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7 Qorihuillca Canyons: the adventure destination in Ayacucho

Tierras Vivas Travel > 7 Qorihuillca Canyons: the adventure destination in Ayacucho

Peru has wonderful natural destinations where activities of any kind can be carried out. For example, if you are a lover of adventure and adrenaline, you can visit the Qorihuillca Canyons, a different destination where you can live unforgettable experiences.

Get to know the enigmatic Qorihuillca Canyons

About 30 minutes from Ayacucho is one of the most surprising natural attractions in Peru. It is about Qorihuillca Canyons, a mysterious rock formation where you can live surprising adventures.

This mysterious place features a labyrinth of canyon-lined corridors with narrow pathways and dim lighting. In addition, it has huge curved and colorful walls that are responsible for giving that touch of color to this rocky landscape.

Likewise, the Qorihuillca Canyons are perfect for those who are looking for different experiences. Here, you can do risky activities such as rappelling, climbing and trekking with which you will feel high doses of adrenaline. Without a doubt, this is a place that invites adventure and overcome fears.

Where are the Canyons of Qorihuillca?

This incredible geological formation is located in the district of Qorihuillca Chico, Huamanga, Ayacucho.

What climate does the Canyons of Qorihuillca have?

It has a temperate and dry climate, its average temperature is 17.5 °C; with an average relative humidity of 56%.

Qorihuillca Altitude:

Qorihuillca is located at 2727 m.a.s.l.

Where are the canyons of Qorihuillca?

This incredible geological formation is located in the district of Qorihuillca Chico, Huamanga, Ayacucho.

What climate does the Canyons of Qorihuillca have?

It has a temperate and dry climate, its average temperature is 17.5 °C; with an average relative humidity of 56%.

Live unforgettable adventures in 7 Qorihuillca Canyons

The first thing you should keep in mind is that this activity is for a single day. For this reason, it is advisable to leave early, since during the day it is easier to explore the interior of these canyons. It should be noted that for this exploration you must go in the company of a guide because the location is somewhat complex. In addition, to enter these canyons, special security equipment is required.

This plan begins with a walk of 1 hour and 30 minutes along an ecological trail where you can find part of the flora and fauna that Ayacucho has. Upon reaching the 7 Qorihuillca Canyons, you can begin the descent to reach its main entrance, and start exploring one of the most extraordinary places in this region.

During the exploration you will see how these gigantic rock walls form incredible labyrinths, which you must overcome. Once you manage to master these obstacles, you can continue walking through some of the areas where the sun’s rays manage to enter to reveal the clay colors of these majestic rocks. Also, during the exploration you will come across some dark and narrow paths, resembling a cave.

On the other hand, if you want to complement this adventure, you can rappel, a high-risk activity in which you will have the opportunity to test your skills and abilities. So go ahead and live one of the most risky and fun experiences in the Qorihuillca Canyons!

What level of difficulty is the walk to the Qorihuillca Canyons?

The level of difficulty is low, that is, this trek is suitable for everyone, however, you must bring necessary equipment such as trek shoes / high-top sneakers, flashlight, sunglasses, repellents, hat, sunscreen and water.

What adventure sports can be performed?

Due to its structure it is a perfect place to do: trekking, climbing and rappelling.

Likewise, the 7 Qorihuillca Canyons; They are perfect for those who are looking for different experiences, with which you will feel high doses of adrenaline. Without a doubt, this is a place that invites you to adventure and appreciate the wonders of nature.

Visit the natural pools of Millpu

Another must-see destination in Ayacucho is the Millpu Natural Pools, located 4 hours from the city, in the Circamarca community.

These 20 turquoise natural pools are located next to some rocky walls, belonging to a canyon. In addition, they attract attention for the staggered way in which their waters descend, and for the magical landscape that surrounds them, which is made up of a waterfall, stone hills, green streams and exuberant vegetation, which Provides that fresh and calm touch. For this reason, it has become one of the favorite places for tourists who visit Ayacucho.

To get to know this magical destination, you must take a 30-minute walk along a natural path. This place is perfect to disconnect from the city, rest and contemplate the landscape beauty that characterizes this land.

Likewise, Ayacucho is one of the best destinations to spend an unforgettable vacation. Here, you can start by visiting the 7 Qorihuillca Canyons, in which you can put your fears to the test. After an adventure in this attraction, you can continue exploring the natural pools. Also, if you wish, you can visit other places such as the Pampa Galeras National Reserve, the Pikimachay caves, the Parinacochas Lagoon, the Puyas de Raimondi Forest, among other attractions. Visit Ayacucho and discover its natural wealth!

How to get to the 7 Canyons of Qorihuillca?

To live one of the best adventures in the Qorihuillc canyons, you must first get to Ayacucho. From Lima you can take a direct route with Excluciva, Expreso Antezana, Megabus, Movil Bus and Wari Palomino from S/50. The tour has an average duration of 9 hours and 45 minutes.

When you arrive at this destination, you can take a bus in Magdalena Park to take you to Rancho de Bruno. At this point, you can go on foot or by mototaxi for S/5. When you arrive at the entrance you must take a walk until you find a small gate where the entrance to the canyons begins.

On the other hand, if you are going to stay, the best option is to do it in Ayacucho. In this city you will find a wide variety of hotels and hostels where you can stay without any inconvenience. Also, if you wish, you can find a camping area to spend a night in the middle of nature, listening to the relaxing sounds of the forest. Also, this is a perfect opportunity to spend the night stargazing.


  • To explore the Qorihuillca Canyons it is necessary to wear safety equipment that includes a helmet, gloves, knee pads and a flashlight.
  • It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing for cold weather. Avoid wearing shorts, as you can hurt yourself in the narrowest places in the canyons.
  • To practice high-risk activities you must hire an adventure tourism guide. Remember not to carry out this type of plan without the advice of a professional.
  • The exploration section in the canyons is approximately 1 kilometer long.
  • The natural pools of Millpu were discovered at the beginning of the 21st century. It is said that its name comes from Quechua meaning “swallow”.
  • To get to the Natural Pools of Millpu, it is best to go with a guide because the road is a bit complex.
  • The best season to visit the Natural Pools of Millpu is between the months of May to December. At this time the rains decrease. Also, during these months the water temperature is warmer than at other times of the year.
  • Do not forget to contribute to the conservation of these natural spaces, avoid leaving garbage inside the canyons. Remember to bring a cloth bag to store the garbage. And avoid the use of single-use plastic.

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  • Take your camera because what you will see inside these canyons deserves a good photograph.

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