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Tumbes: 13 must-see attractions in the city of eternal summer

Tierras Vivas Travel > Tumbes: 13 must-see attractions in the city of eternal summer

Tumbes: 13 must-see attractions in the city of eternal summer

Nothing better than starting the day on the fine-grained sand of Punta Sal or walking through estuaries and mangroves. Tumbes is the right place for those looking to relax and connect with nature. Delight yourself with the best black shell cebiche, visit Zorritos beach, the crocodile farm in Puerto Pizarro and discover why Tumbes is a town with an identity. Did you see that it is an obligatory destination? Plan your trip now.

From Aguas Verdes to Punta Sal, a wonderful city full of charm and history stretches out. Tumbes is located in the northwest of the Peruvian territory and borders the country of Ecuador, the department of Piura and the Pacific Ocean.

It consists of beautiful beaches where you can do different sports activities or simply have a good time in various tourist places full of historical, natural, artistic and archaeological value.

The best tourist places in Tumbes

Main Square

One of the most attractive affinities of the city because the cathedral of Tumbes is located, it shows a mosaic cover called ”The Meeting of Two Worlds” where the allusion to the arrival of the Hispanics and the chief Chilimasa can be appreciated, who put up resistance to the Spanish.

This square houses trees called by the locals matacojudos. Also around it is the municipal palace, the municipal library and colonial mansions.

Mother Church of San Nicolás de Tolentino

Also known as the Cathedral of Tumbes or Iglesia Matriz de San Nicolás, it is located in the main square of Tumbes and was built by Augustinian priests, when the country was under the control of the Spanish Empire.

The Baroque-style sanctuary houses inside images of the life of Jesus, the Virgin and other saints, likewise a carving of Jesus Christ stands out, both the stained glass windows and paintings that decorate the walls are relevant.

Cow’s head

It is an archaeological complex located in the district of Los Corrales, with an area of 69 hectares.

In the past it was a ceremonial point of greater rank of the Inca civilization, houses and a temple of the sun persist in the place, constructions made of stone and adobe blocks.

We can also highlight a kind of pyramid called Cabeza de Vaca, it reaches a height of 15 meters and its base covers an area of 25,000 square meters.

Likewise, there is a diversity of utensils and ceramics typical of a complex.

Jerusalem Walk

It is a pedestrian street where a 15-meter-high sculpture takes center stage because it alludes to the elevation of Christ. The author of this beautiful sculpture is Che Paiva where he describes the different phases of the life, death and resurrection of Christ through various mosaics.

However, once here you will be amazed by the beautiful artistic work and you will want to stop to thoroughly appreciate the religious motif.

The Kiss Ride

One of the tourist destinations in Tumbes that demonstrates the relationship of the human being with art, its most important element is a sculpture of a man and a woman loving each other in a kiss. This beautiful place is surrounded by beautiful landscaping and a set of benches, ideal for spending time as a couple.

Tumbes Mangroves National Sanctuary

It is considered one of the most visited tourist places in Tumbes. It is made up of more than 2,900 hectares and is located in the province of Zarumilla. It is an area of limited access declared a Natural Area and has been protected since 1998.

This beautiful place preserves a pure and varied ecosystem where you can be in contact with nature.

Its main attraction is the mangrove itself, a curved tree with roots that survive between fresh and salt water, uniting the coast and the forest.

It is advisable to visit it in the months of April and December to avoid the rains that usually appear in the months of January to March.

This beautiful sanctuary is located just 30 minutes from Tumbes.

Tumbes National Reserve

This reserve was created on July 7, 2006. It is located in the provinces of Tumbes and Zarumilla and has an extension of 75,000 hectares.

Its objective is to conserve and protect the Pacific Tropical Forest, specifically the endangered flora and fauna such as the tanned-winged parrot, the jaguar and the huamburushu.

The type of forest that occurs in this place is unique in the world, to get there it takes 50 minutes to travel from Tumbes to Zarumilla.

Beautiful beach

It is located just 30 minutes from Tumbes by car, its main attraction is due to water sports.

Its crystalline water and the white sand that covers its surroundings make it a beautiful landscape. For its conservation, tourism students carry out cleaning days and thus preserve it to develop the tourist potential of this coast.

It is recommended to bring umbrellas because it lacks natural shade.


It is a beautiful little town full of sun, it is located in the province of Contralmirante Villar where it offers a great variety of attractions. A beautiful beach stands out where families, groups of friends, locals and athletes take advantage of the place for the different activities it offers, especially surfers who are attracted by the waves of the sea.

The locals consider them prodigious for their natural appearance.

Whale Bone Island

A very peculiar island in the department of Tumbes called Isla Hueso de Ballena, which is considered a barrier formed by sediments transported by the Tumbes River.

Some people claim this is because the island is shaped like a whale’s crest when viewed from a height. Others claimed that it was due to a whale that got stuck on the coast some time ago, today only its bones remain.

Punta Sal

One of the most popular places for lovers of surfing and diving, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the coast.

This beautiful resort is divided into two areas: Punta Sal Chico, where its curved shape predominates, and Punta Sal Grande.

It is usually visited by families and groups of friends due to the tranquility that the place inspires.

Punta Sal offers a wide variety of hotels for visitors who wish to enjoy their stay.

Crocodile farms

Located in Puerto Pizarro, department of Tumbes, it was created to preserve the Tumbes crocodiles, whose species has been considerably diminished due to the indiscriminate hunting that the place suffers, and its purpose is their reintroduction and reproduction in the Tumbes river basin and other basins where the species was known to exist in the past.

It has an area of 8 hectares and 323 specimens of crocodiles of various ages, and each one has a microchip installed in its neck. It is an excellent tourist attraction in Tumbes to visit.

Port Pizarro

Puerto Pizarro is the starting point of several excellent tourist attractions. Among the most famous beaches are Isla del Amor and Isla Hueso de Ballena, as well as areas such as the Crocodile Zoo, Isla de los Pájaros and the Mangroves of Puerto Pizarro.

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