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Vinac, paradise in the mountains

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We all have a place in the world. That place that disconnects us from routine, from a city on the verge of deafness and madness due to so much vehicular traffic. Santiago de Viñac is part of this handful of earthly paradises located in the Sierra de Lima. A quiet and almost hidden district in the middle of the mountains, 3300 meters high, in the province of Yauyos.

Arriving at the Andean town of Viñac, in the Yauyos province, Yauyos region, means finding an almost virgin nature for tourism, while traveling through spectacular mountains and bridle paths suitable for trekking, cycling and horseback riding.

Air of tranquility. empty streets. Closed houses. Adobe walls and stones. Stillness and calm in a square. Bucolic visions from the viewpoint: many winding paths, community members herding cattle and, as a backdrop, mountains on a canyoned horizon, covered by a green mantle and under a pure and virginal sky that begins to shed its shadows and the twinkle of the stars.


Viñac is located about five hours from Lima, located in the province of Yauyos – Lima, at more than 3,180 meters above sea level, is a destination in the heights of Lunahuaná that offers its visitors much more than a beautiful city of history, culture and fun insured.

Why visit Viñac?

The Yauyino district of Santiago de Viñac, named in honor of its patron saint, Santiago the Apostle, is suspended on the slopes of the imposing Viñaccancha and Callequeñua hills. Its impressive landscape beauty that is mixed with a rosary of agricultural settings and adobe houses, is immediately impregnated in the retinas of travelers and community members, while the steps leave traces through La Florida, Tambopata and other annexes.

And it is that the magic that it offers, seduces everyone in a two for three. The place is perfect for breathing fresh air and enjoying one hundred percent nature, well away from stress-laden cities that live at a thousand an hour. Thus, those who arrive here will be assured of finding an earthly paradise at more than 3,180 meters above sea level.

But its charm is not only experienced and admired in daylight, but also at night. And it is that Viñac is one of the privileged places that will bring you closer to the sky and the stars. It is so that when its sky is clearer than ever, the show it shows is impressive; then, there is only one thing left to do: relax and camp under the stars and other astronomical phenomena.

“Those who come to Viñac are treated as ‘children of this land’. We make them participate in agricultural tasks; cattle raising; bonfire nights, while stories, legends and myths are narrated; and customary festivals and rituals that we celebrate so much and continue to practice with love for our identity”, is the kind and tempting invitation of Wilson García Guerra, promoter and disseminator of the tourist and cultural benefits of the town where he was born.

What to see in Viñac?

Hills full of life, a beautiful blue sky and no city noise are the pleasures that this town offers the visitor. You can camp, go horseback riding and take long walks. It is even possible to practice trekking for one or two days. As if that were not enough, there is El Refugio, an establishment with all the comforts of a five-star hotel.

In the small town the tourist enjoys the hospitality of his people. There you can taste delicious cheeses while you perceive the slow passing of time. When walking you visit the local school, as well as the cultivated fields and the cattle that graze in the surroundings. Thus, at the end of your stay in Viñak, you will seriously think about not returning to the city. Find more information in more info.

Viñac is an ideal place to meet nature where you can walk along its traditional trails and be captivated by its unbeatable landscapes.

In this great town you can find:

Colonial Temple

One of the most outstanding attractions that Viñac has is its temple. The space that treasures virgins, saints and crosses that are celebrated with fervor and merriment, according to the festive calendar of the Yauyino district.

Main Square

Each town has its Main Square as its heart. The same happens in Viñac, where its inhabitants use it to rest, while they talk, share and count the daily chores in the field, at home or in the same community.


Very close to the Plaza de Arma is the Viñac viewpoint. This mandatory visit point has an excellent location, and offers an extraordinary and magnificent view of the picturesque neighborhoods, traditional with adobe houses and tin roofs; the cobbled streets; the fields and the mountains.

General Cemetery

Tour the pavilions and narrows of the Viñac General Cemetery. The enclosure for eternal rest is visited, in addition to the relatives of the deceased, by national and foreign tourists.


If there is something that identifies Viñac, inside and outside the country, it is that it is crossed by a moving Andean landscape, in which its imposing mountains inspire tranquility, respect and a great desire to go exploring.


There are 280 km that separate Viñac from Lima and the road takes six hours. First you must reach Cañete and take the detour to Lunahuaná. From there it goes to the final destination on a firm road and uphill. It is recommended to carry out the journey in a 4×4 truck.

How to get to Viñac?

To get to Viñac, the route is to travel along the Panamericana Sur to Lunahuaná and then take the San Jerónimo detour (at kilometer 75) and that’s it.

When to visit Viñac?

The best time to travel to Viñac is from May to November, since there is no chance of rain during those dates.

What you need to bring?

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses to take care of your skin.
  • You will walk many hours, we recommend wearing light shoes.
  • For the night, a jacket will help you to be protected from the cold.

Viñac Refuge

Without going too far from Lima, five hours away, leaving the Panamericana Sur behind, passing Cañete and crossing the Lunahuaná Valley, is a small town of farmers and ranchers who wake up at sunrise.

Although getting here is not easy, for the winding roads and the slaps of soroche, you will feel rewarded once you are surrounded by mountain landscapes. Although his biggest prize will be staying at the Viñac Refuge, a cozy accommodation that the Umbert family has set up very close to heaven, where time seems to stop and everything seems to disconnect.

More Info

El Refugio was recently included in the Top Five of the Travel & Living chain. It has special rooms that protect tourists from the cold at night. It also has a horse stable, mountain bikes and trekking equipment. On the other hand, near Viñak is Pampa Rosario, a town with friendly residents where there is an area for camping.

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