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2 Day Inca Trail Availability

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2 Day Inca Trail Availability

On January 2016, the Peruvian government added 250 trek permits are issued per day for the 2 day Inca Trail. The bad news is that the website that shows availability is not open to the public.


Before 2016 you may have heard about the limit of 500 people per day allowed on the Inca Trail. Included Classic Inca Trail fouth day, Salkantay Inca Trail seven day and Short Inca Trail 2 days. Between March 2016, the Ministery of Cultura classified two Inca Trail systems:


The first is the famous hike (Inca Trail 4 days or 7 days), and there are only 500 spaces available included the trekkers, professional guide, cook and porters.


The second is the 2 day Inca Trail and there are 250 spaces available included the trekkers and guide. The permits for the 2-day Inca Trail are listed on a separate website which can only be accessed by licensed operators. 

Tierras Vivas offers two alternative hike to the short Inca Trail:


Tierras Vivas was created this travel blog for you, and where you can to check the spaces available for the short hike.


2 day Inca Trail Avalaibility 2019- Book Online

Chose the best month and day for your hike to Machu Picchu!



How can I book the Inca Trail Online?

Tierras Vivas is tour operator to the Inca Trail, Our departure 100% guaranteed
This meaning that spaces are available on the Inca Trail for the requested information at the moment of the booking. The full passenger data have been provided and the required deposit has been paid for


Once booked the inca trail, is it possible to cancel? - Inca Trail Policy

Before your book, it is very important you know the Inca Trail policy.


What is the best Alternative trek to the Inca Trail?

If it is fully booked. If not, no worries as you can still hike one of so called Alternative Treks

When the Inca Trail is fully booked, it means no travel agency can booked it. This is because the booking system of the Inca Trail is managed by the Ministry of Culture of Peru! You can do the follow Inca Trail alternatives treks


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