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Inca Trail permits new regulations 2020

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Inca Trail permits new regulations 2020

The famous Inca trail to Machu Picchu 2020, is one of the most popular excursions in Cusco - Peru; and considered among the best walks in the world included among the 1st walks in the world, the Inca Trail is a trip to the past.


Many are the routes that take you to Machu Picchu, but none is like the Inca Trail, the most famous pedestrian path in the Americas. After flying from the capital of Perú, Lima, you will arrive in Cusco to walk for four days along a path through forests and dense fog, millenary stone steps and discovering the ruins of ancient fortifications and Inca cities, and all the time enjoying majestic views. After 46km walking on the top of the Andes, the reward comes: the first, exciting views of Machu Picchu from Inti Punku. This guided route is a unique experience that will be engraved in your heart forever. 


The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is a protected route so only a limited number of visitors access each day. Daily permits to travel this route are released since October. It is recommended to buy this income as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will not find available permissions.


Since 2020, there is a maximum limit of 500 permits for Inca Trail per day that includes tour guides, professional chefs and indigenous porters. Which means that only 200 permits for Inca Trail are assigned for tourists and about 300 for chefs, porters and guides each day.


Inca Trail new regulations 2020

New regulations 2020 for Inca Trail permits establish that permission to enter the Inca Inca Trail Network to the Sanctuary of History of Machu Picchu must be documented and paid (total amount) in advance 48 hours before the date of arrival.


After having entered (control publication and corresponding security verification), the user will not be able to extend his stay over the amount of time indicated on the entry ticket within the established route, except in special proven cases.


Users of the Inca Trail must identify themselves with the original documents and register their entry in the corresponding security checkpoints and controls of Inrena or the Ministry of Culture.


Travel and tourism agencies, tour guides and support staff are required to select the organic and inorganic solid waste that is generated during their stay in the Inca Trail and remove them from the sanctuary. Due to conservation and restoration reasons, there may be periods of restriction and closure of the use of the Inca Trail Network. Users will be informed with 30 calendar days notice.


Exceptionally, in situations of risk due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, closure or restrictions may be applied without prior notice.

It is forbidden to use the Inca Trail Network of 7 p.m. at 5:30 a.m., except in exceptional proven cases.


Elements that are not allowed in the Inca trail network:

  • Firearms or compressed air weapons, bows and arrows, hunting and fishing instruments, axes, machetes, knives, spikes, shovels or other tools.
  • Any type of traps to capture wildlife specimens.
  • Fossil fuels such as kerosene, diesel oil, gasoline.
  • Stimulants, psychotropic substances, narcotics or illegal drugs that are not allowed by national legislation.
  • Sound systems or other noise generators.
  • Domestic animals and exotic species.
  • Canes with metal tips that do not have rubber protectors or wooden stakes with native species.
  • Bottles, plastic containers and disposable cups.
  • In Inca Trail it is not allowed:
  • Trash.
  • Cut or damage trees.
  • Breaking, or ruining the rocks of the ruins or the path.
  • Boot plants, kill animals.
  • Camping with open fires or within areas of Inca remains (camping is only allowed in authorized areas).

Inca Trail Permits Availability

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu will be closed in February by provision of the Ministry of Culture, because maintenance, conservation and cleaning work will be carried out. The Permits for Inca Trail 2020 will be re-enabled as of March 1.


Here is some information you should keep in mind about Inca Trail Permits Availability:

  • The only way to do the Inca Trail is to hire the services of a tourism agency authorized by the Ministry of Culture of Peru. Booking is only possible with the internet.
  • The Inca Trail is CLOSED every year in FEBRUARY for maintenance and due to the rain, which allows conservation projects, so both the Short Inca Trail 2 Days Day and the Classic Inca Trail 4 Days are not available in any moment of this month.
  • The Inca Trail Permits Availability we handle is the same to any other agency.
  • The amount of spaces is very variable. Agencies usually reserve up to 30 spaces, don't be surprised if Inca Trail Permits Availability run out in an instant. There is no way to get tickets if the permits run out. No travel agency or tour operator can offer you a space for the Inca Trail.
  • Inca Trail Permits Availability is exclusively managed by the Ministry of Culture. Only they can control and authorize access to the Inca Trail.
  • The Inca Trail has only 500 spaces enabled per day, which includes personnel.
  • Canceled tickets are not transferable. It is also important to say that it does NOT matter how many customers cancel their Inca Trail reservations, NO ONE else can use these spaces

Is there an Official Site to buy Inca Trail Permits?

No, there is not an Inca Trail Permits Official Site. You can only get availability for the Inca Trail Permits through an authorized tourism agency. The agencies also offer a complete tour that includes the permits for Inca Trail 2020, tickets for Machu Picchu and more.


When do Inca Trail Permits go on sale?

Income for the Inca Trail is released approximately October 5 of each year. However, the date when Inca Trail Permits go on sale may vary by a few days or weeks depending on the organization prepared by the Ministry of Culture of Peru.


How long before booking the entrance to the Inca Trail?

Entrance tickets to the Inca Trail must be reserved at least 5 or 6 months before. However, if you plan to visit during May, June or July; You must get your ticket 7 or 8 months in advance.


The short Inca Trail tickets are not that hard to get. It is recommended to make the reservation weeks in advance. In the months of May, June or July; Try to book a month before.


You should book in Advance:

  • January – March – April: The rainy season takes place in these months so the Inca Trail is not full as usual, if you want to book in these months you should make it with 1-2 months in advance.
  • May – June: This is the high season for the Inca Trail. Usually the spaces sold out in hours so, if you are planning on traveling between these months we recommend you to book as soon as the booking is available.
  • July – August: The dry season. Tourist tent to travel in this season due to the sunny weather, if you want to travel in these months we recommend you to book with 5 months in advance.
  • September – October – November – December: In September and October you can still feel the dry season but In November and December you are going to see a lot of rains. People who didn’t get the chance in the prior months travel in these ones, others travel in these months to spend the holidays there. We recommend you to book with 4 – 3 months in advance.
  • February: The Inca Trail is close in February due to the maintenance works made there.

How much is the cost of Inca Trail permit?


Cost of Classic Inca Trail Permit 4 Days

Travel companies that offer the Inca Trail Tours 2020 organize and provide their services in different qualities. It is for this reason that the cost of Inca Trail permit vary according to each travel agency.


Cost of Classic Inca Trail Permit

Inca Trail prices

Price in American dollars

Adult prices

USD 680

University student prices

USD 650

Kids under 18 years

USD 650


Rates are approximate. Each tourism agency has its own prices.

Does the price of the Inca Trail include guides, train and tickets to Machu Picchu?

The price includes the Machu Picchu Tickets 2020, transportation by bus, train, food, professional guide, cooks, porters (carry luggage) and camping equipment.

If you want additional equipment (tents, mats, sleeping bag, cane), a better quality train service or an extra carrier, you must pay an additional price.

Do you want to visit Huayna Picchu after the Inca Trail? The additional cost is approximately $ 65 per person.


Cost of Short Inca Trail Permit 2 Days

Four days of hiking on the Inca Trail are too much? The Inca Trail 2 days is an option for people with little time to visit.  This route starts the walk from the middle of the classic route. Prices vary according to each tourism agency.


Cost of Short Inca Trail Permit

Inca Trail prices

Price in American dollars

Adult prices

USD 450

University student prices

USD 420

Kids under 18 years

USD 420


Each tourism agency manages its own rate. These are approximate prices.


What does the price of the short Inca Trail include?

The price includes tickets to Machu Picchu, equipment to spend the night in the camp, transportation (round trip train) and porter.

The entrance to Huayna Picchu is not included. You can request it by paying an extra amount of money.

If you want an extra porter or some other service during the short Inca Trail, you must request it with the tourism agency. These services have an additional cost.


Inca Trail Tours Prices 2020

Cachicata Trek to Machu Picchu U$ 600

Salkantay Trek 5 Days U$ 550

2 Day Inca Trail with Camping U$ 550

Machu Picchu 3 Day Hike U$ 750

2 Day Inca Trail Tour U$ 450

Inca Quarry Trail 4 Days U$600

Inca Trail Cheap 4 Days U$ 550

Salkantay to Inca Trail 6 Days U$ 750

Salkantay Trek to Inca Trail 7 Days U$ 800

Condor Sight Salkantay Inca Trail 7 day U$ 850


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