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Churin: Paradise of hot springs

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Churin: Paradise of hot springs

Churín is famous for the waters that emanate from its land at a temperature of between 35 and 55 degrees. The most visited medicinal pools are Esperanza, Machay Baños, Jatún Baños and Ñahuin Baños; The El Zambo Massager waterfall is also famous, offering a relaxing natural massage.

Churín also offers visitors tours of caves, sewing wool garments with local weavers and resting at the foot of the mountains in the heat of a campfire.

An escape to well-being just 6 hours from Lima.

Oyón: a tourist destination near Lima

Located 232 kilometers from Lima, Oyón’s main economic activity is mining. However, in recent years, this province of Peru, belonging to the Department of Lima, has been projected as a good option for enjoyment due to its popular route of thermal baths.

Oyón is described by visitors as an “impressive experience” in which you can contemplate beautiful lagoons, immerse yourself in medicinal thermal baths, visit important archaeological sites and contemplate spectacular snow-capped mountains.

Youth Baths

Just 5 minutes from the center of Churín, this thermal bath offers warm water with a high content of lithium. Almost all the pools are in closed environments, but “The Mysterious Tongue” stands out in this complex, a cave surrounded by rocks that allows the water, rich in mineral properties, to be filtered.

#Take note

  • The entrance has a cost of S/3.
  • The fall of the “Zambo Massager” is ideal for stiff muscles.

The plateau

This complex is located in the upper part of Churín, about 400 meters away from the center. There, all the pools are indoors to prevent sudden changes in temperature from affecting the visitor.

Its three pools called “Esperanza” stand out, which vary in temperature and include jets for vibrating massages. The thermal pools Machay Baños, Jatún Baños and Ñahuin Baños are also visited.

#The data

  • The entrance has a cost of S/3.
  • The average temperature of these pools is 30 to 35 degrees and they are recommended for those with rheumatic, dermatological or respiratory diseases.

Churin hot springs

Mamahuarmi Complex

This is one of the most outstanding places in Churín, since all its pools are outdoors, surrounded by green areas and stones. Its name is due to a legend that involves a Spanish soldier and the daughter of the chief of the population. It is said that, at the time of the Conquest, a young soldier fell in love with Shumac Coyllur, one of the daughters of Cacique Sincaruma. This, upon learning of the mutual love between the two and the pregnancy of her daughter, locked the girl in a crack.

In it, the young woman gave birth and fed her child while she waited for the soldier to return. Time passed, he returned her love to look for her, but the cacique, who also longed for her return, had sent an archer to kill him. Shumac Goyllur ran with her son in his arms yelling at the soldier “Churiqui, Churiqui” (this is your son), but an arrow pierced the body of her son before showing it to the man.

The princess fled back to the crack and from her crying came the water that feeds this grotto. Also, in honor of this love, there are pools called Pozo de los Novios, La Mellizera, El Churi, La Gruta, Velo de Novia and Lagunilla de La Mamahuarmi.

The waters of the Mamahuarmi Complex are characterized by being rich in sulfate, sulfur, magnesium, chloride and other minerals. Likewise, the waterfalls of this place make it one of the favorites of tourists and foreigners.

The safety pins

In this complex you must visit yes or yes these pools:

  • Groom’s Well. With a temperature that ranges between 30 and 32 30 ° C, it is recommended for people who suffer from eyesight, skin or headaches.
  • Veil. This pool has an ideal waterfall to relieve stress. The temperature ranges from warm to cold.
  • The Churi. This spa is characterized by having a 5 meter high geyser, perfect for clear days.
  • The grotto. It is a huge cavern, rich in cobalt, which transforms the energy of any visitor.

What to eat in the area?

Churín has a wide range of meals and desserts. The typical dishes of the region are pachamanca, fresh trout, guinea pigs, cornbread or peach sweets. They are to die for. A menu can cost S/9, although there are also outstanding restaurants for the most demanding palates.

Colorful Places

Near Churín is Huancahuasi and Picoy, other towns that also have hot springs. To visit them you just have to take a tour in the city’s Plaza de Armas. These can cost between S/10 and S/20.

Although they are embedded within the mountain, the pools in these places have a higher temperature, are more rustic and have a great natural environment. The entrance to Huancahuasi is S/5 and Picoy is S/3.

Churin baths close Lima

Why a Hot Spring Bath?

It stimulates oxygenation in the brain, which makes you sleep better.

It produces endorphins due to the state of relaxation that it generates.

It activates the body through the absorption of minerals in the water, which improves the skin and some internal processes, such as the digestive one.

You don’t need excuses to visit this magnificent place: it’s super close to Lima, it offers high caliber natural beauties, powerful energy, good food and affordable prices.

How to get to Churín?

The cheapest bus ticket to Oyón costs S/20 and the travel time is approximately 5 hours. If your option is to travel in your own car, the most frequent access route is the Panamericana. If, on the other hand, you plan to travel by public transport, you should go to the Jirón Montevideo in Lima, which is located behind the Grau Polyclinic.

The route of the bus also includes the Panamericana Norte, but until the detour towards Río Seco, specifically at kilometer 103. Then, you continue to Sayán and stop at Churín. This journey takes approximately 6 hours.


If the bus stops in Sayán, don’t miss the opportunity to buy alfajores from that town. This typical sweet is a reference of the local gastronomy.

First stop in the Sierra of Lima

If you want to visit Oyón, you should make a first stop in Churín. In the district of Pachangara, whose capital is Churín, there are thermo-medicinal waters that have healing properties to combat skin, kidney, and respiratory diseases, among other conditions. Some of the best known places are the Lord of Miracles, Santa Rosa, Youth, Mama Warmi and the Poza de los Novios.

In the Andajes district, you can visit the Fierro de Cabracancha, Huancahuasi and Picoy baths. Toning and rejuvenating benefits for the skin are attributed to these waters. The temperature of these thermal pools ranges between 32 °C and 36 °C.

The road continues…

Straight to Oyón! Located 3,000 meters above sea level, it is also known as “the cradle of the harp”, since it is the homeland of the Peruvian folk singer Alicia Delgado. These are some of the places that you can include in your travel itinerary to Oyón:

Nevado Yarawuayna, at 5654 meters above sea level.

Archaeological Complex of Rapazmarca, at 3,300 meters above sea level, which you can access after a two-hour walk from Huancahuasi.

Rapaz, a picturesque town very close to Oyón where the largest quipu in the world is located. This is one of the 100 monuments around the world in danger of extinction, according to the World Monuments Watch.

Archaeological Complex of Antamarca and Chaulín, remains that remain in a good state of conservation and that are attributed to the Cayash culture.

San Cristóbal Church, better known as the “Sistine Chapel of the Andes”. It is located in Rapaz, whose antiquity dates back 400 years. The beauty of this attraction lies in the giant murals that cover the walls and ceilings of this religious site, where drawings of apostles, saints, demons, virgins and sinners are shown.

Lagunas de Patón, Surasaca, Guengue, among others.


Between the months of April and December is the best season to visit the tourist attractions of Oyón. Think no more! Plan now this trip that you deserve so much.


  • Do not forget your swimsuit to enjoy the delicious waters of the thermal baths.
  • Put your sunscreen in your suitcase.
  • Wear clothes that protect you from the cold, since the average annual temperature is 15 °C.
  • If you plan to go trekking, take your basic equipment such as the support stick and special footwear.
  • A first aid bag is never too much. Better to be cautious!
  • Don’t forget a portable charger for your cell phone. You don’t want to run out of battery and stop documenting your amazing trip to Oyón.

When is the best time to visit Churin?

The best time to visit Churín is between the months of June and September because the sun is more intense and the temperature is ideal for visiting the thermal baths.

Churin complexes

Churín has several unmissable complexes that you must visit if you visit this place. Below we show some of these tourist sites.

  • Boyfriends Well: Recommended for those who suffer from eyesight or headaches.
  • Veil of the bride: Its waters are ideal for reducing stress. The temperature is warm.
  • El Churi: Its main tourist attraction is its 5 meter high geyser.
  • The Grotto: It is a huge cavern rich in cobalt.

What is the best time to visit the thermal baths of Churín?

Because the thermal baths give off heat, it is not advisable to visit these places in summer. Therefore, the ideal time to visit Churín is during the winter, between May and September.

What are the benefits of hot springs?

  • It is scientifically proven that hot springs bring great benefits to people. Below we show you some of the positive effects that these natural spas have.
  • It helps improve blood circulation, oxygenation and the elimination of toxins.
  • Improves the metabolic process facilitating the digestion of food.
  • They eliminate stress and reduce muscle pain.
  • Helps reduce the effects of skin diseases such as dermatitis and psoriasis.
  • Increases the production of endorphins.
  • Budget to enjoy a day in the thermal baths of Churín

Churín Cost of Thermal Baths

  • Cost of the ticket Lima – Churín S / 25. 00
  • Thermal baths S/ 10.00
  • Total S / 35. 00

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