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Uyo Uyo: more than 500 years of history in the Colca Valley

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Uyo Uyo: more than 500 years of history in the Colca Valley

The Uyo Uyo Archaeological Ensemble is located within the peasant community of Yanque Urinsaya, between the Pampaqhawana and Quesqa rivers, in the Yanque district, Caylloma province, Arequipa department, in Peruvian territory.

To access this monument, the route begins in the Plaza de Armas de Yanque, from where a 2.5-kilometre north-facing path starts.

The set has an Inca affiliation, it was built in its current location around 1300 AD. After the arrival of the Spaniards, Uyo Uyo was abandoned.

The archaeological complex is made up of four sectors: The urban sector made up of sectors I and II. The III or agricultural sector made up of 26 terraces, and the IV sector or cemetery.

Uyo Uyo has a wide space. The walls, paths, buildings, climb the mountain and spread from right to left, in what must have been a formidable citadel.

Those who lived here centuries ago were numerous and from this place they controlled the valley. The walls of their shrines and warehouses are high, made of coarse stones.

This archaeological group corresponds to the Collawa culture, it is located halfway up a hill, it is a set of typically Collawas buildings with stuccoed walls burned by fire and painted with colors: yellow and red inside; on the outside there are rows of stones in white and gray colors, today invaded as farmland.

The lithic construction material is the carved and polished quarry stones in the constructions, its rooms are ovoid, rectangular, circular, chullpas.


The archaeological complex reopened its doors to tourism in November last year, after being restored by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism in agreement with the Provincial Municipality of Caylloma and the Autonomous Authority of Colca and Annexes, with an investment of more than 10 million of suns.

This includes a tourist interpretation center where visitors have a parking area, cafeteria, viewpoints, photographic room, craft area and others.

A work of art from the ancient Peruvians that no person should miss if they arrive at the Colca Valley in Arequipa.

Uyo Uyo archaeological site


  • Monthly Uyo Uyo receives 500 domestic and foreign tourists.
  • The citadel located at 3,570 m.a.s.l. It occupies about five hectares.

What to do in the Archaeological Complex of Uyo Uyo?

See pre-Inca architecture. You will see a high level of constructive development in its cultivation terraces, water channels that still work and spaces dedicated to social life.

Appreciate the sundial. The astronomical clock shows the importance given to this discipline by the ancient civilizations that inhabited the area.

Stroll through the viewpoints. From the walkways that are located along Uyo Uyo you can enjoy beautiful landscapes that contain, among other beauties, the Ampato and Hualca Hualca snow-capped mountains.

Visit the interpretation center and the photography room. In these enclosures it is possible to learn more precisely about the history of the citadel through written explanations and image documentation.

Walk in a charming natural environment. Throughout the Colca Valley you can breathe purity and tranquility. The walk from Yanque to the archaeological monument will allow you to appreciate beautiful landscapes and spot the local flora and fauna.

Maukallacta or Uyo Uyo Arequipa

How to get to the Archaeological Complex of Uyo Uyo?

To go from Arequipa to the Archaeological Complex of Uyo Uyo, you must take the road that leads to Chivay. For this you must go through route 34A and then 1S. Once there, follow the 109 to Yanque. From Yanque to Uyo Uyo you must take a walk that takes between 30 minutes and one hour.

Another way is to go by bus from the Terminal Terrestre de Arequipa to Chivay. This trip usually costs between 10 and 15 soles and lasts about 3 hours. Upon arrival in Chivay, you must take a van to Coporaque or Yanque, which are the closest towns to the citadel and from where you can walk.

Some tourism agencies offer this excursion within the tours that make tours of different places in the Colca Valley. If you want to do it this way, you can go to some of the places in the Plaza de Armas of Arequipa that offer these tourist services and ask about the available options.

COlca Valler Arequipa


  • Entrance ticket. To access the complex you must pay an entrance fee of 5 soles. Check at the ticket office for student discounts.
  • Schedules. The complex can be visited at any time of the day.
  • What to bring? It is recommended to attend with comfortable clothes, trekking shoes, water, sunscreen, a hat or a hat, and if you wish, a cane to help you on the walks.
  • Best time to visit. The ideal is to go to this complex between the months of April and November, since there is usually less rain than during the rest of the year. If you go outside of these months it is convenient that you do it accompanied by an umbrella and rain poncho.

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