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Top 5 Virtual Tours to Machu Picchu

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Top 5 Virtual Tours to Machu Picchu

These past months that we have been isolated from people because of this health emergency, we have learnt a different ways of living. The entire world population has been isolated but at the same time, we have been learning new ways of getting together.  Tierras Vivas Tour Operator has searched the best virtual tours online and we have found the Top 5 Virtual Tours to Machu Picchu where you can explore the Lost City of the Incas in the comfort of your home.

Now, we can present you the Virtual Tour 360 Machu Picchu! at the bottom of this page

From Google Maps, which offers virtual tours of Peru’s famous streets, explore Huayna Picchu Mountain above Machu Picchu site, life-enriching experiences are now at your fingertips. We would like to show you how you can still explore the Andes.

Machu Picchu Tours 2023

Tierras Vivas staffs wish you to have a sit in the comfort of your home and choose your future travel on your device. We will be looking forward to your arrival! 

Inca Trail tours 2022 & 2023

Peru – Virtual Destinations

Peru is a real paradise, so no one is surprised that it is one of the most visited destinations in the world! You can explore it online now and get ready for your future travel. There are so many wonderful places that it is difficult to name just a few. The country boasts an incredible range of climate zones since it extends from the luxuriant Amazon Rainforest, through the Andes Mountains, it continues through subtropical areas to semi-deserts and deserts and ends at the waters of the Pacific Ocean. This rich environment offers a variety of natural and historical beauties.

Peru is a country of rich pre-Columbian history and is literally loaded with various more or less discovered civilizations. Only one of them is the Incas whose most famous construction is the overwhelming Machu Picchu attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. One of the ways how Machu Picchu can be reached is via the Inca Trail, the most famous trek of South America, which offers not only a visit to the famous Inca city but also several hidden Inca landmarks on its route. Another famous Inca site is the former capital of their empire – Cusco. There can be found a variety of Inca sights in the city. Last but not the least, the Sacred Valley of the Incas must be mentioned since it as there are a number of Inca monuments. The nature of the valley itself is breathtaking.

Another extraordinary place that is worth mentioning is the deepest canyons on the planet – Colca Canyon, which is 3 times deepest as the U.S. Grand Canyon!

When it comes to world records, Titicaca Lake is the highest navigable lake in the world. It is placed in the south of the country and it is divided between Peru and Bolivia. On the Peruvian side, there can be found the famous floating islands of Uros and the islands with a Mediterranean atmosphere Taquile and Amantani.

Peru‘s next tourist attraction are the mysterious Nazca Lines made by the Nazca civilization 2,000 years ago and later brought famous by Eric von Daniken.

Closer to Lima, there is the awesome oasis of Huacachina famous for being a popular place for practicing the sport of sandboarding.

The capital of PeruLima is known for its Colonial architecture and top-quality historic museums. One can enjoy walks along the ocean too.

More to the north, there are stunning historic places such as Chavin de Huantar (ruins dating back to 1,200 BC), Chan-Chan (the oldest city in Americas made of adobe that was made by the Chimu culture), Huaca del Sol (a temple of the Moche culture).

The outstanding place is Kuelap located north-eastwards of Lima. It used to be a huge city of the Chachapoyas civilisations. They built the city 1,000 years before Machu Picchu was done. As it is comparable to the Inca city when it comes to the extension, it is often called the Machu Picchu of Northern Peru.

Far to the north, near the border with Ecuador, lies Peru’s most famous holiday resort – Mancora. Its warm waters and a long beach attracts thousands of national as well as international holidaymakers every year

The best in the end. It is the Amazon Rainforest, a true magnet for naturalist and adventurous tourists. Two big Amazon cities serve as a starting point for most of the tours to the jungle, Puerto Maldonado in the south, and Iquitos in the north. From there, you can just choose what natural attractions takes your interest the most.




Top 5 virtual Tours to Machu Picchu

Top 1: YouVisit.com

On the You Visit website, you can explore and discover Machu Picchu using your mouse. There can be found a guided tour of Machu Picchu in the English language.

Website: https://www.youvisit.com/tour/machupicchu

Top 1 Machu Picchu Virtual Tours

Top 2: AirPano.com

The AirPano virtual tours invite you to see the “Lost City of the Incas”, the Mount Huayna Picchu, Intipuncu, the Machu Picchu Mountain while listening to relaxing music. Just click on the place you like to explore.


Top 2 Machu Picchu Virtual Tours

Top 3: FromCusco.com

This website let you to choose from Spanish and English options. Afterwards, you can discover Machu Picchu on your device. A relaxing music is another option.

Website: https://fromcusco.com/spheres/mp.html

Top 3 Machu Picchu Virtual Tours

Top 4: Machu Picchu Google Maps

Machu Picchu Google Maps is an awesome tool allowing you to view this historic sanctuary at your own pace. Just click on the place you would like to view.

Top 5: OpenCulture.com

Choose the best option of virtual tours to Machu Picchu. Take a tour for free!

Website: https://www.openculture.com/2015/12/take-a-virtual-tour-of-machu-picchu.html

Top 5 Machu Picchu Virtual Tours

Use of Drones in Machu Picchu

It is forbidden in Machu Picchu to promote, take and take photographs or filming in the airspace launching drones or any type of smaller aircraft, being excepted from this prohibition flights of this type only for scientific and cultural dissemination purposes with the express authorization of the Directorate Decentralized of Culture Cusco (organization that provides this permit).

8 rules to follow to fly drones in Machu Picchu

Apart from the specific distance of 4 km to the airport, the other points are not official laws, but rules to follow for people who fly drones in Peru. Most of those rules are intuitive, but it’s always good to check them every now and then. Especially if you are just starting to fly your drone. We take a look at those rules:

  • Only use your drone in the daytime and only when the weather conditions are good.
  • Don’t let your drone fly out of your sight.
  • Do not fly with your drone where you can disturb the animals (especially without permission)
  • Do not use your drone within 4 kilometers of the airport
  • Don’t fly your drone when there are a lot of people.
  • Do not fly your drone in archaeological or religious sites where it is not allowed.
  • Do not fly your drone in military or government areas.
  • Respect the privacy of other people when you are flying their drone.

If you are not sure whether you can fly your drone or not, it is always best to ask the travel agency or your guide beforehand. Normally, they won’t have a problem flying your drone in most of Peru. However, there are some places where flying is prohibited or where you need a special permit.

Flying Drones in Cusco

Site Is it allowed to fly the drone?
Macchu Picchu No.
Humantay Lagoon Only after approval from the local community.
Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain You must pay S / 50 ($ 15; € 13) to the local community.
Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca Only after approval from the local community.
Sacred Valley It is not allowed to fly anywhere, but there are some places in Pisac and near the Salineras de Maras where you can fly.

Tips and Recommendations:

  • It is always best to ask your guide before launching your drone.
  • Ask your international airline about drone regulations regarding onboard transportation.
  • Avoid flying around military installations, government buildings, archaeological / religious sites, or over private property.
  • In case you have obtained advance permission, be sure to take it with you.
  • Find more information about other people’s experiences online.

Where can the drone not be used in Peru?

In some archaeological sites, such as Machu Picchu, it is not allowed to use your drone. In general, it is always best to ask a person in authority before flying to be sure.

Lately more and more communities have become more strict about drones, as their animals have been irritated by drones. For security reasons, we no longer allow the use of drones in our group tours but only in private tours.

That is why many of them, such as the Palccoyo community, require that they pay for the use (S / 50 in the Palccoyo 7-color mountains or that they obtain a permit before or in the same place, as in the tour to the lagoon Humantay or in the mountain of 7 colors Vinicunca, respectively.

However, the good news is that our guides are excellent photographers and they know several unusual places where you can get incredible images without other tourists around.

As drones receive more attention on a global scale, it is very important that you educate yourself well on the rules and regulations of the country you wish to visit. Also, it is always advisable to double-check the specific requirements of your airline. We recommend that you go to the airline’s website or give you a call to make sure you don’t experience any problems when you travel.

In Peru, the use of drones is still not as regulated as in the US or Europe, which facilitates their use. In case you carry a small drone in your backpack, you most likely don’t have to worry about declaring it and you can just go through with it.

Best Destinations Travel of Peru

If you are planning to visit Peru, we recommend the best Machu Picchu tours and you can complete with other destinations. Remember, Machu Picchu is the most important tourist attraction of Peru.

Best Adventure Tours to Peru

Once the pandemic is over, we recommend visiting Peru, as it offers the best Adventure Tours for your holidays.

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