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Inca Trail Permit Availability 2020

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Inca Trail Permit Availability 2020

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is one of the top 5 treks in the world. This is why travelers are eager to go on this hike any time of the year.


Peruvian government has restricted the Inca Trail ticket availability in order to protect the path. 500 people are now allowed on the trail per day, this includes about 180 tourists and the rest is staff (guides, cooks, porters).


Since only 500 trek permits are issued per day for the Inca Trail tours (trek permits are also required for the porters and cooks) it is important to try to booking inca trail in advance. There is no clear rule as to how far ahead be enough to guarantee you a Inca Trail ticket since this depends on demand.


Check the Inca Trail availability calendar

Next is a complete, user-friendly Inca Trail availability calendar for booking online the Classic Inca Trail! Also, it’s an efficient guide on alternative treks or classic tours to Machu Picchu, since sometimes Classic 4-Day Trail permits sell out months before.


How to book Inca Trail permit?

CLICK and choose the month

Fill out your personal information

that you want to travel in and you’ll see the INCA  TRAIL AVAILABILITY ONLINE. Then, see the  number of spaces left for each day in real time and  contact us to secure your permit(s) right away by  clicking on the Booking now! Button


and choose the type of service, as well as the         number of people who will go on the trip.

Check a payment metod

Read and accept our service policies

that you will use top ay the 50% of total cost

and finally click on Registration & Payment Button


Important Information on How to Book Inca Trail Permit

Reserve with months in advance

Both trails close in February

Whether you are doing the Inca Trail in 2019 or 2020, it is recommended to reserve/secure permits as soon as possible. It is important not to wait! – BOOK NOW to avoid disappointments!

The Inca Trail is CLOSED every year in FEBRUARY for maintenance, allowing conservation projects, and because of the rain, so both the Short 2-Day and the Classic 4-Day aren’t available anytime this month.

There is no loophole if permits are sold out

Cancelled tickets are not transferable No travel agency or tour operator will be able to offer you a space for the Inca Trail, unless there are available permits shown on the calendar for the date you want to start the trek. Also it is important to say that NO matter how many clients cancel their Inca Trail reservations, NOBODY else can use these spaces. Trek dates and previously selected routes aren’t transferable in any case either

Frequently Asked Questions about Inca Trail Permit Availability 2019


How can I book the Inca Trail Online?

Tierras Vivas is Tour Operator  and our trip is 100% guaranteed departure,This meaning that spaces are available on the Inca Trail for the requested information at the moment of the booking. The full passenger data have been provided and the required deposit has been paid for


Once booked the inca trail, is it possible to cancel? - Inca Trail Policy

Before your book, it is very important you know the Inca Trail policy.


What is the best Alternative trek to the Inca Trail?

If it is fully booked. If not, no worries as you can still hike one of so called Alternative Treks!

When the Inca Trail is fully booked, it means no travel agency can booked it. This is because the booking system of the Inca Trail is managed by the Ministry of Culture of Peru! You can do the follow Inca Trail alternatives treks


When is the best time to do the Inca Trail?

If you would like to hike in December, January, March: 3-5 weeks in advance (Low Season)

If you would like to hike in April, October, November: 4-5 weeks in advance (Low Season)

If you would like to hike in May, September: 6-8 months in advance (High Season)

If you would like to hike in June, July, and August: 3-4 months in advance (High Season) 

Request information

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