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Lima has its Mountain of Seven Colors: how to get there?

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Lima has its Mountain of Seven Colors: how to get there?

Did you know that near Lima there is a mountain of seven colors like the ones in Cusco? In this note we will explain how much it costs and how to get to this natural wonder full of colors and amazing views. 

The Yuracochas mountain range, known as the "Vinicunca of Lima" for its resemblance to the rainbow mountain in Cusco, is located almost 5,000 meters above sea level and three hours from Ticlio, in the province of Huarochirí (within the Lima region). You can only reach this place on foot, so it is perfect for group trekking.

Precise location of Yuracochas

To locate ourselves in the destination of this natural traction, it is necessary to know that it is located in the "cordón de los Yuracochas", known as the "Vinicunca limeño" due to its great resemblance to the so-called rainbow mountain of Cusco.

Located almost 5 thousand meters above sea level and three hours from Ticlio, this destination is in the province of Huarochirí (within the Lima region).

You can only get there on foot, so it is an ideal trip for group trekking. 


The “Vinicunca Limeño” is at a height of 5000 m.a.s.l. Although it is true, the height of Yuracochas, the mountain of colors, can cost you a bad experience due to altitude sickness, we recommend you buy coca candies or drink a coca tea before the trek. 


The weather in the Yuracochas Mountain of Colors is minus 5 degrees at night, for which it is advisable to wear warm clothing because it is a frigid climate. For the day walk, take sunscreen with you.

The best season to visit Yuracochas

The best season to visit Yuracochas, the mountain of colors, is from May to October. These are months in which, because it is the dry season, you can enjoy the landscape, and the presence of rain will also be almost nil.

How to get to Yuracochas and how much does it cost?

From Lima, in Jirón Chota with Av. Paseo Colón (Downtown Lima) minivans leave for Chosica and once there you must go to San Mateo, where you can take a lodging to spend the night. In this way you can acclimatize for the next day to leave for the "Vinicunca limeño". 

Approximate cost per person: 

  • Ticket Lima – Chosica – Lima S/. 12.00.
  • Passage Chosica – San Mateo – Chosica S/. 2:00 p.m.
  • Guided tour of San Mateo – Starting point of the trek – San Mateo S/. 25.00.
  • Dinner from S/. 8.50
  • Lodging: from S/15.00 with shared bathroom and S/20.00 with private bathroom.

In total, you need approximately 100 soles to live this adventure.

It is approximately 6 hours of walking to reach the mountain area and it is considered at a moderate to demanding level. For this reason, it is important to sleep the night before in the district of San Mateo.

Cost of the Rainbow Mountain tour Lima

The cost of this tour in a full day is approximately 100 to 180 soles (30 USD – 60 USD). You can choose the tour you want to take, some travel agencies promote this excursion with an overnight stay.

What does the Tour include?

The tour to Yuracochas includes: 

  • Feeding.
  • Guide.
  • Mobility.
  • Lodging (In case of trekking 2N/1D).
  • First aid kit.
  • Oxygen balloon

You can take the option that suits you best and the travel agency of your choice.

What will you see on the tour? 

Not only will you be able to see the mountain of seven colors, you will also have an extraordinary view of the Yuracochas mountain range and even appreciate the beauty of snow-capped mountains and a lagoon next to it.

What should you bring? 

  • Trekking poles (Recommended).
  • Warm clothes, fleeces, gloves and hats.
  • Waterproof jacket or rain poncho.
  • Good walking shoes.
  • Sunscreen and glasses.
  • Water and a light snack.


If you wonder why the Yuracochas mountain has the colors of the rainbow, we will tell you that, like Vinicunca in Cusco, it is the result of global warming, since due to this phenomenon, the mountain has lost snow in recent years. As a consequence, various natural peculiarities have been exposed.

Frequently asked questions about the trek to the Aroíris mountain in Lima

Here are some frequently asked questions from some travelers: 

Is the Mountain of 7 colors in Lima the same as the Mountain of colors in Cusco?

That's right, the Yuracochas Rainbow Mountain in Lima could be called the twin sister of Vinicunca, the colors are intense and similar to the rainbow itself 

Why does the Rainbow Mountain of Lima have this pigmentation?

The Colorful Mountain of Lima presents that pigmentation due to the thaw, since a few years ago Yuracochas was a Mountain covered with snow and due to global warming, the thaw was presenting itself, giving way to colors as a consequence of this phenomenon. 

How long is the approximate walking time to Yuracochas?

The walk, because it is a place with few signs, may take you between 2 and a half hours to 3 and a half hours, just going up. We recommend you go at your own pace. 

How is the road en route to Yuracochas?

We consider that the walk to Yuracochas is divided into three parts that we will indicate below: 

  • First part, it is the flattest part, you just have to walk following the trail along the road without turning anywhere else, until the end of the trail.
  • Second section, it is the most difficult part, since it touches an ascent; from where the trail ends to almost the highest part.
  • Final phase, once you have ascended you will follow the path that will lead you to Vinicunca Limeño.

Is it necessary to go with a guide to yuracochas?

Yes, it is necessary to go with a guide, if you go in a group and one of your fellow travelers has already been, they can help you as a guide. 

Is the route signposted on the road to Vinicunca Limeño?

No, taking into account that the tourist attraction is new, the signage is scarce.

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