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Tourism in Satipo: enjoy its wonderful waterfalls

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Tourism in Satipo: enjoy its wonderful waterfalls

Satipo is a province that is located in the department and region of Junín. Satipo has a territorial extension of 19,434 Km2, within which seven districts are distributed: Río Tambo, Río Negro, San Martín de Pongóa, Mazamari, Pampa Hermosa, Llaylla and Coviriali. Satipo was created as a province on March 26, 1965, with the city of Satipo as its capital. 

Satipo was inhabited for 3,000 years by the Asháninka culture, a culture that is still valid today. Those had commercial relations with the Inca people, which were broken with the arrival of the Spaniards who, fortunately, were slow to arrive in these lands. Only in 1898 did the first settlers arrive in this territory, increasing the number in mid-1919. 

The main economic activities of Satipo are the production of coffee, cocoa and fruit trees, such as papaya, banana, and especially orange. On the other hand, there are a number of tourist places that are found as economic activities and are excellent, although little known to tourists and travelers. 

In Satipo there are a series of different activities that attract the attention of visitors and tourists, therefore there is more influx of them in certain months. 

  • In March, the Satipo Tourist Fair of Ethnic Groups and Nature is celebrated
  • In the month of June, both the Regional Agricultural, Craft and Tourist Fair are held. Like the Satipo Selva Central tourist week.
  • In the month of July, Satipo and its ethnic riches.
  • In the month of October, the patronal festival of San Francisco de Asís. 

What Tourist Places to visit in Satipo?

In Satipo predominantly natural attractions abound, among the tourist attractions of Satipo we can mention: 

The Betania Natural Pools. bodies of water

It is achieved in the course of the Samaireni River and is an alignment of rectangular stones, which is slightly oval, the same amazes tourists with its bed of rocks in which beautiful natural pools and falls of crystal clear waters have been formed. 

Its surfaces are 20 m long by 6 m wide and it has a depth of 4 m. the edges of the pool have a height of 2.5 m. 

Continuing along the river to Samaireni, about 300 m upstream from the pool, you get some wonderful natural showers. 

How to get from Lima to the pools of Betania in Satipo?

The first thing you should do is take a bus that takes you from the capital to Satipo, the tickets cost from 110 soles counting the round trip and the trip lasts approximately 10 to 12 hours. 

Once you arrive in Satipo, the ideal is to stay in a hotel for at least one night to rest and the next day embark for Betania, one of the tourist places in Satipo. 

Rainbow waterfall.

It is one of the excellent tourist places in Satipo to meet and spend time with the family, it has 3 waterfalls and is close to the road, this generates easy access to vehicles and activities with a lot of trekking. 

Access to it is very easy, the walk is short and requires little effort, the first waterfall with which you will get is the rainbow, go up a little more and you will find the hidden waterfall and finally the mermaid waterfall. 

The Parijaro Waterfall.

Another of the tourist places in Satipo is the Parijaro Waterfall, it is a waterfall that is more than 250 meters high, it is located in the district of Rio Tambo, in the province of Satipo, Junin region, in Peru. 

The data you need to enter the Parijaro waterfall are the following: 

Permits are required from: Sernanp, Satipo Río Negro Marginal Highway Km.1.5, Central Asháninka Río Ene: jirón Francisco Irazola 1401, Satipo and the Ashaninka Federation of the Ene River. 

How to get to the Parijaro Waterfall?

From the capital Lima to the Junín region, the bus ticket costs around 40 soles and the trip can last around 7 hours. Then you have to go to Otishi National Park, where the waterfall is located. 

Another option is to travel from Lima to Satipo directly with companies dedicated to tourism such as Raraz, Expreso Lobato and Móvil Bus. 

The cost of any of these services starts at 50 Soles. And this trip is a little longer since it has an approximate duration of more than 11 hours, and once you arrive in Satipo, you must take a transport that takes you to the Otishi National Park.

The Cock of the Rock Waterfall.

The Gallito de las Rocas waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls you can get in the district of Pampa Hermosa in the province of Satipo. 

It is a waterfall that is very close to the city, its waters are refreshing and you can even dive in them due to their depth. 

You should know that you have to cross a suspension bridge to reach it, the vegetation is responsible for adding a touch of nature without equal, the national birds of the same name can be seen in the surroundings of the waterfall. 

The Gallito de las Rocas waterfall is shown in a majestic way with a height of twenty meters. The purity of the water that the Gallito de las Rocas Waterfall presents makes the resource the main contributor to the plant and animal wealth of the area. 

How to get to the area?

In order to get to this one of the tourist places in Satipo, you have two routes. In the first it is necessary to go first to the San Antonio annex, which is about 41 km away. Once in this annex, continue on foot along a path of only two hundred meters to the waterfall itself. 

If you come from abroad to get there, you just have to take the Central Highway from Lima, on a trip that can last between nine and eleven hours. The tour begins by visiting the Gallito de las Rocas waterfall, one hour and 20 minutes from the Plaza de Armas de Satipo, in the district of Pampa Hermosa. 

The Meretari Waterfall

Before taking a boat trip on the Perené River and a walk through the jungle, which takes more or less 30 minutes where you will enjoy this phenomenon that is located in the district of Rio Tambo, one of the tourist places of Satipo province. 

This waterfall is reached by walking along a short trail, which can easily be completed in just ten minutes. 

Even though it is a short walk, the path before it can only be accessed by water; the boat to the beginning of the trail, is taken in Puerto Chata, and travels through the waters of the Perené River. 

How to get to Meretari Waterfall?

You can travel on all existing routes by plane, private car, ship, cruise ship, speedboat, boat, canoe, bus, railway, train, on foot, on horseback, taxi, motorcycle taxi, linear motorcycle, raft, plane, helicopter, bus public, tourist bus or combi, since the trip can be done in any way. 

Important data. 

In the information about the Meretari Waterfall we indicate that there are hotels and hostels nearby and they have basic services such as: water, electricity, cell phone signal, internet, telephone, free Wi-Fi and gastronomy of restaurants close to all the waterfalls previously described as tourist places in Satipo.

The greatest thing about Satipo is that it has a large number of waterfalls, and this is one of the best, its fresh waters are sought after as medicinal waters.

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