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How to get to cusco

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How to get to cusco


How to get to the historic capital of the world - Cusco


Cusco is fascinating because it is a destination where you will find history, nature, adventure, art, gastronomy and customs that are kept alive. Come to enjoy the warmth of a village the warmth of a town that enjoys the visitors, Cusco waits for you. You can not miss the opportunity to meet her!

Whether you arrive in Cusco for a previous visit to Machu Picchu or to explore the city that was the capital of the Inca Empire. Cusco is the birthplace and capital of the Inca Civilization, the largest empire in the Western Hemisphere and the most powerful city on the continent; It can be compared to cities like Rome, Athens and Cairo. The chronicles of the conquest describe Cusco as a city of lavish residences, extravagant palaces and huge Temples flooded with gold. In the sixteenth century the history of Cusco would change forever, after it was invaded and almost destroyed by the Spanish invaders.

At present, people from all over the world, from all cultures, religions and socioeconomic levels are mixed in the main square of Cusco. Cusco is one of the most cosmopolitan and interesting cities in South America and is considered a World Heritage Site. You must take into account some practical tips that will help you "get to the city of Cusco" and take the trip in the most complete and comfortable way, do not miss the opportunity to explore the imperial city of Cusco as it should and without haste. Distances and travel times are not that great in Peru; However, geography requires that drivers take things slowly, and without a doubt it is the best way to travel to a destination like Peru.


Basic recommendations How to get to PERU?

With 1,285,215 km2, Peru is the third largest country of territory in South America, after Brazil and Argentina, ranking it among the 20 countries with the largest territory and a population of over 30 million inhabitants.
The most common way to get to Peru is by air where Jorge Chavez arrived at the international airport another way by which you can reach Peru is a land border the following sectors:

- Border with Chile (Tacna)
- Border with Ecuador (Tumbes)
- Border with Bolivia (Puno)
- Border with Brazil (Puerto Maldonado)

Flights arriving at Jorge Chavez International Airport most frequently are the following cities:
- New York (USA), Miami (USA), Los Angeles (USA), Toronto (USA), Madrid (Spain) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) as these cities have direct flights to the city of Lima, flights from Asia or Oceania to Peru, need connection to USA or Europe.
In case of the countries of South and Central America are in the following cities:
San Jose (Costa Rica), Buenos Aires (ARG), Sao Paolo (BR), Caracas (VZLA), among others.

How to get to the city of CUSCO?

The way in which more is used is by air which came "Alejandro Velasco Astete (CUZ)" airport but there is also the possibility of road that Cusco is connected to the main roads in southern Peru and the Lima city.
By land, Cusco is connected to the main cities and travel time is:
- Lima - Cusco (approximately 18hrs).
- Puerto Maldonado -. Cusco (about 8Hrs)
- Tacna - Cusco (approximately 13hrs)
- Tumbes - Cusco (about 37Hrs)
- Puno - Cusco (about 8Hrs)

Communication services in Cusco
Cusco has all modern communication services such as telephone, mail, cable television, fax, Internet connections, courier and courier.

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