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Marcahuasi: Visiting a Mysterious Stone Forest in Lima

Tierras Vivas Travel > Marcahuasi: Visiting a Mysterious Stone Forest in Lima

Marcahuasi: Visiting a Mysterious Stone Forest in Lima

To the east of Lima is one of the most striking destinations in the world, it is a huge forest of granite stones that everyone knows as Marcahuasi. It is located in the province of Huarochirí, at 4000 m a.s.l. n. m. and it is four square kilometers long, so it is a wonder to walk around it. 

The gigantic rocks, eroded by the action of the weather, can measure up to 25 meters high. For many years, those who have visited Marcahuasi have climbed to the top of the huge stones to gaze at the stars at night and some have even dared to camp there. 

Although, if it is about camping, it is best to do it at the Monument to Humanity, a gigantic granite formation, which resembles the profile of a person. Another ideal place is the Amphitheater, preferred by many because it is protected from the wind and cold. 

Discover Marcahuasi

Marcahuasi is a plateau of the Cordillera de los Andes, of volcanic origin, and whose extension is approximately 4 km2. It is located in the province of Huarochirí. This place, also known as “La Casa del Protector” or “La Casa Grande”, is surrounded by abysses and has a unique set of immense rocks with humanoid and animal shapes.

The origin of Marcahuasi

Several archaeologists have come to this plateau of the Andes Mountains to study the gigantic granite rocks. One of the first to explore Marcahuasi was Julio César Tello. He was followed by another Peruvian researcher, Dr. Daniel Ruzo de Los Heros, who, upon discovering the place, spent years studying it. He concluded that the sculptures that existed there were similar to those from other sites he had explored in Mexico, Brazil, Romania, France, England, and Egypt. Based on his finding, he named the culture “masma”. 

Marcahuasi is known worldwide as a place of energy. Scientific theories have supported the activity of energies in the physical constitution of the site. The rocks of the volcanic plateau are largely composed of crystals such as quartz, which contributes to the emission and channeling of high frequencies of astral energies. Added to this are the underground water currents that circulate in the depths.

The monuments

Whether it is the hand of man or the action of nature, the truth is that when you arrive at Marcahuasi, the stone forms found there will be the focus of attention. You will find various rock formations, among which stand out: 

The Monument to Humanity, a huge granite mass that, when viewed from different angles, a human profile can be distinguished.

Dolmen, also known as “the mushroom”.

The Amphitheater, the favorite place for campers. It is surrounded by large rocks that protect tourists who spend the night in that area from the wind and cold.

La Fortaleza, the highest place on the plateau. In this space stands a monolith that resembles a large stone altar.

The Alchemist, where the most detailed can see the hidden profile of a man.

You will also see other impressive humanoid and animal forms, such as The Prophet, The Sphinxes, The Dove, The Seals, The Toad and The Goddess Tueris. 

Marcahuasi is the subject of rumors and stories about UFO sightings. This site has a high magnetic power that makes it the perfect destination for fans of this type of “other world encounters”.

On the other hand, if you are a lover of bird watching, the surroundings of Marcahuasi are perfect for photographing or filming a wide variety of birds typical of the region.

Tips to beat soroche

If you are not used to heights, your body can feel the discomfort of soroche or altitude sickness. The symptoms are headache, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, fainting, vertigo, palpitations and concentration problems. 

You do not want your trip to be clouded by this accumulation of discomforts. So that soroche does not affect you, we recommend the following:

  • Make several stops along the route.
  • Don’t eat much on the way; Drink water and a light snack.
  • Spend one night in San Pedro de Casta to acclimatize.
  • To avoid exhaustion, ride a horse or mule.
  • Consult your trusted doctor to prescribe a nausea inhibitor and tell you how to take it.
  • Carry a portable oxygen bottle with you.
  • Avoid alcohol and cigarette consumption two days before the trip.

Tourist Attractions near Marcahuasi

In Marcahuasi, the Fortaleza also stands out, the highest point of the plateau, where there is a monolith with an immense stone altar. In addition, you can find chullpas, terraces and numerous constructions of pre-Hispanic origin, which are the record of the human presence that inhabited the area centuries ago. 

The Cachu Cachu and Huacracocha lagoons, the Valley of the Seals and the Sacred Feline, are other attractions that stand out in this Lima destination that is one of the obligatory stops for lovers of trekking and rock climbing. Traveling through Marcahuasi from end to end can take about three and a half hours, so visitors should try to be in good physical condition and don’t forget to bring several bottles of water.

All those who undertake the walk through this destination must wear a windbreaker jacket or a vest, because even though it is sunny, there is an icy breeze. Likewise, it is recommended to use gloves, sunglasses, cocoa butter on the lips, a hat and sunscreen. It is also necessary to opt for footwear with non-slip and waterproof soles. 

Best season to visit Marcahuasi

Summer is the best season to visit Marcahuasi, since the days are usually sunny and the nights are refreshing. So if you visit it, have the most fun and don’t forget that you must take care of nature at all times and respect biosecurity protocols.

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