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Combo Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu

Combo Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu

The Combo Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu tour involves the best experience of visiting the famous Sacred Valley of the Incas,Maras, Moray and Salineras or Salt mines. This tour usually is private and you can discover and explore the all Sacred Valley of the Incas. Visit Pisac, Moray, Chincheros and Ollantaytambo archeological site, the Salt Mines or Salineras and the small colonial town - Maras. In the afternoon you will take the train to Machu Picchu and spend one night in Aguas Calientes before visiting the site the next day. The next day you will wake up early and take the bus up to Machu Picchu. There, you will visit the Machu Picchu city and have the chance to climb Huayna Picchu mountain (must be purchased in advance) or walk around the ruins.

The Sacred Valley, Vilcamayo to the Incas, traces its winding, astonishingly beautiful course to the north-west of Cusco. Known today as the Urubamba river - Valley of the Spiders - It´s still easy to see why the Incas considered this a special place. Continue by driving to Moray - is a very extraordinary Inka's site consisting of many huge terraces formed by circular depressions. Then we take the car to Maras, this small town on the colonial time, it was very important for the agriculture. After the Maras, Our guide will take to Salineras - these are salt mines that have been used since pre-Inca times. Salt comes from a subterranean salty mineral stream that springs on a hill above the salt mines. The flow of the stream runs into a complicated system of tiny canals that irrigate a huge number of small salty pools. Finishishing the visit the Salt mines, we will go to Ollantaytambo - it is a magnificent littlet town where a great temple -fortress clings to the sheer cliffs of the valley side.

Combo Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu

The antique citadel of Machu Picchu (Old Peak in Quechua native language) is a very popular worldwide tourist attraction and the most famous Inca architectural work. It is located at 74.7 km far away from Cusco in the department of the same name. The Inca citadel stands at an altitude of 2,430 meters above sea level on the Machu Picchu Mountain, close to the Urubamba River, in the midst of a lush vegetation of a cloud forest.


After spending a great time here, you will return to Aguas Calientes to take the train back to Ollantaytambo Train Station, then take a bus back to Cusco and be dropped-off at the main square in Cusco.


Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu Overview

Sustainable Tourism: At Tierras Vivas, we are happy to promote and practice sustainable tourism by being eco-friendly and supporting local communities. We are again supporting Sernamp this Inca Trail 2022 with picking up trash and clearing the trail

Tour Operator: Local Tour Operator & Tierras Vivas Travel

Service Level: Comfortable, hotel with private bath, tourist train and private transport.

Physical Rating: 2 - Moderate - Some low-altitude hikes, but accessible to most healthy travellers

Age requirement: 4+ / All travellers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Crew: A Tierras Vivas representative in the Cusco and Profesional guide in the Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Moray, Maras, Salt Mines, Chinchero and Machu Picchu

Meals: 1 x Breakfast and 1 x buffet lunch on the Sacred Valley tour

Transportation: Tourist transportation, Train

Accommodation: Hotel (1 night). These following hotels are used to accommodate you during your 2 day tour to Machu Picchu: Wiracocha Machu Picchu Hotel. Once you booked, our booking department will confirm your accommodation. If you would like to upgrade your hotel, visit our website ESSENTIAL INFO on the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu page. 

  Combo Sacred Valley Cusco

Quick Itinerary

Combo Sacred Valley Tour

07:00: We pick you from you hotel

08:00: Driving and guided tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

  • Pisac market,
  • Pisac, Moray, Chinchero, Ollantaytambo archoelogical site,
  • Moray, the colonial small town
  • Salineras or Salt Mines

19:00:Train to Machu Picchu (if you book in advance, you will have early train)

21:00: Transfer your hotel and our guide will visit your hotel for your briefing


Machu Picchu Day Tour

05:00: Bus up to Machu Picchu

06:00: Guided tour to Machu Picchu 2 hrs

09:00: Free time, you can walking around to the lost city of the Incas or climb up to the mountains (Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu)

19:00: Return train to Ollantaytambo

20:30: Arrived to Ollantaytambo and tourist transportation to Cusco


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you would like to return early, you can choose the train at 14:30 and you will be in Cusco at 18:00


Highlights of the Combo Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu tour

  • Walking in the Sacred Valley of the Incas
  • Visit the Pisac Market
  • Guided tour of Pisac and Ollantaytambo archeological
  • Guided tour of the Moray, Maras, Chinchero
  • Guided tour of the Salt mines or Salineras
  • View the amazing Sacred Valley
  • Visit the Machu Picchu


Meeting & Starting point for tour to Machu Picchu

Departure Point: Cusco - We pick you up from your hotel.

Briefing Point: Our guide will visit your hotel 2 or 1 day before the trek

Briefing Time: Between 17:00 - 18:00

Return Point: Cusco - Our driver will drop-off in your hotel or Airbnb department


Cities visited

Cusco | Pisac Market | Pisac Ruins | Urubamba | Moray | Maras | Salineras or Salt Mines | Chinchero | Ollantaytambo | Aguas Calientes Pueblo | Machu Picchu


Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu review

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Tips for Machu Picchu

Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu train

Combo Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu map


Extra Information

Huayna Picchu and Mountains

Aguas Calientes vs Machu Picchu

Sacred Valley of the Incas

Useful facts for your Machu Picchu Sacred Valley Tour

Best Schedule to visit Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu




Day 01: Combo Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu

At 07:00, we pick you up from your hotel to take you to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, a lush agricultural region, created by the Urubamba River and an important source of food for the Incas that keep supplying the city of Cusco with a majority of its production until nowadays! Our first stop after 1 and half an hour is Pisaq. There we first visit its ruins of a large Incan city situated above the today´s Pisaq Town. Then, we descend by our bus to the modern Pisaq to visit its famous traditional handicraft market.


Continue the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu tour, we drive to Moray; This is a very extraordinary Inka's site consisting of many huge terraces formed by circular depressions, the deeper the terrace the cooler the environment, and crops were planted at their preferred growing temperatures and Maras, It is small colonial town, where you can explore and known about the colonial time, continue to drive to Salt mines,  Salt comes from a subterranean salty mineral stream that springs on a hill above the salt mines. After that, we head for lunch to Urubamba Town considered to be a capital of the valley. There, we have a buffet lunch in one of its lovely tourist restaurants offering traditional Andean cuisine.


Then, we continue our trip to later visit the still alive Incan town of Ollantaytambo, where our Tour Guide guided us around its Incan fortres and explains us about its purpose and history. The town and fortres are strategically located overlooking the beautiful valley! This major ruin site is known as the best surviving example of the Incan urban planning and engineering. It is admired for its huge steep terraces guarding the Incan fortress and for being one of the couple places where Spaniards lost a major battle during their conquest!


Then we take the Train to Machu Picchu and spend one night. Our guide will visit your hotel and he will give the briefing for the next date

Day 02: Machu Picchu

Very early we wake up and you get on a shuttle bus taking you up to the archaeological complex of Machu Picchu following a zigzag path for about 25 minutes.


Once in Machu Pichu, your Tour Guide introduces you the most important attractions of this antique Incan site such as its main square, the Sun Temple, Intiwatana (Sun Clock), the Royal Rooms, the Temple of the Three Windows and the Royal Incas Cemetery. This guided tour takes about 2 and half an hour and then you are given time off to explore around the complex and to climb Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain to take some amazing panoramic photos of Machu Picchu (Extra price). So please do not forget your camera and enjoy the visit of the "One of the New 7 Wonders of the World" !!


When you have enjoy the site enough, you take a shuttle bus down to Aguas Calientes where you can have lunch (not included in the package) in one of many lovely restaurants offering traditional Andean as well as international cuisine. Afterwards, you can visit the thermal baths of Aguas Calientes or the Museum of the Site (neither entrance of these is included in the package).


In the afternoon, we take a train back to Ollantaytambo (alternatively to Poroy) where our driver expects us in front of the railway station to transfer us to Cusco.


What is included in this tour?

  • Pre-trek briefing (Our guide will visit your hotel a day before the trek for your briefing)
  • Accommodation: Hotel (01 night)
  • Meals: 01x Breakfast and 01x Lunch on the Sacred Valley Tour
  • Entrance fee to Machu Picchu
  • Entrance fee to Pisac and Ollantaytambo archeological
  • Entrance fee to Moray and Chinchero
  • Entrance fee to Salt Mines or Salineras
  • Professional guide in the Combo Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu
  • Train round trip to Machu Picchu
  • Bus up and down to Machu Picchu
  • Private Tourist in the Sacred Valley
  • Emergency Phone (Our guide will provided the local mobile and you can contact 24 hrs with our staff)

Not Included:

Solo Traveller: Please note that if you have booked the "Solo Traveller" option for this 2 day Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu tour, you receive your own single room for the nights.

Local flights: No local flight is included in the cost of the tours.



During your trip to Machu Picchu, you will spend the night in one of the following hotels, depending on the availability of each one:

  • Hotel Wiracocha Machu Picchu

Both are located in Aguas Calientes or Machu Picchu town, and each bedroom has a private bathroom and confortable beds (Double or Matrimonial) for your confort. Also, it includes the breakfast and a hot beverages for free. During the 2 day Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu, we request the hotels to get ready your rooms for time of your arrival, especially if you arrive prior to standard check-in time. Nevertheless, this is not always possible. In this case, you just store your luggage in that hotel storage room and you can explore around your new destination in between. We recommend the early booking of single supplements and of pre/post-tour accommodation. Single accommodation can be arranged for a supplement, subject to availability. Please request this at the time of booking.



If you would like to upgrade your accommodation, the discount is U$ 25 per person (Double or Single room).

For this, we can recommend you the following hotels in Machu Picchu:


Santuary Lodge Machu Picchu*****: Standard Patio Accommodation

  • Single Room: U$ 1500.00
  • Double Room: U$ 1500.00

Casa Andina Machu Picchu***: Standard Traditional Accommodation

  • Single Room: U$ 218.50
  • Double Room: U$ 218.50

Tierra Viva Machu Picchu***: Standard Accommodation

  • Single Room: U$ 110.00
  • Double Room: U$ 150.00

Ferre Machu Picchu***: Standard Accommodation

  • Single Room: U$ 230.00
  • Double Room: U$ 230.00

Packing List

  • Passport Original and copies
  • Travel insurance(+ copies for a case of lost),
  • Cash in USD or credit cards,
  • Day pack (to carry your personal items during daily travels),
  • Rain gear (a rain-jacket and a waterproof trousers or a rain poncho - this can be purchased in Cusco),
  • Resistible footwear, waterproof trekking shoes are recommended,
  • Sandals (for a higher comfort while at a hotspring in Aguas Calientes),
  • Hat or a cap (to protect you against the Sun, rain as well as cold),
  • Sun cream or sun block,
  • Insect repellent– recommended minimum is 20% DEET (please note that no malaria has been reported during this trip!),
  • Camera and its charger/batteries (please note that batteries are consumed quickly under cold conditions),
  • Small towel and toiletries,
  • Sufficient reserve of underwear,
  • Swimsuit (to visit the thermal baths of Aguas Calientes),
  • Snacks (biscuits, energy bars, chocolate, raw fruits, muesli, etc.)

Please note: we do provide a daily morning snack and our meal service is very complete and well supplied. We reccomend you to take your own snack applies for customers who like a specific snack that might not be in our menu.

Extra Luggage: If you have extra luggage, you can be left safely in your hotel in Cusco, in the Ollantaytambo train station or Tierras Vivas store luggage. if you decided in our store luggage, in the morning our driver will pick your luggage and He leave in our office and we will save 2 days and when you will return to Cusco, you can pick your luggage..

Machu Picchu Questions

When to visit Peru Machu Picchu?

A good time to visit Machu Picchu is between the months of April and October; The sun shines all day and there is almost no rain, allowing you to perform, without much care, the treks to the mountains of Machu Picchu, to get the best aerial views of the Inca city with the blue sky in the background. However, you will have to take turns in the places, with many other people who chose this time to visit Machu Picchu. This season makes entrance tickets to Machu Picchu, train tickets and hotels, must be booked at least 3 months in advance.

On the other hand, between November and March, and unlike what many people think, it does not rain throughout the day; What's more, the rains during this season are in the afternoon, in most cases. The Inca city of Machu Picchu can be covered with mist during this time; however, it will disappear with the passing of the morning, giving you the opportunity to see, from the mountains of Machu Picchu, how the fog dissipates over the city. As if an artist revealed his masterpiece before his eyes. In addition, you will enjoy Machu Picchu in its most intense green, with lower prices and something that most people want but that is impossible to obtain during the high season; be in Machu Picchu with the least amount of people possible, allowing you to take pictures of Machu Picchu without a lot of strangers in them


Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes train

The train is leaving from Ollantaytambo train station and the duration train ride is 1 hrs 45 min round trip.


How far is Sacred Valley from Cusco?

The Sacred Valley is composed of different districts, which differ in distance to Cusco. During the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu tour, you will visit the next:

  • Cusco - Písac: 35.00 km
  • Cusco - Urubamba: 76.20 km
  • Cusco - Ollantaytambo: 94.40 km

How long is the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu tour?

On the Sacred Valley the duration tour is 8 hrs 30min, between to 08:00 to 15:30 The Machu Picchu Train departs from Sacred Valley at the Ollanta Station - 1 hr 45 min Minutes from Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu. Total travel time including transfer from Cusco is approximately 10 hours 30 min each way.


2 Day Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu

2 Day Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu

2-day Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu tour involves the experience of visiting the famous Pisac Market, Pisac Ruins and Ollantaytambo archeological site. Then you will take the train to Machu Picchu and spend one night in Aguas Calientes before visiting the site the next day. The next day you will wake up early and take the bus up to Machu Picchu. There, you will visit Machu Picchu city and have the chance to climb Huayna Picchu mountain (must be purchased in advance) or walk around the ruins. Visit Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu and Book Online


Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu tour


Sacred Valley ATV Tour

Sacred Valley ATV Tour

This beautiful adventure is lived just one hour from the city of Cusco. You do not need any driving experience to participate in this magnificent activity, since we have automatic and semi-automatic motorcycles that will let you appreciate and be in touch with nature, local people, agricultural land, high mountains, snowy peaks and unforgettable views. Ride up in our Sacred Valley ATV Tour


Sacred Valley ATV Tour


Cusco City Tour

Cusco City Tour

Seductive, shocking and natural, whose history lives in the streets, squares of its historic center, valleys and villages. The city of Cusco is an impressive sample of the high Inca engineering that dominated the stone as in Choquequirao, Sacsayhuaman, Kencco, Tambomachay, Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu (the Inca jewel built with the wisdom of the ancient Peruvians in an ecological environment).

Enchanting attractions and landscapes such as the Sacred Valley of the Incas, with terraces that dress the mountains and picturesque villages where the past is part of the present.

Cusco really is the navel of the world, discover it in a Full Day City Tour in Cusco.


Cusco City Tour


Maras, Moray & Salt Mines Tour

Maras, Moray & Salt Mines Tour

Maras is located to the west of Cusco at 3,300 m.s. From there you can see the Urubamba mountain range and the snowy summits of "La Verónica" (5,682 meters above sea level) and the "Chikón" (5,530 meters above sea level). Its important occupation began when the Cuzco nobles of the Incario were stripped of their palaces in the Qosqo and had They go out to settle in other small towns like Maras. It has a church made of adobe bricks, typical of the religious architecture of the town. Cuzqueña School paintings are kept inside the church.

Moray, for its part, is about 7 km southwest of Maras; It is unique archaeological group in its kind in the region. These are gigantic natural depressions or pits on the surface of the land that were used to build terraces or agricultural platforms with their respective irrigation channels. It is therefore a prototype of a greenhouse or biological experimental station that is quite advanced for its time. that the American man of antiquity inherits to the humanity a 60% of the vegetable products that he consumes, that the Andean man consumes a thousand and a half of diverse varieties of potatoes, a hundred and a half of corn, and many other products.

Finally, at the Mara´s salt mines you can buy "pink natural salt"; it gets its beautiful color from the natural elements of the spring water, including magnesium, calcium, potassium and silicon; and in case you did not know, there are only 4 places in the world where you can extract pink salt and Maras is one of them. Another interesting thing about Salras de Maras is that you can pick up your own handful of salt or buy a bag, jar or can in the Maras gift shop.

Maras Moray & Salt Mines Tour


Maras, Moray and Salineras Day Tour


Inti Raymi and main attractions

Inti Raymi and main attractions

The Inti Raymi is an ancient Inca religious celebration, as we all know, the Incas worshiped their god: The God Inti or Sun in his translation into Spanish. Formerly the Inti Raymi lasted about 15 days, sacrifices were made and dances or dances were performed to worship the sun god. The last Inti Raymi that was made with the presence of the Inca Emperor was in the year of 1535; a year before "The Spanish Conquest", which was actually the Spanish Invasion given in the year of 1536.

Currently the Inti Raymi is a theatrical performance, millions of people from Cusco and people from all over the world come together to this event which is one of the most attractive cultural and traditional manifestations. This Inca celebration makes each one of us feel the Inca blood flow through his veins and revalue our past. Live this celebration in a Inti Raymi Day Tour, whikle you visit the main attractions of Cusco.


Inti Raymi day tour


Days 2
per person
$ 600.00
Activity level
Activity level
Request information

responsible people foundation

The Responsible People foundation is registered under the Peruvian Non-Profit Organization Act. With an annual contribution from Tierras Vivas, we support our operating costs as well as a significant portion of project development costs.

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