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Large vs small group travel tours Peru

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Large vs small group travel tours Peru

Large vs small group travel tours Peru - Group size is an important thing to consider when planning your trip. There’s no right or wrong answer. The decision depends on your priorities and your preferences. How do you want to travel?

It’s important to think about the size of the group you want to travel with. Will you make the trip available to a select group of travelling?

A smaller group can cover more ground in a day. You’ll be able to get out of the hotel faster in the morning, spend less time at restaurants and move around your destination more quickly, hike fast or slowy, stay long time in the mountains, should you choose.

It’s easier to move around museums, ruins and other sites in a small group. There are also many small restaurants, hostel and  hotels that are only available to smaller groups.

You can only travel as fast as the slowest person in the group, small or large.

Small groups tend to move around faster and your guide is not trying to cater to as many persons. If you are a very social couple then large groups could be fun and you and pick and choose who you want to associate with. If small means van type vs large bus type then vans can get places quicker and usually close to attractions or in you hike, you can walk fast or slowly, but you will dicide, what long you want to stay. On the big group, you have to wait your group and you can walk slowly.

So don’t shy away from taking your friends abroad. Seek out a quality tour operator provider, ask all your questions and get all your answers—and then some. And then get excited, because you’re about to become the tour leader your friends will always remember.


The advantages of traveling with a small group are…


Smaller footprint

We spend more time in a destination, so you can explore, soak up the atmosphere, relax and unwind at your own speed.


Explore & Discover

With fewer travellers in our groups, you’ll spend less time checking into hotels and getting on (and off) transport, and more time seeing the sights.


Small group travel tours to Peru

Tierras Vivas offer the best experience tours to Peru in the small groups, the min 2 travellers and max 8 travellers

Large group travel tours to Peru

The biggest advantage of having a large number of travelers in your group is that each traveler will have a lower price to pay for his or her tour. While Tierras Vivas travel already negotiate hotel rates, tours and restaurant prices in bulk for separate groups, there are still additional discounts to be found for a single large group. the group is large - the large group travel to Peru is min 10 travellers and max 25 travellers

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