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Abra La Raya

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Abra La Raya

The line is the border between the regions of Cusco and Puno, it is a typical natural space of the Puna area, the surrounding flora is composed of Ichu and its fauna composed of Alpacas, Llamas and Vicuñas. 

La raya is the highest point on the Puno to Cusco route that is at 4338 meters above sea level, a cold and remote place, it is this place we will observe the snow-capped mountains of the Andes, here the rivers that go to Cusco are born, giving rise to the Amazon river and those who go to Puno will be tributaries of Lake Titicaca. 

Abra or Paso de la Raya 

The ray is at an altitude of 4 335 m.a.s.l. and it is the highest point of the Cusco Puno route, this point is the limit between the regions of Cusco and Puno, from this point it is possible to see part of the snowy Chimboya that is part of the Andes mountain range, many scholars indicate that between These mountains are born the sacred river of the Incas El Vilcanota, which crosses the entire region of Cusco, this information from Cusco about the Andes mountain range and rivers is important. 

In the time of the Incas the communication routes were of vital importance, they built roads that linked the entire Inca territory, and one of them was the great Inca road from Cusco to Qollasuyo (today the Bolivian Peruvian Altiplano), they used this route for the trade of products between these regions, in addition to also for the expansion of their dominions sending armies to conquer new regions of the highlands. 

In the Paso de la Raya we can also see different local artisans who offer their products to all visitors, a large part of their products are based on alpaca because in this place the only means of subsistence is the livestock of South American auquénidos. 

Do not forget if you have on your travel route to the line and the tourist bus from Cusco to Puno makes a stop, get off and enjoy the landscape of the Andes that join two surprising regions such as Puno and Cusco. 

The Apu Chimboya

At this point that deserves respect, where the steps become slow and breathing becomes difficult, the artisans of the area converge, to offer their work under the protective mantle of the APU Chimboya (sacred mountain in the Andean cosmogony). 

APU is a Quechua word that contains two meanings: Mountain and God, it is for this reason that the Inkas and local people believe until today that mountains are gods and their spirits protect the community. 

I believe it too and that is why I pay tribute to my APU Chimboya, I greet him and I thank him for taking care of our trip.

The experience of stopping and descending in the place, is worth by itself. The landscape is imposing, as you contemplate, the sensation of cold or lack of oxygen fade into images of peace and tranquility. The view of the mighty APU is only worth a quiet pause. 

It’s great when a place so fills the heart with such a colorful gift of color and nature. To give it greater value, the loom work of the artisans in the area leaves you pensive, questioning your pocket because you were determined not to buy anything, but what you see makes you want to give in. 

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