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The amazing gothic city of Pacunasa

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The amazing gothic city of Pacunasa

The Gothic city of Pacunasa, is a forest of stones of extraordinary beauty, famous for its geological formations that seem to have been towers of some city of Gothic architecture, with buildings that look like the city of Batman. This tourist attraction is made up of volcanic rocks that are a real spectacle and look like giant buildings within a natural landscape; These rocks were formed over time by erosion processes. 

In addition, near this landscape you can see cave paintings that, according to experts, are about 8,000 years old. 

It is not easily accessible. Being a little explored place, there are no travel agencies that arrive. You can contact guides who transport you there and have everything you need to help you on the walk. From a payment to the land to the mysteries that the inhabitants tell about the area. 


The Gothic city of Puno is located in the Macusani Valley in the province of Carabaya, department of Puno. 


It is located at 4315 m.a.s.l. 

Visit the mysterious Gotham City

In the department of Puno, Macusani is located, a beautiful district of the province of Carabaya. Within this territory is a natural wonder, known as the Gothic city. This particular forest is made up of majestic rocks of different sizes and shapes, which seem to build a city in stone. Likewise, some people affirm that the rocks manage to form human and animal figures. 

On the other hand, this natural attraction is made up of a green landscape that contrasts with the beauty of the rock formations. But, what most attracts the attention of visitors after the gigantic rocks are the cave paintings left by the ancient settlers. According to experts, these artistic manifestations would be about 8,000 years old. 

Without a doubt, this is a territory that demonstrates the existence of the ancient civilizations that existed in Peru. Therefore, there are several legends about the origin of this site. One of the best known relates that these formations are the product of a battle between the first men and the gods. The army of warriors is thought to have been petrified by the powers of the deities. 

Explore and know the enigmas of the Gothic city

This traditional town in the department of Puno is known for being the ‘alpaca capital of the world’. This is because it has a wide variety of alpacas and llamas. In addition, it is recognized for having the imposing Allin Cápac snow-capped mountain and having several mining areas.

Also, within this town you can find different places of tourist interest such as the Sanctuary of the Virgin Immaculate Conception, a building that was built on the idea of a miracle related to the Virgin Mary. Similarly, this church attracts tourists for its striking stone architecture.

Another of the attractions of this town is its Plaza de Armas in which there is a beautiful colonial-style pool, which steals the eyes of visitors. There is also its Municipal Theater, which was remodeled some time ago. In this scenario, different cultural events are held, such as folkloric and literary presentations and exhibitions of world cinema classics.

Likewise, within its surroundings you can find a variety of natural attractions such as waterfalls, hot springs, snow-capped mountains, archaeological complexes and others.

Finally, Macusani is a developed site where you can find a variety of restaurants with exquisite dishes. Here you can also find various crafts made with alpaca wool. Do not forget to take a nice souvenir to support the artisans of the área,

How to get to Gotham City in Macusani?

To visit this natural wonder you must first go to Juliaca. If you leave from Lima you can take a direct route to this destination. Companies such as Excluciva and Civa carry out this route. This service has an average price per ticket of 160 and 130 soles, respectively. 

When you arrive in Juliaca, take a transport that will take you to the Macusani district. The trip lasts approximately 3 hours. Finally, to get to the Gothic City of Pacunasa you must take a mobility, it is best to hire it in advance. The route between these two destinations is really nice, since you can enjoy a privileged view, made up of vegetation and a large number of alpacas. 

On the other hand, when it comes to accommodation in Macusani, you can find some cozy hostels. In addition, in the town you will find everything you need to continue with the trip. So don’t think twice and visit the mysterious Gotham City! 

What is the best season to visit the gothic city of Pacunasa?

The best time of year to visit the Gothic City of Pacunasa is between the months of April and October because it is the dry season. The lowest temperature season is from July to September. 

What to do in the gothic city of Pacunasa?

One of the main plans that can be done in this area is to walk and contemplate the natural settings such as mountains.

In addition, these gigantic rocks form a kind of labyrinth in which you can get immersed. But, the most exciting thing about this trip is stopping to decipher the figures of the stones and, of course, contemplate the beauty of the landscape of this part.


  • Use trekking shoes, which protect you since the path is not uniform.
  • Bring warm clothing (jacket, gloves, cap or chullo, thick socks, warm pants).
  • Apply sunscreen every 2 hours at least.
  • Stay hydrated, take small sips of water on the way.
  • Bring snacks, whether they are nuts or energy bars that will help give you strength along the way.

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