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Lares Trek Map

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Lares Trek Map

The Lares Trek: a calmer, three day alternate to the Inca Trail, no permits necessary on this trek. The Lares Valley is one of the most picturesque places in southern Cusco, home of many traditional weavers and farmers. The people of this area cultivate what they will eat and knit what they will wear. The trek is moderately paced with sufficient time to appreciate the marvellous landscapes. This out-of-the-way and not often visited area offers the hiker a taste of Andean life, an ageless world where farmers plant their harvest on the same land that their predecessors attended and watch over herds of llamas and alpacas under the holy frost covered summits they honored as gods. This path is one of the Inca trails. Today the route is still used by farmers. The trail joins the communities of Cuncani, Quisurani and Lares and the Sacred Valley. The region has remained to a great extent unspoiled by tourism and has kept its purity. You will see classicly clothed Andean farmers and cruise around marketsdoing their trading as they have for done forever, see thatched stone and adobe houses. The hike includes days of walking. You will be joined by a group of porters, llamas, a cook and an english speaking guide.You can walk at your own pace. The second day is the most challenging with two very high passes tobe crossed (4560m and 4520m). This route is doubtlessly not easy though not the hardest either, the most important asset is a positive outlook. It is better to take it slow rather than tiring yourself out. If you start to feel exhausted then slow down and absorb the landscape. 


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