the paradise on the mountains. Humantay is one of the snow-capped mountains in the Vilcabamba mountain range and the glacier melt makes a beautiful lagoon that may be visiting for those you like a little bit of hiking and being in the mountains for hours, this hiking option is perfect for those who want to get out of the routine for a day. During the tour, we will provide you with a professional service supported by our professional guides and transported by modern and safe vehicles and you will try the local dishes since this tour included lunch and breakfast. Humantay Lake Tour from Cusco

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$ 60.00
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