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Barlovento Beach within the Paracas National Reserve

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Barlovento Beach Within The Paracas National Reserve

Barlovento is one of the beaches that are within the jurisdiction of the district of Villa el Salvador, south of Lima. The name that it has also recalls that of the Palo Vento or Barlovento beach, located in the district of Ica, in the province of the same name.

Barlovento is a beach that, like its neighbors: Playa Pachacámac, Mamacona and Conchán, is characterized by generally rough seas. Unlike Mamacona, Barlovento de Villa el Salvador is not a beach visited by surfers; but yes by certain vacationers who come to its sea, even when it is more violent with visitors. 

Although Barlovento is not one of the favorite beaches in this district, it does have a fairly rich sea, which is why it is constantly visited by fishermen, especially artisanal fishermen, who come to its sea in search of sea bass, among other fish. 

If the tourist or vacationer intends to visit Barlovento beach, it is recommended that the views of this sea be done taking appropriate precautions, since Barlovento is not one of the beaches that is suitable for swimming during the entire summer period. 


Located at Km 347, apparently the original name was Palo Vento. To get to this beach it is necessary to climb the Morro Quemado ravine. The conformation of the soil in the upper part is sandy and therefore it is very easy to get stuck. 

What to see?

On the wide beach you can see some fishermen’s camps that are dedicated to extracting sole. In addition, there is a road that comes from Ica and passes through Pozo Santo.

How to get?

In order to get to this beach in Villa el Salvador, the visitor can go through the Panamericana Sur, up to kilometer 21, where they will find a one-kilometer detour that leads to this resort. There is also public transport that reaches the area, as well as buses that can usually be taken at Puente El Trébol or Puente Atocongo.

Other beaches in Ica

The chaco

A small inlet whose sands have been set up with restaurants offering the most varied seafood dishes. 

The sea is calm, although somewhat dirty. It also has a small pier, from where all the motor boats that make a tour of the Ballestas Islands, the Candelabra and the Island of Wolves and Penguins depart. A very popular beach for bathers in Pisco. 


It is located 245 km from Lima, 15 km from Pisco, 75 km from Ica. It has a population of 1,200 inhabitants. 

Its main attractions are the Paracas National Reserve, which covers an area of 335 thousand hectares, with a fabulous animal and plant wealth; and the Ballestas Islands, rock formations that are home to an important population of marine fauna. 

It is a beautiful paradisiacal place ideal for water sports (skiing, scooba-diving, windsurfing, nautical regattas, and sports practices). 

Martin and Talpo

Between these two beaches is El Candelabro, a gigantic petroglyph, also known as a trident or three crosses. It is more than 120 meters long and 78 wide. 

The versions about its origin are the most varied. The Nazca lines are associated with agricultural activities and it is a point of reference for many sailors, since it is only possible to see it from the sea.


Located at Km 274, following the edge of the cliff, towards the Cathedral, you will reach Yumaque beach. From the top you can get the beautiful and traditional views of the bay. 

The Cathedral is a colossal geological formation eroded by the forces of nature. It is a large arch that culminates in a pair of towers, hence the name. 

Also, if you go down to the beach, at the other end you can see a pretty little grotto, called the Vault, which adjoins the adjoining beach; while the tide is low it is possible to cross it. The Vault is the lower part of the cathedral. 

The salt pans

Following the trail in poor condition, you reach the Salinas de Otuma. To the right of the road you can see El Puente Point and La Viuda, Zarate, and Zaratillo islets. 

At the southern end of the beach there is a seep of water divided by a channel that forms two small lagoons. These are named after Lago del Muerto and Lagunillas. 

The beach

Located at Km.298, it is reached by a trail towards the sea, descending, leading to this wide beach with clean and calm waters.

The hedgehog

Located at Km 298, to reach this point it is necessary to go into the desert and skirt the Gallinazo hill. It is a cove with a narrow and curved beach and a beautiful landscape. 

Big lagoon

Located at 301 km, picturesque and old fishermen’s cove. It is a large closed curve, whose calm waters offer a beautiful panorama. It has about twenty ranches, most of them restaurants, a post and an office of the Paracas reserve.

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