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Monkey Island: discover the space where you can live up close with these primates

Tierras Vivas Travel > Monkey Island: discover the space where you can live up close with these primates

The shelter of these incredible animals is located in Iquitos. Here you can take photos, see the space where they live and feed them.

In Peru there is a great diversity of animals both on the coast, mountains and jungle. In the case of the jungle, specifically 30 kilometers from Iquitos, is the Monkey Island where people can see these animals up close while respecting the space where they live. Likewise, in this note, we tell you where you can find this paradise full of primates in the middle of the jungle.

In 1997, thanks to Don Gilberto Guerra Reátegui, a group of natives and foreign volunteers created this refuge where primates live in harmony and can enjoy nature. Most of them were rescued and released, as they were victims of animal trafficking. Stump Monkey, the Howler, the Spider, the Little Lion and the Woolly Monkey are some of the species that live here.

Where is Monkey Island located?

To see the various species of monkeys you must arrive at the Bellavista Nanay Port, which is 15 minutes from the Iquitos Airport. On the way to the island you will see various animals such as pink dolphins and macaws. Once at the destination, you have to walk about 15 to 20 minutes until you reach the rescue center. Here you will meet these restless animals that live in an area of 450 hectares.

On the island you can take photos with the monkeys, observe them in their natural habitat, learn about their customs and even carry them. In addition, feeding and protecting them during the time of their stay. Not only that, but you will be dazzled by the beautiful vegetation and will be able to walk through the fruit tree plantations.

When you disembark on the island, you must pay an entry ticket whose cost is 30 soles for foreigners and 20 soles for nationals. With the money raised the monkeys will be able to have food, vitamins, medicines, as well as care for the shelter.

What to see and do on Monkey Island?

Witness the sighting of the monkeys. Observe their interaction with nature and humans. Know their customs and habits in their environment.

Walk in fruit tree plantations. The island offers endless wild flora that you can discover and enjoy.

Take photos. The monkeys are mostly friendly and will allow themselves to be photographed without problem. There are also sloth bears that are very attractive.

Carry a jumpsuit during the tour. Some monkeys allow themselves to be petted and others dare to be carried by the visitor throughout the walk.

Enjoy the sunset. Located northwest of the tourist city of Iquitos, the island is truly a strategic point for this time of day.

Perform actions at will. Volunteers are welcome at the shelter to feed the animals and protect them during the period that the visitor has available.

How to get to Monkey Island?

You must first locate yourself in the Bellavista-Nanay Port, about 15 minutes from the Iquitos Airport. If you choose to go on a traditional wooden boat with a motor, it will take two hours to arrive and two and a quarter hours to return to Iquitos. It is also possible to save time with speedboats. These have a more powerful motor and could take up to half the time to make the trip. Once at the location, you will have to walk between 15 and 20 minutes to reach the rescue center. It is also possible to hire the trip in the city, from the rescue center office, located at 416 Condamine, Iquitos.


If what you are looking for is to learn about the different species of monkey and their ways of life, you can request the presence of a guide during the walk.

Take money to the island. The entrance fee for nationals is S/20 soles and for foreigners it is S/30. Children pay S/ 10.

Take care of your personal belongings. The most curious monkeys will try to take your phone out of your hands, wear your sunglasses and eat your food.

Try not to wear insect repellent on your skin as it is harmful to the monkeys, who will seek to hug you and come into contact with you.

Choose the clothes you are going to wear because depending on the season there may be a lot of mud or mud. You might feel more comfortable in good boots, and it wouldn’t hurt to bring extra clothing (animals will leave their tracks whatever you wear).

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