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Peru Vacation

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to break the routine and have new and unforgettable experiences. Peru is a destination that captivates anyone looking for something different. Enjoy a vacation in 2019 in a place where history, food, adventure, and feelings are mixed to create unforgettable days in dream places. What are you waiting to start this experience? Vacation time! What experience are you looking for in your rest?


Planning a trip is very exciting. You think of different adventures and things to explore. You have the option to enjoy your trip every minute and leave the papers and reservations in a team of travel experts. Then you think, what kind of adventure do you want? No matter the answer, Peru is a precise destination for your needs. Do you want to know what the land of the Incas offers you?


Peru Vacation:

A relaxing experience through different landscapes of Peru. From your airport reception, you will feel the good vibes of Peru and its people. Be it the warm breeze of Lima or the imposing mountains in Cusco, the Peruvian nature welcomes you. If you are in search of a quiet landscape to admire, without a doubt the best options are the Colca Valley in Arequipa or the ancient ruins of Moray. The Colca offers you Andean landscapes of extensive plains with families of the famous llamas or a deep canyon, dominion of the condors. The circular stone structures of Moray will awaken your curiosity as much as they will give you peace.Another way to contemplate nature is on a two-day excursion on the Short Inca Trail. During the tour you will see the ancient ruins of the Incas, traditional Andean trees and shrubs, and the majestic silhouette of Machu Picchu. You can also enjoy a relaxing experience in the thermal baths of Aguas Calientes or Santa Teresa in any of the adventure packages as an additional activity to the packages.


Discover the magic of the Inca lands:

We know what families are looking for during vacations: fun and safety. It does not matter if you are a short or large family, in Peru you will find destinations for all tastes and budgets.Whether it's a 1-day excursion in the wonder of Machu Picchu or a delightful 2-day experience with a family on Lake Titicaca, everyone will be amazed by these amazing destinations during their 2019 vacation. If you want a little more comfort during your stay, do not hesitate to ask for an improvement in accommodation services, restaurants, camping equipment and more.


Are you an adventurer? Peru is the best option for you!

The compass of your heart points towards the west side of the South American continent. You recognize the emotion in your body when you hear the words hiking, zipline, excursion or ATV. Peru is a destination that will bring out that exploratory spark that you felt when you saw the photograph of Machu Picchu in 2019.

The Classic Inca Trail is the perfect adventure for the explorer in search of emotions. Four days in the middle of high mountains and the Peruvian jungle, with camping nights and incomparable sunrises. You will walk step by step discovering your own strength and as a reward, a wonder at the end of the route.If your passion is the two wheels, the Inca Jungle Bike and Hike is the option you are looking for. Combine the excitement of feeling the wind on the bike and the sounds of the jungle on your way in a 4-day experience to the wonder of Machu Picchu.We have many more alternatives for that adventurous heart that is excited now that it is going on vacation.


Finally Delight your palate with the best of Peruvian gastronomy:

Nothing better than trying the authentic Peruvian food in the historic capital of the land of the Incas: the eternal city of Cusco. The variety of Peruvian dishes is recognized by different international media and of course, you have the opportunity to try each one of them.Travel on the culinary route along the Peruvian coast, mountains and jungle and find soups, dishes based on meat, exotic fruits, Andean cereals, drinks for all tastes and exquisite sweets. Have the experience of visiting a local market, or let yourself go in an exclusive restaurant in the center of the city. Are you ready?






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