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Peru Holidays

Peru Holidays

“Peru, the richest country in the world,” invites us to discover that being rich isn’t about having the most; it’s about experiencing the most unforgettable moments:

Peru offers a huge variety of tours for its historical, cultural and natural wealth!!!

Peru is considered as one of the cradles of civilization!!!

Destinations in Peru 

Machu Picchu:

This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the most familiar symbols of the Incan Empire, and is one of the most famous and spectacular sets of ruins in the world, If you are planning your own trip to the Machu Picchu 7 Wonders of the World in Peru here you can see the prices for 2019.
Full of mystique, ancient culture and with a great kindness by the inhabitants, Cusco is a great city for leisure, but nothing is complete without a Machu Picchu travel tour, a sanctuary with one of the most fascinating buildings and architecture Ancient world.


Inca Trail:

It is the famous Peru trek and the world. Inca Trail is the top seller of the Peru. I recommend to make your Inca Trail booking Peru in advance. 


Salkantay Trek:

Considered the best alternative trek to the Inca Trail. The trek crosses the Salkantay Pass at 4600m, descends into the cloud forest and passes the Inca Ruins Llactapata, with a view of Machu Picchu.


Chan Chan:

Impressive set of ruins of an ancient Chimur mud city. Declared as UNESCO World Heritage site. It was the capital of the Chimú kingdom, which stretched along the entire north coast between 1100- 145 AD, before being conquered by the Incas. The centre of the city is a series of 10 walled citadels. One of the outstanding details of the citadels are its decorative walls in high relief with motifs including geometrical patterns, fish and birds, among others.


Chavin de Huantar:

Chavín was one of the most important cultures of the pre-Inca era. Its principal temple, located in the department of Áncash,  was one of the main oracles of Peru. It was built in 1400 B.C. but was in decline by the year 500 B.C, during the so-called Formative period. People came to this center to consult the oracle and to make offerings to the gods. 


Huascaran National Park:

Huascarán is the second highest park in the South American Andes, located at the heart of the highest tropical mountain range in the world. A diversity of species such as condors, vicuñas, white-tailed deer, puma, vizcachas, mountain cats and the Andean fox live on its high plains and glacial summit of over 6,000 masl (19,685 fasl). Huascarán park contains 27 mountains, 663 glaciers, 269 lakes and 41 rivers.


Lake Titicaca:

Considered to be the highest navigable lake in the world, in the immediate vicinity of the provinces of Puno and Huancané in the department of Puno, at an average altitude of 3,810 masl. It covers 36,180 hectares.


Colca Valley:

The Colca Valley, located in the north-eastern of the Arequipa region. Here you will find the Colca River and the Colca Canyon. On the route you can see interesting natural landscapes and lot of wild animals condors, llamas, alpacas, guanacos, vicuñas and vizcachas. If you want to visit this beautiful place you can book the Colca Canyon tour.



Choquequirao is a set of ruins located in Cusco and are known as the sister of Machu Picchu city. It has a mild climate. Although due to its location near the Apurimac canyon, it can also be warm. If you are excited to visit this beautiful place, here you can find the Choquequirao Peru Trek.



Chachapoyas, capital of Amazonas, is one of the highlights of the Peruvian Jungle, for its landscapes, antiquity and culture. If you want to visit it, know some of our tours.


Manu National Park:

One of the most diverse areas in Peru. The area is inhabited by a large number of tribes, the majority of which currently have no contact with the rest of the world. The park is also a paradise of 20,000 varieties of plants, 1,200 species of birds, 200 mammal species and a currently unknown number of reptiles, amphibians and insects.

Nazca lines:

World famous for its geometrical figures and giant drawings in the desert sand. The Nazca Lines Peru tour, discovered in 1927, are the most important legacy left by the Nazca culture, which flourished in 300 BC. The lines are sometimes 300 meters (984 feet) long, which means they can only be seen from above.


Paracas National Reservation:

A popular Nature Reserve on the Southern Coast. The Paracas National Park (RNP) is one of two Protected Natural Areas (ANP) that preserves samples representing Peru's coastal marine ecosystems. The Park contains land, a large part of the Paracas desert, islands and the sea.



Small beachtown with the best beaches and great surf, turns into a real partytown on weekends and holidays. 


Travel to Peru


If you like to get to know the country the most, our Peru tours will show you the best of the country. From Lima capital city, you can go to the nearby Ballestas Islands and/or to Nazca Lines over-flight seeing the famous geoglyphs of the Nazca culture! After that, you can continue to Arequipa city, known as the “White City” made of volcanic stone “sillar” as well as to observe flying condors during a Colca Canyon Tour. Then, you can go to the nearby city of Puno, considered as the “Folkloric Capital of America”, to visit the picturesque islands of Uros (Floating Islands), Amantani and Taquile during a 1 day or 2 day Titicaca Lake Tour. After that, you can continue to the former capital of the Inca Empire – Cusco to start hiking to Machu Picchu included in our Inca Trail tours!


During our tours around Peru you will also explore the Amazon Rainforest where you can appreciate wild animals, 500 hundred years old trees and other amazing plants!


Trekking is a great way to see the country. The most widely known route is the Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Trek prices vary considerably between companies, as well as the porters' working conditions: No pack animals are allowed, hence equipment is carried by human porters; although there is a minimum porter wage (PEN42/day, about USD15) and maximum load that porters can carry (25kg/55 lb), not all companies keep to their claims!


Other popular routes include Cordillera Blanca - Huaraz, Colca Canyon - Arequipa, Ausangate Peru Trek, Salkantay Trail to Machu Picchu , Choquequirao trail Peru and Inka Jungle trek to Machu Picchu - an adrenaline trip to Machu Picchu.


Peru also offers a big variety of adrenaline sport such as rafting, kayaking, biking, zip line, horseback riding, surfing, ATV, motocross, paragliding, canopy, canoing, sandboarding, etc.


Peru have differents activites and experiences: Tierras Vivas is specialist in holidays to Peru.

If you like to explore more than the southern part of Peru, you can flight to the city of Chiclayo where you can learn about the Moche civilization. On the following day, you will visit Chachapoyas to visit the overwhelming fortress of Kuelap and learn about this ancient culture, development in the high Andes cloud forest! This part is included in our Chachapoyas Tour and you can do either only this part or combine it with the Inca Trail hike and a visit of Machu Picchu afterwards! In this case, you want to see the most impressive monuments of the country in only a tour!!!  


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