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Mancora, marine fun in the north of Peru

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With warm waters and excellent sun, this resort is considered one of the most important on the Peruvian coast. Its waves stand out, perfect for surfing and bodyboarding.

To the south of Máncora beach, just 4 km away is Las Pocitas beach, also known among the locals as Máncora Chico: when the tide goes out, natural pools form among the rocks.

This northern paradise offers hotels with spas and excellent quality services. The beach is accessed on foot, by taxi or mototaxi from the town of Máncora. For its tranquility it is recommended for families and couples.

In addition to the beaches, the visitor can buy local handicrafts made with marine products, on the craft walk in the town of Máncora.

If you have more time, the Fernández farmhouse is located 1 hour away. It is recommended to take a walk through the dry forest to Los Pilares de la Quebrada Fernández, a natural waterfall that forms a lagoon between the stones.

The title of the most popular resort in Piura -and in northern Peru- seems not to affect Máncora’s ability to offer fun for everyone. Almost anyone will find something to do in this sensational spa.


Máncora is located in the province of Talara, in Piura, almost on the border with Tumbes, 1,167 kilometers from Lima. The original town is quite small, with a population of only 13,000.

Despite its size, Máncora has become one of the most important tourist beaches in northern Peru, thanks to the beauty of its coastline and a privileged climate throughout the year. Mancora’s tourist offer includes hotels, restaurants, spas, craft shops and much more.

Hotels in Mancora

What to do in Mancora?

Every year the waves of Máncora attract surfers from all over the world, both beginners and experts. An interesting variant is kitesurfing, which can be enjoyed for a modest price.

In addition to surfing, those who want to deepen their beach experience can enjoy other adventure sports, such as diving and snorkeling. If you want to stay on the shore, you can ride an ATV or enjoy the sea breeze on horseback.

If you are looking for what to do in Máncora, there are many options and activities to entertain and have fun with your family or as a couple. First of all, you have the option of exploring the Tumbes mangroves that surround it by renting an excursion, so you will discover species of animals typical of Peru.


You can also notice that Máncora Piura, a kind of market is held, where handicrafts, jewelry and clothing are sold, perfect for making gifts or keeping as souvenirs. In Máncora it will be inevitable to go out and want to buy everything.

You can also visit the beaches in Máncora, to practice the aforementioned sports and, for example, at El Ñuro Beach, 20 minutes from Máncora, diving among marine animals is a very popular activity, you can run into sea turtles , dolphins and even sea lions.

On the other hand, there are tropical forests in Máncora, which you can visit accompanied by a tour guide, to practice extreme sports such as zip-lining. They are completely safe packages and are the best option if you like extreme.

Also, in Máncora there are places with people who are specialists in massages, reiki and acupuncture. So on this site, all people will be able to enjoy activities. It is a paradise with multiple options for every taste and for different ages.

Near Máncora, in certain seasons of the year, you can enter the sea to watch whales. Indeed, these gigantic mammals arrive in the middle of the year at the places near the spa to give birth to their young, before migrating south.

Where to eat in Mancora?

When it comes to food, the resort’s hotels and restaurants offer the most delicious seafood: ceviche, jelly, rice with seafood, fish rinds and much more.

At night, the entertainment centers of Máncora turn on their lights in an endless party for visitors. The night movement of the city has become famous for many tourists from all over the world.

How to get?

From Lima, the fastest way to get to Máncora is by air. Several local hotels offer multi-day packages with the option of a flight included. The journey by land takes about 17 hours.

When to travel to Mancora?

As said, the climate of Mancora is mild throughout the year. It is only in the middle of the year -what would be winter in the rest of Peru- that the temperature drops a bit, although the sun and heat are still enjoyed.

What should I consider?

As in all hot weather, always wear light clothing, good-grade sunscreen, and sunglasses with UV protection.

Weather in Mancora

One of the great advantages of the town of Máncora is its sunny climate every day of the year. It has an average humidity of 60% and there is almost always no rain, so people can enjoy days at the beach without any problem. The average temperature in Máncora is 25°C and in summer it reaches 30°C.

In addition to the town and the beach of Máncora, there are other beaches very close, where you can enjoy practicing sports such as surfing and kitesurfing. We have Los Órganos at 15 minutes, Vichayito at 10 minutes and Lobitos at 45 minutes.

The nights are a bit cool, depending on the season of the year, and the temperature of the sea also varies. Experts say that the best time to visit Mancora is between January and February.

Beach Houses in Mancora

In Máncora, you can get some fabulous all-inclusive beach houses, so that you and your family can enjoy your visit to this area.

We have at your disposal beach houses of different categories and accommodation services, so that you only worry about enjoying the sun and a good drink.



You can find Vichayito between the beaches of Pocitas and Los Órganos. This sector is very quiet and its beach is great for a good swim, since you will not find rocks or wild waves.

Zorritos – Tumbes

If what you want is to go a little further north in search of more heat and beaches with fewer people, Zorritos is an option, we have a nice dúplex.

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