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Tourist places in Casma: know the attractions of this province of Áncash

Tierras Vivas Travel > Tourist places in Casma: know the attractions of this province of Áncash

Casma is a province and a city located in the Ancash region. The province was created in 1950, although in the record it is registered with the name of Huarmey, only five years later would it present its current name.

Town that protects incredible archaeological monuments such as: Sechín, Las Aldas and Chankillo. In addition, its beaches are another of the main attractions, highlighting: Tortugas, Huaro and Gramita.

How to get to Casma?

To go to Casma, you can first travel by bus from Lima to Chimbote with companies such as Cruz del Norte. The price of the ticket ranges from S/30 soles onwards. The approximate travel time is 7 hours. Then, you can take a shuttle from Chimbote to Casma, the journey time is 1 hour on average. Traveling by bus to Chimbote is a very convenient option, since it is a city very close to Casma, you can also take advantage of the tour to rest, watch movies, read a book or listen to your favorite music.

Discover the beautiful tourist places of Casma

Sechín archaeological site

First, you can visit the Sechín archaeological site, located 16 kilometers from the city of Casma, near the meeting of the Sechín and Casma rivers. It is the oldest solar observatory in America. To get here you can hire a private vehicle from Casma, the journey takes approximately 30 minutes. Experts point out that the age of this place is 2,300 years on average. Here you can see thirteen towers that act as a ceremonial calendar, marking the positions of the sun. Researchers point out that one of the first to have contact with this historical legacy was the archaeologist Julio C. Tello, although the official discovery was later in 1937.

The Archaeological Remains of Sechín comprise a territory of approximately 50 hectares, and where at least seven buildings can be seen, one of which is made of adobe with a conical shape compared to the others built in stone.

Regional Museum of Casma “Max Uhle”

To complement your visit to the archaeological site of Sechín, you can visit this museum located next door. This space was created in 1984 to show the history of the culture of the Casma Valley and make its value known. Among its main attractions is the Temple of Sechín, which you can approach through a circuit. Additionally, in the museum you can see pieces and representations of cultures such as the Chavín, Chimú and Huari. Without a doubt, it is a very enriching visit.

Las Aldas archaeological complex

On the other hand, you can visit the Las Aldas archaeological complex, located at kilometer 345 of the Pan-American North Highway, near the La Gavita fishing cove. It is one of the most important archaeological spaces in the department of Áncash despite its poor conservation. It dates back approximately 5000 years. Here you can see vestiges of squares, houses, pyramids, temples and stone quarries, which demonstrate the development of this town. Although part of this complex is still under sand, you can glimpse the interesting distribution and use of materials that occurred at this site.

Archaeological Remains of Las Aldas is occupied by a building formed by a central structure, and two lateral ones made up of platforms with stepped shapes that ascend until they reach the summit of the hill on which they are located.

Sechín Site Museum

In which the archaeological remains that were found in the excavations carried out in the Casma valley are exhibited.

El Farol Tourist Complex

A place located in the heart of Casma and where there are different attractions intended for visitor relaxation.

Chanquillo Archaeological Site

Which is a circular construction that has stone walls and is built on top of a hill, in which at least five different types of reinforced constructions are recognized.

Here you can see thirteen towers that are older than the Inca Empire. Researchers point out that it is a very valuable and unique work of astronomy and architecture. Chanquillo functioned as a highly accurate sundial for the time. Due to its technological advancement, it is currently considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So if you like history and archeology, do not hesitate to visit this destination.

In addition to ecological attractions such as:

Turtles Beach

Located 30 minutes from Casma. An ideal space for practicing water sports thanks to the tranquility of its waters.

In Casma you can enjoy beautiful beaches, among which the Tortugas spa stands out. You can get there by car from the Casma main square in just approximately 20 minutes. It is a very quiet and cozy spa. Its calm and very clean waters are nestled between hills, which provides a unique and charming landscape. It receives its particular name because it was formerly a haven for turtles. Here you can enjoy sunny days and practice sports such as kayaking, kitesurfing, surfing, among others. In addition, you cannot stop enjoying the delicious gastronomic offer of the place. It is the ideal destination to spend a relaxing vacation with family or friends.

San Diego Lagoon

Located in the province of San Diego, a pleasant place surrounded by beautiful vegetation and in whose waters a wide variety of fish.

Among the important festivities celebrated in Casma are the Anniversary of the Political Creation of Casma celebrated every April 14, in which civic-military parades are held, along with other activities. In addition to the Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene celebrated from December 1st to 10th where the devotion of the parishioners is notorious and is mixed with activities such as craft and gastronomic fairs.

The Data

  • The climate in Casma is temperate, the average annual temperature ranges between 18ºC and 27ºC. Very rarely the temperature drops below 17ºC and rises to more than 30ºC. Include fresh, comfortable clothing in your suitcase, a thin jacket, swimwear, sunglasses, trekking shoes, and sunscreen.
  • On your visit to Casma, be sure to try its delicious typical dishes such as Fish and Mixed Ceviche, Duck Ceviche with Beans, Pepián de Pava, Picante de Cuy, Picante de Ciño and many more delicacies.

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