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Millpu: Get to know these beautiful natural pools

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Millpu: Get to know these beautiful natural pools

In Ayacucho there is a landscape from another world that today is known as the Turquoise Waters of Millpu, a tourist destination that has become the favorite of the Peruvian highlands.


The Turquoise Waters of Millpu are a desired tourist destination that hides one of the greatest landscapes of Ayacucho and Peru.


Thousands of tourists have come from all over the world to get the postcard of the moment, images that portray the best experience of Ayacucho. 


A destination that can only be appreciated in seasons without rain, because it is the sun that gives it that unique color and the minerals are carried away by the high current of the river. 


Here we will tell you everything you need to know to correctly enjoy the Turquoise Waters of Ayacucho. 


Where are the Millpu Turquoise Waters located?

Located in the department of Ayacucho, in the town of Circamarca that belongs to the province of Huancaraylla and about three hours from the city of Huamanga. 

The trip is uphill, we cross the beautiful landscapes of the Andean mountains of Ayacucho and its landscapes of livestock and agriculture that dominate the place. 

The road takes us through hills while we follow the river to Circamarca where the same community will be in charge of the service. 

A responsible tourism that strengthens the development of the community and the towns that surround it.

 Turquoise water Millpu

What are the Aguas Turquesas Millpu pools?

They are formations that date from the beginning of the geological formation of the planet, millions of years have passed for the minerals, which produce the turquoise waters, to be deposited along their path. 

Natural pools in Millpu that serve as the only mouth for a current that comes out from the interior of the earth in the middle of a canyon; an exceptional case that creates an impressive landscape. 

The Turquoise Waters in Millpu is a landscape created by nature and that today we can enjoy with Peru adventure holidays on the Turquoise tour in Millpu.


The most beautiful natural pools in Ayacucho and Peru

With a total of 20 turquoise and green pools (depending on the time of year), this treasure of nature is adorned by the vegetation of the Peruvian highlands, forming a landscape worthy of a paradisiacal postcard. The color of its waters is produced due to the sunlight and the minerals carried by the river. 

However, the large number of tourists who enter and bathe in the Turquoise Waters of Millpu have begun to damage and change the color of such magnificent natural beauty. When tourists bathe, they raise the dust that rests at the bottom of the pools and cloud the color of their waters. For this reason, the Dircetur has decided to prohibit tourists from entering the pools, at least until the end of 2019. It is expected that with this decision the Turquoise Waters can recover their original colors.

 Millpu Ayacucho location

What is the best time to visit the Turquoise Waters in Millpu?

The whole year is a good time to visit the Turquoise Waters of Millpu, except in the rainy season. 

The rainy season in Ayacucho works like in Cusco and the rest of the Peruvian highlands, from November to March.

Being the months where the water current rises enough to drag the minerals and transform the color of the water. 

It doesn't always happen, because in the mountains there are months where days can go by without rain, but the risk is high. 


The food in the Turquoise Waters in Millpu

For the morning snack we recommend eating something very light, because the road is uphill and accompanies the curve of hills; then you may feel dizzy. 

Do not worry, because with a light breakfast with your coca tea and your bag of coca leaves for the tour, you will arrive very well. 

And if that's not enough, the Circamarca community welcomes you with a replenishing herbal tea that will help you a lot; It's free. 

For lunch, lunch revolves around trout, a resource that the community itself produces for its local economy. 

The handmade dishes and very well served cost from S / 10 soles, we will also have "snack" typical of the area such as charqui, fruits and chuño.


How to get to the Turquoise Waters of Millpu?

Your first stop to discover the Turquoise Waters of Millpu should be Ayacucho, also known as Huamanga. If you're in Lima, you can take a plane for around $70 and be in the city in an hour, or take an overnight bus and be there in about 10 hours. These have a cost close to 50 soles. There are also some bus services (Movilbus, Palomino) that connect Ayacucho with Cusco in 14 hours, with an approximate cost of 70 soles. From Ayacucho you can take a bus to the town of Circamarca, from where you must walk no more than 30 minutes to reach the circuit that runs through the natural pools. 

However, one of the most comfortable options to get to know them is hiring a tour to the Turquoise Waters of Millpu from Ayacucho. At Denomades, our tour includes shared transportation and guide, and has a value of S/. 75.00 per person. The visit includes a walk along the edge of the canyon to get a panoramic view of the natural pools, as well as going down to them to observe them up close. You will also visit a waterfall that marks the beginning of the pools and the Millpu, a well that originates deep in the mountain and from where the waters of the river are born. 

One of the advantages of making the visit through a tour is that an expert guide will accompany you throughout the journey, who will give you all the information about the place in addition to providing you with greater security when walking. The terrain where the natural pools are located is rocky and not entirely easy to navigate, so you must be very careful and not walk outside the established route.


Visit the Turquoise Waters of Millpu at Easter

If your idea is to take advantage of the long weekend of Holy Week to get to know Ayacucho and the Turquoise Waters of Millpu, you should take into consideration some recommendations. The influx of public during this religious festival, nationals and foreigners, increases considerably. It becomes necessary then that you plan your visit months in advance, especially if you plan to hire a tour, since these sell out quickly during these dates.

 Natural water Millpu

Recommendations to visit the Turquoise Waters in Millpu

  • The first thing you should know about the Aguas Turquesa in Millpu is the height, we reach 4200 m. yes n. m.
  • The height is an important factor to consider for a good acclimatization before starting the climb; however, there is not much physical effort. 
  • The physical effort is a 30-minute walk in the form of a stepped climb, in each corner of the site we will find the opportunity to take pictures and enjoy the landscape. 
  • For the walk inside the canyon with the pools, it will also take us another 30 minutes and we will find tourist spots to take photos with the Aguas Turquesa pools in Millpu. 
  • The most difficult dates for the Aguas Turquesa tour in Millpu are the festivals in the Ayacucho region, due to the influx of tourists; It will be necessary to make the reservation in time. 
  • The months of February are carnivals, April is Easter and July are national holidays; three months in the year to take necessary considerations before improvising a trip to the Turquoise Waters in Millpu. 
  • The water color of Aguas Turquesa in Millpu changes color according to the season. Between May - September they take on a different color from the strong turquoise of October - December. 
  • Both landscapes are wonderful, which allows us to have two different photographs of the same place.


Ayacucho Tourism

Ayacucho has other excellent attractions so you can enjoy the city for several days. Also known as the City of Churches, it is totally worth taking a historical tour of its streets and colonial buildings. During a City Tour through historic Ayacucho, you will visit the Boza y Solís mansion, the Santo Domingo temple and the Santa Teresa temple. You will also visit the Alameda Valdelirios and the Arcos de la Independencia, in addition to obtaining a panoramic view of the city from the Acuchimay viewpoint. 

Another of the secrets that Ayacucho hides is the Qorihuillca Canyon. It is a large crack formed by the passage of a river that eroded the land, it is 2 km long and can be covered in approximately two hours. Along the path, lighted areas and completely dark ones, located under the ground, are crossed. We also recommend the Crack of the Swallows. There are hundreds of meters of immense walls covered by green moss caused by humidity. In the sector there are also caves where parrots, bats and swallows live.


Best Tours in Peru

Many are the routes that take you to Machu Picchu, but none is like the Inca Trail Tours, the most famous pedestrian path in the Americas. After flying from the capital of Perú, Lima, you will arrive in Cusco to walk for four days along a path through forests and dense fog, millenary stone steps and discovering the ruins of ancient fortifications and Inca cities, and all the time enjoying majestic views. 

If you want to visit Machu Picchu, we recommend you to book your Machu Picchu Ticket in advance, so you will enjoy your Vacation in Machu Picchu without any problem. 

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