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Pallay Poncho

Pallay Poncho

Pallay Poncho is a new attraction of the Cusco. This mountain is known as the Pallay Puncho Apu Tacllo or Sharp Pointed Hill. This mountain is similar to the Rainbow Mountain Peru. The landscape is most beautiful and near you will find the small lake.


The Pallay Punchu Apu Tacllo are located in the district of Layo, Canas - Cusco. The altitude is 4700m /154200 ft. From Cusco to the Layo is 4 hrs driving.

The communities near to the Pallay Punchu Mountain or Pallay Poncho also know it as Pallay Punchu del Apu TáklloCondor SayanaApacheta. Its characteristics that stand out of this mountain are the sharp peaks that it possesses, this place was recently discovered by the communities that live in this area thus turning it into the third Rainbow Mountain! located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cusco.


The mountains were formed due to the geological, from which we can view the variety of colors that it has, such as red, brown, magenta and others that make it even more special, as well as being accompanied by the impressive “Langui” or Layo Lake”.


It is recommended to visit this mountain during the dry season such as April to November. It is cold in the night.


The Pallay Poncho is the second attraction of the Rainbow Mountain.  Come and book an online this day trip.

Highlight of the Pallay Poncho Cusco

  • Walking in the famous new Rainbow Mountain Peru.
  • Discover the climax of the Pallay Poncho Mountain hike, in all its spectacle.
  • Climb up to the mountain of the peaks.
  • Enjoy the astounding Pallay Punchu. 
  • Pallay Punchu Mountain guided tour

Service Level: Budget or Private hike, included professional guide and transportation round trip.

Physical Rating: 4 - Difficult -  High-altitude hikes or more strenuous activities.

Age requirement: 14+ / All travellers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Pallay Puncho Hike Tour Operator: Tierras Vivas or Local Operator

Crew: A Tierras Vivas Representative in Cusco and a profesional Tour Guide during the hike to Rainbow Mountain.

Meals: 1x breakfast, 1x lunch

Transportation: A tourist transportation,


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