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Inka Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu

Adventure Travel to Peru | Hike Inca Trail

How to Book Inca Trail

  1. Choose your trek; there is a 4 day and a 2 day.
  2. Check for availability through a travel agent or on
  3. Choose a reliable travel agency and contact them.
  4. When you are ready: book it! You'll need a scanned copy of your passport (and ISIC student ID card if applicable) and make a down payment.
  5. Sort out the rest! (your flight to Peru and to Cusco, book your hotel, the Huayna Picchu climb and eventually other excursions).

Tierras Vivas is an experienced and professional Peru adventure tour operator founded in 2006. Our team at Tierras Vivas is a knowledgable and friendly local group of experts specializing in tour operating and travel packages from trekking the Inca Trail to luxury travel or one of a kind experiences in some of the finest destinations in South America. Tierras Vivas focuses on independent (solo) travelling, family holidays, small group tours as well as tailor made trips enabling you to undertake any type of Peru travel that you can imagine. We run a variety of Peru tours containing a wide range of activities fitting to specific requirements. We also possess an official authorization to operate on the Inca Trail as well as all other treks or travel packages in Peru.

There are a large variety of vacation packages or hiking tours

to choose from with Tierras Vivas and excellent competitive prices. Do some research on Peru before you plan your trip. This is a country with the most bio diversity and micro climates in the world. What do you want to see? What type of activitives to you want to experience?

The Amazon Jungle, The Andes with Machu Picchu, Cusco, Nazca Lines, Lake Titicaca, Colca Canyon, the Peruvian Coast?

 Machu Picchu Hiking tours include various alternative Inca Trail packages, such as Salkantay trekking(either of 4, 5 or 7 days), the Inca Jungle Trek and the Choquequirao to Machu Picchu Trek. Our adventurous travel packages are carefully designed and supported by modern equipment and quality all season camping gear, so that you can just enjoy the natural magnificence and uniqueness of Peru and discover its history and special culture from our experienced Tour Guides.

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Our Best Tours in Peru

Inca Path - 9 days

Inca Path

9 days
From: $1320.00
This Inca Path is "cooked" from the best ingredients: Lima, Cusco, The Inca Trail. You start the tour by a picked up in Lima where you spend the night. So you can see the Peruvian capital and walk around the city. Then ...
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Peru Inca Trail - 18 days

Peru Inca Trail

18 days
From: $1995.00
The Peru Inca Trail package includes the Inca Trail, an authentic Inca path that leads to Machu Picchu. During this tour you visit the most important natural, architectural and archaeological sites of Peru left behind by ancient civilizations that once inhabited ...
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Inca Trail Expedition - 11 days

Inca Trail Expedition

11 days
From: $1990.00
The Inca Trail Expedition enables you to discover this Andean country visiting its capital seeing its growing progress, stay at a jungle lodge in the Peruvian Amazon to spot incredible wildlife, hike through the ancient ruins of Cusco and visit ...
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Deep Peru Discovery - 20 days

Deep Peru Discovery

20 days
From: $2830.00
Discover Peru as nobody else in this 3 week trip through this ancient country full of mystical cultures.  This is an incredible tour where nature shows us its different and unpredictable micro-climates and all the flora and fauna and ...
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Chachapoyas - Inca Trail Tour - 18 days

Chachapoyas - Inca Trail Tour

18 days
This tour offers you a visit of the most precious Peruvian architectonic jewels made by pre-Colombian civilizations!! Firstly, we visit the fascinating and huge fortress of Kuelap that is often called the “Machu Picchu of the Northen Peru”! It ...
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Discover Peru - 13 days

Discover Peru

13 days
From: $1850.00
Discover Peru Tour. Peru is a country full of many antique cultures and folklores which remain until the present days. You can observe that on Titicaca Lake, for example. There you can find a lifestyle and customs of Tiawanaco's ...
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Why Travel with Tierras Vivas

Real Experience

Small Group

Style of Trip

Our trips aim to offer our clients an exciting and real cultural experience in South America through interactive and unique travel experiences.

Travelling in a small group tour makes it feel like you're travelling with friends and this makes it easier to experience the local culture, its food, local transport, streets, and see the authentic side of places, not just dwelling in hotels, or going shopping or eating.

The trips are defined by the style and adventure level, each fitting in to a category of: comfort, moderate, or extreme. Whichever is your preference, we are sure that you will find the one that suits you best!.

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