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Tsyapo Waterfall: Meet the Peruvian Niagara

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Tsyapo Waterfall: Meet the Peruvian Niagara

The Tsyapo Waterfall is one of the most beautiful natural destinations in Peru, since the fall of its waters is a true natural spectacle that you cannot miss.

In the province of Satipo, in the eastern part of the department of Junín, is the Tsyapo Waterfall. This natural paradise in the middle of the jungle pours its crystalline waters in the form of a curtain some 61 meters high through its gigantic walls, which are accompanied by abundant wild vegetation. 

This magnificent territory is ideal for recharging energy in the midst of these delicious refreshing waters. For this reason, below, we show you the best of this majestic waterfall. 

Why visit the Tsyapo waterfall?

Visiting this natural attraction in Peru is an unforgettable experience due to the harmony and peace that is breathed in this part of the country. In addition, within this site you will be able to learn about the fauna and flora that characterizes this region. 

In the Tsyapo waterfall you can take a delicious bath that will allow you to cool off and feel the benefits of this pure water that is around 20°C. You can also have a moment of meditation listening to the relaxing sounds of falling water that is combined with the singing of birds and the pleasant smell of the jungle. Definitely, it is a unique experience that will fill you with the best energy. 

In the same way, you can take the opportunity to take the most beautiful photographs, since this scenario lends itself to this activity. Here you will have the chance to photograph the incredible waterfall and some of the hundreds of animals that inhabit this area. 

Tsyapo waterfall Satipo

What to do at the Tsyapo waterfall?

This destination is perfect to rest and enjoy the benefits of nature. In addition, it is an ideal place for extreme activities such as rappelling. A sport that consists of descending vertical surfaces through rope techniques. The immense 61-meter rocky walls are excellent for practicing this high-risk technique. 

Another of the plans that you can do nearby are ecological walks or trekking, where you can test your physical capacity. Likewise, you will have the possibility of bird watching and other species. 

On the other hand, within this area of the country you will meet the indigenous communities, who consider themselves the guardians of the Tsyapo Waterfall and its surroundings. Together with this ancestral town you will learn about its traditions, gastronomy and culture. Likewise, you will learn about the fauna and flora found in this wonderful jungle, thanks to the ancestral knowledge of these reservations. 

Visit Tsyapo waterfall

Get to know other waterfalls in Satipo

In the province of Satipo there are also other natural destinations that have an incredible wealth of water. Among them are: 

The Rocks Waterfall

This place is part of the tourist attractions of the district of Llaylla, in the province of Satipo. Like the Tsyapo Waterfall, this one also attracts attention for its crystal clear waters. However, its fall is only 20 meters. To get to this beautiful place, you must go through a 4-kilometer path. 

Koari Waterfall

This waterfall is part of the Tambo river district, in the province of Satipo. It stands out for its crystalline waters and its fall of more than 100 meters high. But this flow is not linear. Well, it breaks on the rocks when it falls, due to this it manages to splash the walls of the mountains, producing the birth and growth of vegetation.

How to get to the Tsyapo waterfall?

To visit this waterfall and live an unforgettable experience, from Lima you can take a direct bus to the province of Satipo.

When you get to Satipo, you must take another transport that will take you to Puerto Prado in the Tambo river district. At this point you can take a boat that will take you to Puerto Cutivireni, sailing along the Ene River. The river journey takes approximately eight hours, but you can take advantage of this trip to get to know the natural beauty of this region. 

Once this long journey through this river is over, it is advisable to go to the center of the town of Selva de Oro, just 30 minutes away. Here you will discover the most abundant cocoa plantations that fill the roads with their smell. In the same way, you will see the communities that live in the Asháninka Communal Reserve and the Otishi National Park. 

Finally, you must cross the Cutivireni River and take an ecological walk, perfect for the lungs, due to the great content of pure air that is breathed in this jungle area. In this part you must be careful, since the path is somewhat rough. This walk lasts 1 hour on average. 

Undoubtedly, getting to the Tsyapo Waterfall is quite an adventure. However, we guarantee that it is a pleasant experience in which you will see the most beautiful and captivating landscapes that the Peruvian land has. So don't miss this opportunity! 

As for lodging, there are several camping areas to spend the night amid the sounds of the jungle. 

How to get to Satipo waterfall


  • To enter the Tsyapo Waterfall, permission must be requested from the indigenous communities of this area.
  • To get to the Tsyapo Waterfall it is advisable to go with a tour guide or from the indigenous reservation because the road is not so easy to travel without expert advice. Thus, you will avoid setbacks and you will be able to enjoy this natural paradise to the fullest.
  • Being a protected territory and of great importance for the native communities, we recommend that you avoid carrying any type of material or substance that could be contaminating.
  • This waterfall is one of the jewels that the VRAEM has, which means Valleys of Happy Routes and Majestic Sceneries.
  • In these lands you can also enjoy a delicious masato, which is offered by the inhabitants of this native town.
  • During this trip you will be able to try the most delicious dishes of Peru such as fish sucker. 

For this adventure you must bring:

  • Comfortable clothes and special shoes for mountaineering, as the path requires it.
  • Snack and sweets to conserve calories.
  • Water or a hydrating drink.
  • Light luggage.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Change of clothes.

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