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Cusco Attractions 2019

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Cusco Attractions 2019

A beautiful city also know as Cusco or in quechua (Qosqo) was the main city of the inca empire considered as  navel of the world . It was the vital center of the majestic Tahuantinsuyo, is currently the most visited city of Peru for offering great arquitecture and spiritual monuments. Not only travellers visit the city for that also because it has many kind of treks which is a good alternative to know about Machu Picchu the lost citadel. About treks the most famous are: 

Inca trail  where we can walk through the inca steps and visit archaeological museums and sites in a rigurous but adventurous hike.

Salkantay trek it's another alternative of inca trail and is possible see the beautiful mountains during the excursion.

Choquequirao trek in this trek we need have a good physical condition because is challenging and strenuos but the reward at the end of the hike is amazing.

Around the Cusco the incas built fortresses like Sacsayhuaman, or temples like Qoriqancha, Qenqo and Tambomachay, it depends of you but don't miss the opportunity to verify the intelligence and art of inca constructions. There are things that will inevitably be part of your excursion like many cobblestones streets with incredible stories, handicraft markets, the stone of twelve angles, the magnificient cathedral and other churches that will cross your tour. However, these are some of the most recommended sites you need to go.

San Blas, mandatory place of passage during your trip, it starting from the main square through streets and the Andean streets become after the few steps uphill. The tourist and Andean atmosphere is amazing while have well viewpoints of the heights from the magical city.

Sacsayhuaman, no doubt this is the especiality of the city and maybe the first approach you have about hte inca architecture before your visit in Machu Picchu. The galleries, the windows and steps made of stone are the principal attraction and also has viewpoints from all the city where you'll want to take pictures.

Moon temple, is located not far from Sacsayhuaman and the archaeological ruins are wonderful, some tours can let you a bit of time. However, is better and easy visit this archaeological site if you want.

Qoriqancha, other great architecture near from the main square, originally called Intiwasi or Intikancha and was dedicated to the -Inti-, and the stonework forms the foundation of Santo Domingo church and convent.

San Pedro market, is exotic and the variety because abarks regional foods and products, and perfectly if you want to save your budget, is not expensive and could be a good idea to fill up provisions before some trek.

Baratillo, other alternative to fill up your backpack but this time will not foods or something like that, will be artefacts or objects used where you should to go if you need something else before your trek in a good price. Only available weekends, an advice? Go early because many people visit there.

Discret museum, in the main square near to the cathedral there is a faculty with a discret museum where you'll see the vegetation and animals of the area but also you'll be struck the mutants, animals with other head else and several legs that hidden among in a museum collection, no doubt it's interesting and probably already have curiosity.

Now, the most important for travellers with a good stomach, the Street Food, the food is so delicious that you' fill up of food and happyness. Typical foods of all Peru, there you can found the Anticuchos, Adobo, Chicharron, Lechon, Ceviche, Chairo, Cuy al horno, Cuy chactado, Tallarin de casa, Chiriuchu, Lomo Saltado, and more.

Remember the acclimatization is an important fact because you can suffer the mountain sickness and it's annoying. What are you wait? Come to Cusco.

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