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Alpaca World: Where the finest fibers in the world are born

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Peruvian textile art has the weight of thousands of years of experience that today allows us to obtain delicate alpaca and vicuña fabrics, considered among the finest in the world.

At Mundo Alpaca, in Arequipa, you can interact with alpacas in a beautiful natural environment and learn about fiber classification, dyeing and traditional weaving techniques with backstrap looms, as the weavers of ancient Peru did.

The Mundo Alpaca experience is complemented by the interesting and only textile machinery museum in the country, as well as a small – but invaluable – exhibition of pre-Columbian textiles from important cultures in southern Peru at the Amano – Michell Museum, home of the first museum pre-Columbian textile from Peru.

Additionally, in their store, you can buy clothes with fashionable designs that further highlight this precious fiber.

What will you see in Mundo Alpaca Arequipa?

At Mundo Alpaca Arequipa, visitors can see and learn about alpaca wool production, see alpacas and other camelid animals in a beautiful natural environment, and learn about the culture and history of the alpaca in Peru. It has a small museum of textile machinery (unique in the country) and an exhibition of pre-Columbian textiles. There is also a gift shop selling products made from alpaca wool.


Mundo Alpaca Arequipa is located at Alameda San Lázaro No. 101, very close to the Plaza de Armas. It is easily accessible by taxi or public transport from the city center.


Offers guided tours in several languages, including Spanish, English and French. Opening hours are Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. You should not worry about the price to enter because it is free. If you want to spend a pleasant time with your family, do not hesitate to visit this center.

​What will you find at Mundo Alpaca Arequipa?

At Mundo Alpaca Arequipa you will live a complete textile experience, meeting – live and direct – our Alpacas and Llamas (one of which was born at the beginning of this year), and learning everything about their wonderful fiber. In addition, you can visit 2 unique museums in our country, which highlight the unmatched textile tradition that precedes us.

To live a complete Alpaca experience, and finishing your tour of Mundo Alpaca, we invite you to visit the boutique of our exclusive brand Sol Alpaca, where you can discover a variety of garments and accessories woven with the finest Alpaca and Vicuña fiber. Michell & Cía.

Share with our beautiful Alpacas and Llamas

You will be able to interact with different breeds of Alpacas and Llamas, discovering their origin, evolution and history, habitat, domestication, among other wonderful and interesting curiosities. The typical and natural exhibition environment will allow you the unforgettable experience of interacting – very closely – with these cute and docile animals and immortalizing these memories through videos and photographs.

Rescuing pre-Inca weaving techniques

Learn about the exceptional pre-Inca weaving technique, known as the “backstrap loom.” Also, through a live exhibition, you will be able to observe expert weavers from Cusco communities maintaining this exceptional legacy; with the aim of preserving it and sharing it with the whole world.

The First Museum of Textile Machinery in Peru

Walk through this interesting Museum of Textile Machinery – unique in the country – and learn about the origins of the industrialization of Alpaca fiber in the world, through interesting machines from the beginning of the last century, which include didactic explanations of the industrial process, from the classification of the fiber to the finished product.

Amano Pre-Columbian Museum – Michell: the history of our textile industry

Relatively small, but impeccable and spectacular in cultural content, the Amano – Michell Museum (the first Pre-Columbian Textile Museum in Peru), exhibits unique and exceptional pieces from imposing Peruvian cultures, such as Paracas, Nasca, Wari, Chancay and Siguas, the latter standing out for its be a native of the Arequipa region.

This museum is an invaluable contribution to the conservation and preservation of pre-Columbian textiles and Peruvian cultural history, as it offers a unique experience to all local and foreign visitors who seek the opportunity to experience an enriching encounter with the ancient textile tradition that forms part of the cultural heritage of Peru and humanity.

How to get?

Mundo Alpaca Arequipa is located in the center of the city, known for its unparalleled tourist attractions. You can visit us at:

Av. Juan de la Torre 101 San Lázaro, Cercado

Monday to Sunday from 9.00am to 5.30pm

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