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Inca Trail Expedition

Inca Trail Expedition

Amazon and Inca Trail Tour enables you to discover in a unique way this Andean country not only visiting its capital and seeing its growing progress, also in the deepest part of Peru. Stay at a jungle lodge in the Peruvian Amazon and spend time surrounded by the incredible wildlife, hike through the ancient ruins of Cusco and visit the famous Sacred Valley of the Incas. Immerse your senses at the colorful local markets, visiting the Incan town of Pisaq and the fortress of Ollantaytambo and follow the Incas footsteps on the ancient Inca Trail Hike finishing at the lost city of the Incas Machu Picchu!!


The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is the most famous and preserved road that the Incanato had. With its cobbled path it crosses important archaeological ruins such as Huayllabamba, Runcuracay, Sayacmarca, Puyupatamarca, Wíñayhuayna and Inti Punku before arriving at the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. It’s necessary to have at least four days to explore it. The geography is rugged and allows to contemplate landscapes of great beauty that includes imposing snow-capped mountains, lush jungles and forests. The water abounds in the ravines which are protected from the strong wind, a characteristic of the steps of height.


From the ancient town of Cusco to jungle exploits in the Amazon and the famous Inca Trail Hike, this marvelous journey has it all. Fall in love with the Sacred Valley before starting one of the most excellent short hikes in the world. We begin the hiking through exquisite landscapes, following the course of the Urubamba River, over the high pass at Warmiwañusca and later the second pass at  Runkuracay. The view of the Andes will amaze you. From here the path turns through the Gateway of the Sun to Machu Picchu, where we take our time touring this astonishing and mysterious site. Now talking about Peruvian Amazon,  A river boat trip and rainforest walk will be waiting for us. You will stay in a jungle lodge - an ideal place for rainforest hikes, spotting wildlife and canoeing. Read to start the adventure? Inca Trail Expedition is the best option for you explorer!!

Inca Trail Expedition

Quick Itinerary:

  • Day 01: Lima
  • Day 02-03: Peruvian Amazon
  • Day 04: Cusco City
  • Day 05: Tour Sacred Valley of the Incas
  • Day 06-09: Hiking the Inca Trail
  • Day 10: Walk around the Cusco City
  • Day 11: Departure

Highlights of Inca Trail and Amazon:

  • Explore and discover the Peruvian jungle
  • Guided tour of the Peruvian Amazon
  • Guided tour of the Sacred Valley
  • A 4 day hike the Inca Trail Tours with a local Tour Guide, Cook and Porters
  • Guided tour of Machu Picchu and other Incan sites along the Inca Trail
  • A walk around Cusco City

Crew: Tierras Vivas Representatives in Lima and Cusco, professional local bilingual Tour Guides, a Cook and Porters

Accommodation: 3*** Hotel (5 nights), Jungle Lodge (2 nights), Campsites (3 nights).

Meals: 10x breakfast, 5x lunch, 5x dinner, 3x afternoon tea.

Transportation: 2x domestic flights, transportation by private van, motorboat transportation, 1x train (Expedition Class).

Camping equipment: You can see our camping equipment here!!!  

Need more information? Here some interesting pages for you!!


Lima | Peruvian Amazon | Cusco | Sacred Valley | Ollantaytambo | Machu Picchu


Day 01: Arrival to Lima

Day 01: Arrival to Lima

Welcome to Peru!!!  Our representative staff will pick you up from the international Jorge Chavez airport in Lima and will transport you to Carmel Hotel located in the beauty and secure district of Miraflores. There are no activities planned today, so you can arrive at any time. You are free to unwind at the hotel or amble around the town of Miraflores. Some of Lima's finest galleries, museums, shops and restaurants are around here.


Let's Discover Lima Peru!!!

Established by Francisco Pizarro in 1535, Lima is the oldest capital in South America, with an excellent mixture of Spanish colonial and 19th century Europen architecture. If you have time we recommend the following list:

  • Miraflores Lima Malecon: Clearly, the unforgettable tour of Miraflores is the route through its extensive boardwalk that changes its name in its route: Cisneros Malecon, Reserve Malecon and 28 of July Malecon, a walk that skirts the cliffs, passing through parks, sculptures and viewpoints that allow extraordinary views of the city and the Pacific Ocean. The most frequent walk along the boardwalk begins at the "Lighthouse", passing through the Raimondi Park (Paragliding flying launch field), the Love Park, the Villena Rey Bridge, the Larcomar Shopping Center, to finish in the Armendáriz, in total a journey that should not take more than 30 minutes walking.

  • Park of Love: One of the most frequent stops on the boardwalk is this small green corner known as the Park of Love, an area with flowers and grass, decorated in its central part with an enormous statue known as "The Kiss" projected by the Peruvian artist Víctor Delfín. Another of its peculiarities are its curved walls decorated with mosaics, in which are read the romantic phrases of Peruvian poets: "To you as the light of the world to the windows" by Juan Gonzalo Rose and "We are a bit the shadow of what We went "by Oscar Valdivia, they are some of them.

  • Larcomar Shopping Center: One of the most attractive places on the Malecon, is undoubtedly this unique shopping center, an open space anchored in the cliffs with terraces at different levels that look towards the Pacific. Among its facilities are exclusive shops, movie theaters, museum, theater, and numerous restaurants with a sophisticated gastronomic menu. A place to visit both during the day, enjoying the views of the sea, and at night when everything is illuminated.

  • Miraflores Lima Paragliding in Raimondi Park: Also located on the Malecon, it corresponds to the launching point for those who want to make paragliding flights, an adrenaline experience that allows you to fly over the cliffs of the "Costa Verde" for 15 minutes. No prior instruction is necessary for the experience, since they are made in two-seater paragliders, designed to carry two people: an instructor and a passenger.

  • Central Park: Made up of the junction of Kennedy Park and 7 of June Park , it corresponds to the heart of the Miraflores neighborhood, a green area surrounded by shops, restaurants and nightclubs. Among its attractions, there is a small square that houses craft stalls during the afternoon, an amphitheater where cultural shows take place and a circuit known as the Passage of the Painters, where Peruvian artists offer their works. It is also worthwhile to pause between its picturesque carts and enjoy the sweet sandwiches they sell.

Day 02-04 Peruvian Amazon Tour - Cusco

Day 02-04 Peruvian Amazon Tour - Cusco

On this day you will be transfer from your Hotel to Lima airport to take a flight to Puerto Maldonado Peru airport which lies deep in the Peruvian Amazon. Once in Puerto Maldonado, we will direct to  Tambopata River Port where you travel into the deep peruvian Amazon by a motorized boat over the Madre de Dios River to our lodge settled snugly in the jungle. On our journey to the lodge, we will enter at the buffer zone of this 1.3 million hectare conservation unit, where you have a chance to see bird species typical for the river and the forest´s outskirts.


The jungle lodge combines a native architecture and materials with a low-impact technology intending to preserve the local environment. Rooms of the lodge are homely and very comfortable, containing mosquito´s nets over each bed, flush toilets, showers (without hot water and really you will love the cold water) and kerosene (paraffine) lamps for lighting (there is no electricity), so  this is the real adventure!!!. Staff of the lodge are naturalists, tourism professionals and community members who speak english. Remember that you will explore the Peruvian Amazon with local and native guides. 


On the third day of this Amazonian trip, we transfer you back to the Puerto Maldonado airport for your flight to the navel of the world, Cusco!!! Upon arrival to Cusco, we will meet and welcome you again to the great imperial city of Cusco to then transfer you to the Hotel. The rest of the day is free to acclimatize to its high altitude and discover the city at your convenience.


Cusco was the capital and heart of the Incan Empire (Tawantinsuyo = the Country of the Four Cardinal Points) that served as a center to Inca's expansion into new territories. It is also the archaeological asset of the Americas. The oldest running inhabited city on the continent. Enigmatic city of Cusco is infused with a feeling of mystery and history. You can see a Spanish style in the city today with its charming pink tiled roof, arched squares and steep bending alleyways. The city stands on huge Inca foundation stones, as you walk around town you can't miss the Inca Empire connection, from the stone walls that line the streets to the museums filled with antiques and relics of  long gone communities.


What can I do on this day?

Day 05: Sacred Valley of the Incas

Day 05: Sacred Valley of the Incas

On this day, you will visit the Sacred Valley inca ruins. The Sacred Valley was the principal supplier of food of the Inca empire and today you can appreciate various Inca remnants. The valley has been formed by the Urubamba River also known as the Vilcanota River and it goes through Pisac and Ollantaytambo up to the ancient natural sanctuary of Machu Picchu. The Sacred Valley is a lush agricultural region that keeps supplying the Cusco City with lots of its production. We are taken to the impressive Inca site of Pisac, an archaeological complex situated on the hillside high above the town, with amazing views of frost-topped mountains. This place has fascinating agricultural terracing carved into the mountainside. Uphill are well-kept temples, including a Solar Clock or Intiwatana which are magnificent designs.


Carrying on our tour of Pisac, we will go to its traditional market. An excellent location for buying some keepsakes! We have enough free time here to see and buy some crafts or try some classic Andean foods.Then we will stop in Urubamba, considered the capital of the valley, to have a buffet lunch offering Andean cuisine (not included in the tour). Afterwards we will continue to Ollantaytambo, a little town brimming with native atmosphere and occupied since Inca times, we stop at the principle temple that was used as an Incan fortress during the Incas resistance. Here you will enjoy beautiful views and you can take some awesome photos.


We will be taken to the hotel where we can have some downtime for the rest of the day in this small town before we hike to Machu Picchu the next morning. Overnight in Ollantaytambo.

Day 06-09: Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Day 06-09: Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

The Inca trail tours 4 day  is physically demanding but worth it! An entire system of connections of joining roads linked Cusco to its colonies and its other commonwealths. This wonderful route runs from high mountains down to cloud forest, going through ecological zones with an array of flora and wildlife and a variety of archaeological sites that can be only seen by this route. There will be our cooker, and porters to carry most of the equipment so you just need to bring a small backpack. It is within the ability of the most reasonably fit. This 44 km (27 mile) trek is often steep with 2 high passes to be crossed. Temperatures at night may fall below zero so it is important to be prepared for that! It also sometimes rain, even in the dry season. 


Inca trail day per day:

  • Day 06: From the trailhead at km82 the route follows the left bank of the Urubamba River. We visit the Inca archaeological sites of Willca Raccay and the ruins of Llacatapata to then continue up the Cusichaha River Canyon which offers magnificent views of the Oriental mountain range, including the beauteous Veronica Mountain (5850m). Lunch in Chamana and continue along the Cusichaca River until reaching the village of Huayllabamba. From there we ascend through high Andean land coverd with trees and bushes named to a large area of flat land without trees named Llulluchapampa, the location of our first campsite.
  • Day 07: On this day we will cross the highest pass at Warmiwañusca (Dead Woman's Pass at 4050m - 13,280ft) before descending to Pacamayo where we will have a lunch break. Then we will go down hill, along a paved Incan road to the ruins of Runkuracay and Sayacmarca. We then you get over the second pass - Abra Runkuracay and walk down the 'Royal Inca Highway' down to Sayacmarca, finally reaching our campsite at Chaquicocha.
  • Day 08: Today we come into the cloud forest and descend to the ruins of Phuyupatamarca by way of a stone stairway. This is one of the best preserved and completed sites. It is on top of a hill and its name in Quechua means "Town above the clouds". After a guided tour we will have lunch there. From there the route goes down a dizzying slant along Inca stone steps for about 3 hours to the ruins of Wiñay Wayna, a charming Inca site positioned in forest. We have a guided tour, after dinner we set up camp at Wiñay Wayna.
  • Day 09: We will hike the ancient steps to Intipunku, the Sun Gate, a further 2 hours from where we get our first sight of Machu Picchu. Accompanied by our guide we will go to the temples, houses, agricultural terraces and palaces and then have some time to have a look by ourselves. After your visit you descend to the town of Aguas Calientes where you can eat and unwind before taking your train back to Cusco in the evening.

Day 10: Cusco

Day 10: Cusco

Today you have time to explore at your leisure, maybe visiting some of the sites on foot or by bus. For the archaeological fans , the Inca sites of Q'enqo.  For the more adventurous there are optional activities such as white water rafting on the Urubamba River(grade 2-3) or mountain biking into the Urubamba Sacred Valley of the Incas or Maras-Moray-Salineras and perhaps visiting some Incan sites along the way. You don't need to have experience to do these activities, instructions are given and all safety equipment provided.


You can also visit the four encircling Inca ruins along the way: Q'enqo, Puka Pukara, Tambomachay and the dramatic fortress of Sacsayhuaman, constructed startegically on a hill overlooking Cusco, distinguished for its huge carved stones, joined with amazing precision to form the outer walls, some of which are over 9m/30ft tall and weigh over 350 tons. You can also do horseback riding at these sites

Day 11: Departure

See you !! Thank you for choosing Tierras Vivas as your tour operator. On this day we will transfer to Cusco airport after a delicious breakfast. End of our tour service or alternatively, a good time to extend your trip!

Please note:
 a return flight to Lima can be arranged upon request!



  • Welcome by our Representative at arrival;
  • Domestic flights: Lima – Puerto Maldonado - Cusco;
  • All airport arrival and departure transfers, (except tha last in Lima);
  • Accommodation: 3* Hotels (5 nights), a jungle lodge (2 nights), camping (3 nights);
  • All entrance fees according to the itinerary, Inca Trail Permit including;
  • Bilingual local Tour Guides as per the itinerary;
  • A professional Cook;
  • Porters to carry food, camping and cooking equipment and 5 kg of each passenger's stuff during the hiking;
  • Meals: 10x breakfast, 6x lunch, 4x dinner and 3x afternoon hot beverages during the Trail (If you are a vegetarian, please advise us in advance. A vegetarian meal option is for NO extra cost!);
  • Camping equipment of the Inca Trail: personal double tents, Inflatable mattress (Term-a-Rest Mattress);
  • A blanket and a pillow
  • A sleeping bag (for up to -5°C);
  • Duffel bag (for your personal belongings for the hiking 5kg);
  • Day Pack Rain Covers for the trek;
  • Plastic Rain ponchos;
  • Tables and chairs, a cooking tent with cooking equipment, dining and toilet tents;
  • Tourist land transportation in accordance with the itinerary;
  • A shuttle bus down from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes Town;
  • Tourist train (Expedition Class) from Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu) to Ollantaytambo;
  • Motorboat transportation in the Amazon Jungle.
  • First aid kit including emergency oxygen bottle for the Inca Trail.
  • The best experience during your trip!!!

Not included

  • Pre & post tour accommodation,
  • Last flight Cusco - Lima,
  • International flights and airport departure taxes,
  • Meals not mentioned,
  • Entrance fee to Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain ($80);
  • Travel insurance,
  • Tips and baggage portage to local staff (please note: it is a custom to give tips in Peru; however, it is not obligatory),
  • Other extras not specified.

Meal budget: Please allow USD 100-150 for meals not included.

Single room: Please note that if you have booked the "Single Room" option for this tour, you receive your own single room for all overnights and a single tent for the Inca Trail.

Local flights: There are two local flights included in the cost of your tour. It is very important that we have got your passport details at the time of booking in order to process all air tickets! Internal flight tickets are issued locally and will be given to you prior to each flight departure!

How to book your Amazon and Inca Trail Tour?

If you like to do the Amazon and Inca Trail Tour, please first check an availability on this website: Inca Trail Tours -  Availability. Choose year and month when you like to do the tour. Please note: the Inca Trail starts on the sixth day of the Inca Trail Expedition Tour! (For example, if you like to start the tour on the 6th of August, you need to check availability of the day 11th of August!)


If there is still availability of the Inca Trail on your date requested in the time of your booking, the booking of the Inca Trail Expedition Tour will be confirmed firstly by our Reservation Department via e-mail. Then your full personal details wil be required as well as a deposit in order to purchase your Inca Trail permit. (Please note that an Inca Trail booking is valid only for 1 hour!! If it is not paid within this time, it expires!!!)


Inca Trail Closure:

  • Each February, the Inca Trail is closed to allow its conservation as well as to give vegetation a chance to recover. This is a suitable month to close it since it is the wettest month of the year too. However, Machu Picchu itself remains open during the month so you can visit it maybe taking the alternative treks as the impousing Salkantay Mountain Trek or for those adventurers, the best option is: Inca Jungle Trail Peru 


Tour Guide & a Tierras Vivas Representative

All Tierras Vivas travel groups are accompanied by its Tierras Vivas tour guide, a representative or our personal staff. The aim of our Tour Guides is to take a hassle out of traditional trips and have the best trip experience as is possible. The Tour Guides provide information on places visited, offer suggestions of what to see and to do, recommend a good place to eat and introduce to his/her colleagues. The Guides have a broad general knowledge of each country visited during a tour, including historical, cultural, religious and social aspects. We also work with local Tour Guides in the tours where we think that more specific knowledge could help to add more enjoyment on the visited places.



3 Camping Nights - Inca Trail :

During the Inca Trail we will spend three nights full-service camping, meaning that our camp staff will put up our tents to finally dismantle them for the next day. Be secure that our camping staff will do all camp chores for you, so you just need to carry your day pack. There will also be dining and toilet tents and bowls of warm water are provided both morning and evening for washing.



Accommodation in Lima:

Accommodation in Cusco:

  • Prisma Hotel
  • Address: Calle Matara N 394, Cusco
  • Tel: (+51)  84 224466

Accommodation in Ollantaytambo:

During the tour, we request our hotels to get ready your rooms for time of your arrival, especially, if you arrive prior to standard check-in time. Nevertheless, this is not always possible. In this case, you just store your luggage in that hotel storage room and you can explore around your new destination in between.


Packing List

A kind of luggage you need to take will depends on what kind of tour you are planning to undertake. But this is not the only thing to take in count, also what part of the country you would like to visit, the season and how long I wish to be in this country. In general, it is advisable to pack as lightly as is possible because remember you will carry your own luggage during most of the tours. We recommend you to keep weight of your luggage under 10 kg (22 lb.).


Most of travelers use a suitcase. However, a big backpack would be more suitable. In any case, please do not forget a small rucksack that you will need for daily travels (to carry your bottled water, camera, snacks, etc.). It is better to avoid a wheeled luggage and use luggage with shoulder straps.


What Kind of Clothing to Pack to Peru


Clothing to take with you, depends on the season in wich you are traveling to Peru and which part of country you plan to visit. If your plan is to visit the coastline of the Northern Peru and surroundings of Lima, you need to pack some light cloths (for example, shorts, skirts, dresses, T-shirts), flip-flops, sandals, a head cover as a protection against the Sun (a hat or a cap), sun protection cream, sunglasses, mosquitos repellent and swimsuit, of course.


But if you plan to visit Peruvian mountains (Andean mountain range), we recommend you to take some trousers suitable for hiking, shorts, T-shirts and trekking shoes for the days; and sweaters, fleeces, hats, scarves and warm jackets for the nights. You also should take a sun protection cream, sun glasses and in some cases, mosquito repellent (depending on a route chosen). It is very convenient to have a light rain-gear available in a daypack (waterproof poncho or jacket and/or waterproof trousers) as weather changes quickly and rains can suddenly occur. 


If you like to see the Amazon rainforest (Manu, Puerto Maldonado, Iquitos, etc.), then the most important item of your luggage must be a mosquito repellent (20 DEET as a minimum recommended)!! Except that, you should take some light clothing with long sleeves and long trousers (to put into your shoes as a kind of protection against insect). You should not forget some waterproof cloths (especially, if you plan to visit the rainforest during a rainy season), comfortable and closed footwear, long socks and a hat.


What to Bring on the Inca Trail Expedition Tour

  • Passport Original and copies
  • Travel insurance(+ copies for a case of lost),
  • Flight tickets,
  • Cash in USD or credit cards,
  • Our service voucher (sent by us to you),
  • Entry visa and a proof of vaccination (if applicable),
  • Day pack (to carry your personal items during daily travels),
  • Rain gear (a rain-jacket and a waterproof trousers or a rain poncho - this can be purchased in Cusco),
  • Resistible footwear, waterproof trekking shoes are recommended,
  • Sandals (for a higher comfort while at a campsite),
  • Warm clothes such as a jacket, a fleece (thermal clothing is also recommended for cold nights during camping),
  • Hat or a cap (to protect you against the Sun, rain as well as cold),
  • Sun cream or sun block,
  • After-sun cream or hydrating cream for face and body,
  • Insect repellent– recommended minimum is 20% DEET (please note that no malaria has been reported during this trip!),
  • Camera and its charger/batteries (please note that batteries are consumed quickly under cold conditions),
  • Flashlight/headlamp + batteries,
  • Handkerchiefs and toilet paper,
  • Small towel and toiletries,
  • Sufficient reserve of underwear,
  • Swimsuit (to visit the thermal baths of Aguas Calientes),
  • Snacks (biscuits, energy bars, chocolate, raw fruits, muesli, etc.)
    Please note: we do provide a daily morning snack and our meal service is very complete and well supplied. The recommendation of taken own snack applies only for customers who like a specific snack that might not be in our menu.
  • Bottled water for the first morning and a water bottle.
    Important: plastic bottles are not allowed on the Classic Inca Trail! Please bring a metallic (alternatively Nalgene) bottles!
  • Optional: walking sticks (please note: rubber covers are required for the Inca Trail!!); you can also rent it from us,
  • Please note: we provide with filtered boiled water during entire Inca Trail, but if you like to use water from streams along the trail, you need to take some water-purifying tablets with you.


Amazon and Inca Trail Tour Map


Manu Extreme Biodiversity

Manu Extreme Biodiversity

This tour involves the wonderful Manu National Park. This park is located in the district of Kosñipata in Cusco and in Madre de Dios. This tour allows you to experience the beauty of the high Andes, the Manu Cloud Forest, Manu National Park and Blanquillo Areas where you can watch the beautiful flora and fauna. Manu Extreme Biodiversity





Manu Park Biosphere

Manu Park Biosphere

This tour takes you to the High Andes, the Manu Cloud Forest and Manu Blaquillo area. In this tour you’re going to explore the flora and fauna of the Peruvian Rainforest, experience the breathtaking adventures on the jungle and you’re going to be able to see the flora and fauna of this place. This exploration increases the chances to see many rare species found within the Manu. Manu Park Biosphere




Peru Amazon and Lares Trek

Peru Amazon and Lares Trek

This alternative tour involves a visit of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, a 4 day Lares Trek to Machu Picchu and then a visit of the Titicaca Lake. On the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest you can watch the wonderful Flora and Fauna that Peru gives. On the Lares trek you’re going to see ancient ruins and then visit one of the wonders of the world, Machu Picchu. After that you head to Cusco and then to Puno to visit the highest navigable Lake in the world, Lake Titicaca. Peru Amazon and Lares Trek


Peru Hike & Amazon

Peru Hike & Amazon

This tour takes you through the Amazon Rainforest, the Lares Valley and then Machu Picchu. First, you trek the Lares Valley that leads to Machu Picchu, there you are able to see ancient ruins and the “New Wonder of the World” Machu Picchu. You also visit Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Inca observing its ancient monuments and natural beauties. The other highlight of the tour is the Amazon Rainforest also called “Lungs of the World”. There you can explore its amazing flora and fauna. Peru Hike & Amazon

Days 11
per person
$ 1800.00
Code PIE
Activity level
Activity level
Request information

responsible people foundation

The Responsible People foundation is registered under the Peruvian Non-Profit Organization Act. With an annual contribution from Tierras Vivas, we support our operating costs as well as a significant portion of project development costs.

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