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Andrés del Castillo Mineral Museum (MAD)

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This science, history and culture complex located in Casa Belén is named after Andrés Del Castillo Rey (1985-2006), in memory of our dear son who was a brilliant student of Mining Engineering, an excellent son, brother and friend. It is my wish and that of his mother, Veronica, that his name be remembered so that it serves as an example for future generations.

We have built this beautiful Museum as a contribution to the development and knowledge of our country. In the Mining Room, we present the most important collection of crystallized minerals that exists in Peru. Chancay Ceramics, present only in gardens until a few years ago, are presented in a prominent place, where their great variety stands out. The clothing and way of life of the ancient Peruvians is also exhibited for the first time.

It is the primary objective that Casa Belén be a living Museum, where the main patio can be used for artistic presentations that include popular music, open to all regions of Peru, and that is also conducive to the formation of workshops and training for study. and conservation of our cultural heritage. In short, keep alive the spirit of protection of art in all its expressions and manifestations.

General data

  • Address: Jirón de la Unión 1030, Lima, Peru


Casa Belén, which is the current establishment of this museum, is an important historical space in Lima, today declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity; That place is a republican-style residence that, after several renovations, passed into the hands of the Andrés del Castillo Association in 2006. It is from that date that the old Belén house begins its final remodeling process to become the current one. museum.

The name given to this museum, and which is also the name of the organization that manages it, is given in honor of Andrés del Castillo, who during his lifetime was an outstanding student of Engineering and Mining. Today, the museum concentrates its activity on the exhibition of different pieces, which have the intention of making visitors aware of part of the development and wealth of the country; Likewise, the Belén house itself has its own exhibition area that is divided into two parts: on the one hand, the area known as “The Belén house in the historical process of Lima”, where information about the development of the building is presented, as well as data of its illustrious occupants; and the “Recovering the Memory of Casa Belén” area, where the reconstruction process of this Republican building is narrated through photographs (among other resources).


The specific rooms of the Andrés del Castillo Mineral Museum present their main collection in the Mining Room, a place where a copious amount of crystallized minerals is exhibited; The crystallized minerals in this area of the museum are a sample of the mineral wealth of the country’s Andes; In the collection, it is possible to see miniature minerals and some pieces that surprise with their great quality. The interesting thing about this collection is that the final product shown is the result of a natural process where the hand of man has not participated in obtaining its great wealth and beauty.

Another area of the museum is known as “Chancay”, and in this area there is a valuable collection of ceramic remains that were made by the members of this culture. Added to the previous area is a collection of Clothing from Ancient Peru, which together presents an important collection of clothing that was used by the inhabitants of pre-Hispanic Peru.

How to get to the Andrés del Castillo Mineral Museum?

Whoever wants to know this interesting museum in Lima can do so by going to block ten of Jirón de la Unión. The museum is open to the public from Wednesday to Monday, from 9 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon; and on Sundays and holidays from 10 in the morning until 6 pm. General admission to the establishment has a cost of s/10.00; The price for students, retirees and teachers is s/5.00, as long as you have accreditation; and children under 6 years of age enter without the need for any payment. The museum opens its doors for free on days such as the Lima Anniversary, International Museum Day and November 6 when the anniversary of the establishment is celebrated.

In addition to offering the public the exhibition of the material described, the museum also offers interested parties different courses, as well as conferences, fairs, among other events that can be consulted on its website.

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