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Callao: 5 tourist places that will surprise you

Tierras Vivas Travel > Callao: 5 tourist places that will surprise you

Callao: 5 tourist places that will surprise you

Located half an hour from the center of Lima, the First Port of Peru brings together magic, gastronomy, history, beaches and tradition that can be enjoyed all year round. If you are in the Peruvian capital and looking for a place to escape from the city and surround yourself with a climate of peace, Callao is the best option.

The Chalaca province is the gateway to a world of experiences of all kinds; learn more about the republican history of the city through its museums and fortresses, enjoy a quiet walk and rest on the shore of its beaches or spend a cultural afternoon visiting its galleries and exhibitions in the Callao Monumental neighborhood. As you can see, fun and pleasure are lived there.

Royal Felipe Fortress

The Spanish ordered its construction in 1747, but the work ended 29 years later. Its purpose was to protect the city of Lima from possible pirate attacks and especially its most famous port. From there, a large number of ships and galleons left for Spain. Years later, during the May 2 Combat, he would be part of the Peruvian defense against the Spanish.

Currently, it is the headquarters of the Museum of the Army of Peru. During the tour, you will be able to appreciate old tanks and cannons, a gallery with three exhibition rooms and the Governor’s House. You can also go through its mazes and traps until you reach the viewpoint, where you will have an impressive view of the entire port. The fortress is located in Plaza Independencia, and can be visited every day.

The islands of Callao

Off the coast of Callao, there is a group of charming deserted islands: Palomino, Cavinzas, San Lorenzo and El Frontón. There are tourist agencies that organize tours that depart from the Callao or La Punta pier. It is a pleasant tour of approximately four hours, full of fauna and history.

San Lorenzo Island is the largest in the Peruvian sea. Archaeological remains have been found in it that indicate that it was formerly used as a religious center. In addition, in ancient times, it was occupied by pirates, which gave rise to many fantastic stories and the nickname of ‘Mysterious Island’. Remains of Chilean soldiers who fought in the War of the Pacific were also found.

The Palomino Islands are made up of two islets. The first is inhabited by a large number of sea lions. In its surroundings, you can enjoy the spectacle offered by these curious animals when bathing near the rocks. The other is known as ‘The Hospital’.

The Cavinzas Islands are home to a wide variety of guano birds, such as pelicans and guanayes. Another of its attractions are the natural caverns. El Frontón Island is known for having served in colonial times and until well into the 20th century as a political prison for characters such as Viceroy Blasco Núñez de Vela, among others. Currently, it is uninhabited.


This is another historical site; the Piti Piti farmhouse was established there, which was inhabited in ancient times by the Collas. Years later, it became a town of Italian and Spanish immigrants. Currently, it is a picturesque Genoese-style spa, with wooden houses painted in bright colors and large windows.

It is a bridge between Callao and La Punta, where you can enjoy an excellent view of the sea and a gastronomic fair on Sundays. It has a beautiful square, ideal for taking photos with sculptures of various characters, such as Miguel Grau, who lies comfortably seated on a bench. Opposite the plazuela, there is a museum where you can learn about Chalaca history through old photographs.

La Punta

It is one of the most attractive and charming spas in the city of Lima, highly visited during the summer season by national and foreign tourists. Here, you can enjoy a refreshing bath in its calm waters; You can also take a pleasant walk along its long boardwalk surrounded by old Republican mansions, facing the sea dotted with yachts and boats, and then have lunch at one of the many seafood restaurants found in the area.

Monumental Callao

It is one of the main neighborhoods of Callao and currently one of the current cultural and artistic hubs of the port. Galleries and art exhibitions, independent artist shops, concerts and outdoor music festivals are part of the large number of cultural manifestations that are exhibited in this neighborhood. The offer of restaurants and cafes also give added value to this place.

Callao Monumental today is positioned as a small atmosphere that concentrates, through its colors, culture and activities, the history of Callao; a charming and picturesque place where you live freely and without limits, and only respect and tolerance between neighbors and visitors is breathed.

More activities to get to know the land of Chalaca

Within this city you can enjoy a delicious warm and humid climate due to its proximity to the beaches. In addition, this place has incredible colonial architecture, museums, beaches and a delicious and varied gastronomy that you cannot miss.

We invite you to get the most out of this city by doing the activities that we suggest below.

Swim with the sea lions on Palomino Island

Near Callao there is a group of beautiful islands that have a great variety of marine species typical of the Peruvian coasts. Within this set, Palomino stands out, an island that attracts attention for its stories and for being the home of sea lions. For their part, these beautiful animals are characterized by their greatness and by having their reddish fur, since males can measure up to 3.50 meters and females up to 2.50 meters.

Among the adventurous plans that you can do on Palomino Island is to swim with these wolves. Some people who have had the chance to do this activity say that the experience of having direct contact with these animals is really wonderful.

In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to observe in their natural state other animals that inhabit the area such as boobies, penguins and seagulls.

Discover the marine museums

Being a coastal city, Callao has a number of museums dedicated to the marine history of Peru. Among them are the Submarino Abtao naval site museum and the Julio Elías Murguía naval museum. Inside these places you can learn about the maritime history of the country. Also, you will see the collection of jewelry, photographs and tools that were used for navigation and wars.

Watch a beautiful sunset

Finally, another of the must-see plans is to see the beautiful sunrises and sunsets of Callao. One of the places to witness this natural spectacle is the Malecón Pardo. From its viewpoint, you will have the privilege of contemplating the beautiful sunset. This panorama is complemented by an incredible landscape in which you can see the Fronton and San Lorenzo Island.

Likewise, at Playa La Arenilla there is another viewpoint where you can witness this natural phenomenon and, at the same time, watch the seabirds. This plan is perfect to rest and enjoy nature.

Salsa and urban art

In the Monumental Callao area there is also the famous salsa passage, where on Saturdays and Sundays live orchestras perform, while hidden huariques come out and sell typical regional stews.

Likewise, you will be able to appreciate the new and colorful murals painted by renowned national and international artists as part of the Fugaz Arte de Convivir project and prepared with the international initiative One Voice, which was founded during the pandemic with the aim of reflecting through art on the social welfare.

On this urban art route, you will be impressed by the new murals by Decertor, Ilustronauta, Koa Prato, Ratiusqo, Alexander Cornet, Caro Paz, Monks, Cake, Fiasco and Entes themselves and Aarón López, all of them master graffiti artists.


On Palomino Island there are approximately 500 sea lions.

The Army Museum was declared in 1952 as a National Historical Monument.

The Real Felipe Fortress is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 4pm.

Callao is also characterized by its gastronomic offer. Here you can enjoy the best typical dishes of Peru. Among them are the ceviche, the choros a la chalaca and the seafood chaufa.

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