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Santa Eulalia: an encounter with adventure and nature a few hours from Lima

Tierras Vivas Travel > Santa Eulalia: an encounter with adventure and nature a few hours from Lima

Those who prefer warm days should visit Santa Eulalia, in the province of Huarochirí. How to get? First head to Chosica: take a combi for S/3.50 at the Santa Anita bridge or at Paseo Colón. It will take two hours. Another more comfortable and faster option (one hour) is to get around in a collective taxi. You can find them at the intersection of Javier Prado and Arequipa avenues (S/10) or at the Santa Anita bridge (S/8). Once in the central park of Chosica, any bus will take you to Santa Eulalia for S/1.

In addition to its landscapes, this setting is known for its possibilities for adventure. Here the Autisha canyon and the bridge of the same name are located, where you can practice rappelling and descend 200 m, or go underground trekking to the Autisha waterfall. If you are not afraid of heights, opt for bungee jumping and free yourself from stress. Free fall is almost 20m! In Bungee Jumping Peru the jump plus the trekking costs S/170, an amount that includes round trip transportation from Lima, guides and professional equipment.

Bird watching is another attraction in the Santa Eulalia canyon: you will see the Andean condor. Finally, on the route, you will be able to enjoy the view of the river and the vegetation that surrounds it.

Where is Santa Eulalia located?

Santa Eulalia is one of the 32 districts that are part of the province of Huarochirí, belonging to the department of Lima. It is located at kilometer 38 of the central highway and has an altitude of 1035 meters above sea level.

Santa Eulalia Huarochiri

How to get to Santa Eulalia?

To go to Santa Eulalia, you can do it by bus or by private car.

Go by car: If you want to arrive in your own car, you must go through the central highway to Chosica. At kilometer 38 you will find the detour on the left and in a few minutes you will find the main square of the town. This journey can take between an hour and a half or two hours from Lima.

Go by bus: you must take the well-known “chosicanos” at the stops of Paseo Colón, Alfonso Ugarte avenue, Víaexpress Grau or in the Óvalo de Santa Anita, which will leave you at Parque Echenique where you can take a taxi or a mototaxi to take you to the town of Santa Eulalia.

What to visit in Santa Eulalia?

  • In addition to its beautiful landscapes that invite peace, Santa Eulalia is recognized for being a place where you can live many adventures.
  • Visit the Autisha Canyon and the bridge in the same place to practice rappelling or go trekking to see the Autisha waterfall.
  • Practice fishing for trout and pejerreyes in the Santa Eulalia River.
  • With the children you can go hiking, mountain biking and even camping on slightly longer journeys.
  • In the Santa Eulalia canyon, you can go bird watching, especially condors in the morning hours and, on the road, enjoy the landscape offered by the river and the vegetation that surrounds it.
  • The ice route is a road used since Inca times to transport refrigerated food from the Cordillera de Huarochiri to Lima. It is ideal for trekking.
  • The Vista Alegre Lithic Park, imposing and all carved in stone, ideal to visit with the family.
  • Marcahuasi, a stone forest, a wonderful landscape.

If you are one of the people who are looking for rest and calm, in Santa Eulalia the landscape is ideal for it, with many recreational spaces with swimming pools, restaurants and recreation areas to relax.

In fact, the vacation homes that we have in the area have a quiet, relaxing and highly pleasant visit, as well as open spaces to distract yourself.  Santa Eulalia waterfall

When is the best time to go to Santa Eulalia?

The good thing about Santa Eulalia is that you can go at any time of the year, since even in winter its temperature is pleasant and it offers you its beautiful landscapes to rest.

What are your archeological zones par excellence?

The high Valley of Santa Eulalia is an important destination; In it are the towns of Chaclla, Vicas, Laraos, Carampoma, San Juan de Iris and Huachupampa, where we can find the archaeological complex of Shunkumarca, and its viewpoint to see San Pedro de Casta and the Marcahuasi plateau.

The archaeological zone of San José de Palle Viejo, where you can visit the chullpas (funerary buildings made of stone and clay).

In the vicinity of Santa Eulalia, there is the plateau of Cerro Pumash, a place that concentrates the archaeological remains of Japani, which is an interesting route for excursions.

Autisha canyon

Gastronomic Recommendations:

In Santa Eulalia you cannot stop eating Pachamanca, it is one of the best in Peru. As a curious fact, in 2001 Santa Eulalia won the Guinness Record for making the largest pachamanca in the world: seven thousand portions.

As you will see, in Santa Eulalia there are many activities and entertainment for the whole family, from the most adventurous to the most sedate, making it one of the favorite tourist destinations for those who are near Lima. Did you cheer up?

From Holiday Homes Peru, we invite you to visit two of the spectacular accommodations that we offer in this area to make your rest days an unforgettable experience: Rentals in Santa Eulalia.

Where to stay?

The night in the double suite of Rustica Hotels is worth S/199. A cheaper option is The Inka Palace Resort, near the Plaza de Armas. The cost per room is S/120 and includes breakfast.

Where to eat?

Try the pig in the chola box (pork + potato + corn + wild banana + sarza criolla) for S/39 at El Paraíso Huanca.

Another option is the pachamanca at La Olla de Barro restaurant, located three blocks from the Plaza de Armas.

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