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Vinac Refuge, paradise in the mountains

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Vinac Refuge, paradise in the mountains

There are places you always return to, one of them is the Viñac Refuge, located at the top of the Lunahuaná mountain range, five hours south of Lima. It promises silence, disconnection and peace on the outskirts of the capital.

We all have a place in the world. That place that disconnects us from routine, from a city on the verge of deafness and madness due to so much vehicular traffic. Santiago de Viñac is part of this handful of earthly paradises located in the Sierra de Lima. A quiet and almost hidden district in the middle of the mountains, 3300 meters high, in the province of Yauyos.

Without going too far from Lima, five hours away, leaving the Panamericana Sur behind, passing Cañete and crossing the Lunahuaná Valley, is a small town of farmers and ranchers who wake up at sunrise.

Although getting here is not easy, for the winding roads and the slaps of soroche, you will feel rewarded once you are surrounded by mountain landscapes. Although his biggest prize will be staying at the Viñac Refuge, a cozy accommodation that the Umbert family has set up very close to heaven, where time seems to stop and everything seems to disconnect.


It is located in one of the districts of the Lima province of Yauyos, exactly in a natural viewpoint with views of the mountains. This tourist place near Lima seems like a hideaway for adventure and relaxation for those who seek silence on their trip.

What to see?

In the area you can see the adobe houses and the paths so old that they go back to other years. The Viñak Refuge offers tourists a sunrise between the mountains, where they can enjoy the gastronomy of the place and rest by the river.

What is the Viñak Refuge?

The Viñak Refuge is considered by many travelers as a paradise among the mountains. It is only five hours from Lima and the tour is packed with tourist spots for a great view without boredom. The magic is found in Viñak itself, where it seems that time has stopped and only silence remains between the mountains.

How to get to Viñac from Lima?

The route from Lima to Viñak takes at least five hours by car, because it is hidden among the mountains. If you have your own car, you can take the Panamericana Sur highway, parallel to the beaches, to start this adventure. By continuing on the route you will arrive at the Lunahuaná valley, where the temperature will begin to rise due to the adequate weather for agriculture.

The first point of arrival is to the San Jerónimo bridge, where everything is paved. However, then a slightly risky and high-care path begins. You must take the detour that leads you along the winding truck to Viñak, the town chosen for this destination. 

This section is 40km long and due to the state of the roads it can take a couple of hours. In case you are not sure how to drive to the place, you can ask about the mobility of the Viñak Refuge.

Why is the Viñak Refuge considered a paradise for tourists?

The refuge is located at 3,300 meters above sea level, where people run out of breath due to the beauty of the place. Arriving in this paradisiacal area means disconnecting from society and enjoying nature, in addition, silence is a unique characteristic.

The plans in the refuge include comfortable rooms with hot water and heating. In addition, you have two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners. Along with the stay package, two glasses of wine or whiskey are also included to consume in one day and per person.

Along the same lines, they offer a guided hike, a horseback ride, and a bike ride for each person. At night, travelers will have access to an outdoor fire pit and a heated Jacuzzi from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Santiago de Viñac

The Yauyino district of Santiago de Viñac, named in honor of its patron saint, Santiago the Apostle, is suspended on the slopes of the imposing Viñaccancha and Callequeñua hills. Its impressive landscape beauty that is mixed with a rosary of agricultural settings and adobe houses, is immediately impregnated in the retinas of travelers and community members, while the steps leave traces through La Florida, Tambopata and other annexes.

And it is that the magic that it offers, seduces everyone in a two for three. The place is perfect for breathing fresh air and enjoying one hundred percent nature, well away from stress-laden cities that live at a thousand an hour. Thus, those who arrive here will be assured of finding an earthly paradise at more than 3,180 meters above sea level.

But its charm is not only experienced and admired in daylight, but also at night. And it is that Viñac is one of the privileged places that will bring you closer to the sky and the stars. It is so that when its sky is clearer than ever, the show it shows is impressive; then, there is only one thing left to do: relax and camp under the stars and other astronomical phenomena.

“Those who come to Viñac are treated as ‘children of this land’. We make them participate in agricultural tasks; cattle raising; bonfire nights, while stories, legends and myths are narrated; and customary festivals and rituals that we celebrate so much and continue to practice with love for our identity”, is the kind and tempting invitation of Wilson García Guerra, promoter and disseminator of the tourist and cultural benefits of the town where he was born.

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