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10 tourist places in Piura, where summer never ends

Tierras Vivas Travel > 10 tourist places in Piura, where summer never ends

10 tourist places in Piura, where summer never ends

If there is a destination that stands out for its paradisiacal beaches, delicious cuisine and warm climate, it is undoubtedly Piura, a northern attraction that you must visit. 

Located in northern Peru, Piura has what the tourist needs to spend a few dream days. From its beaches like Máncora, Los Órganos, Vichayito, Colán, Cabo Blanco and Lobitos, to its beautiful mountains and its delicious gastronomy, in which Cebiche, Seco de Chavelo, Malarrabia and Seco de cabrito stand out, Piura is the perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. 

Majestic Beaches 

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions of Piura. And it is that the beaches of this destination receive thousands of visitors captivated not only by its warm climate, but also by its waves that attract surfers from all over the world for various competitions or to spend a pleasant moment in the sea. 

Among the most visited beaches are Máncora, Los Órganos, Vichayito and Cabo Blanco. The latter is home to a great history, as it is here that the renowned American writer Ernest Hemingway came to fish for the black marlin, the main fish in some scenes of the film The Old Man and the Sea, based on his 1952 novel of the same name. 


Although it is probably one of the least known areas of Piura, it has various attractions that you should not miss. One of them is the Las Huaringas Lagoons, located in the province of Huancabamba, every year they receive thousands of tourists who come to this place attracted by its esoteric “powers” and healing properties. 

Continuing in Huancabamba, is Canchaque -known as ‘La Suiza Piurana’- a city that has been declared the tourist capital of the Piura region. It offers visitors attractions such as the Chorro Blanco waterfalls, the Huayanay hill and the Mishahuaca peroles. The latter stand out for their “tubs” of water, formed by the erosion of the rock they form. 

Piura and its Crafts 

Another of the great attractions of this region is its crafts, an activity that stands out for the beauty of its work and for being the engine of the economy of various cities such as Catacaos. Located 12 km from the city of Piura, it is recognized for its cotton fabrics and, especially, for its gold and silver filigree, toquilla straw hat. These last two are recognized as Cultural Heritage of Peru. 

Also in Catacaos, is the Huaca de Narihualá. This mud building, which reaches 40 meters high, was home to the mystical God Walac and is guarded by the legendary viringo dog, recognized as the distinctive dog of Peru. According to recent investigations, it would have been a place of settlement of the tallanes, a pre-Inca culture that occupied the Peruvian coasts. 

Exquisite stews 

Last but not least, there is the Piurana gastronomy. Dishes such as grouper Cebiche, Seco de cabrito and Seco de chavelo stand out. The latter bases its preparation on cooked and mashed plantains, to which seasoned meat, tomato, panca chili pepper and onion are added. It is also possible to taste the delicious lobster, black shells and the inevitable chicha de jora (fermented corn-based drink).

10 tourist places in Piura

Pocitas de Mancora

When you talk to someone from Piura, the first thing that comes up in the conversation are the beaches of Máncora. This destination is the favorite of practically all tourists who come here. Some stay on its extensive beaches, bathing, sunbathing or surfing, but near these enormous beaches there is a different corner: Las Pocitas.

This unique beach gets its name from the natural pools that the sea has formed in the rocks on the shore. In them you can bathe as if you were in a natural pool and relax to the fullest looking at the incredible scenery around. One piece of advice: go to Las Pocitas in the afternoon and enjoy its incomparable sunset while you bathe in the Pacific.

How to get to Las Pocitas de Máncora: Getting to Las Pocitas is very simple. You only have to take a motorcycle taxi in the city of Máncora and in less than 10 minutes you will be there.

Sechura Desert

Did you know that the largest desert in Peru is in Piura? This is Sechura, located in the center of the department of Piura and with a wide variety of natural destinations to visit. 

Here is the famous Médano Blanco dune, known as one of the most beautiful in Peru and where you can practice sandboarding, a sport that will put your adrenaline to the test. 

In addition, in the coastal part of this desert are the Vice Mangroves, the Virrillá Estuary and the Illescas Reserved Zone, three places where a variety of fauna live, such as the beautiful flamingos or the endangered Peruvian tern.

How to get there: to get to this desert you must take a bus from the center of Piura to the town of Sechura, where you will find motorcycle taxis that will take you to the different tourist attractions. You can also visit this place with our Sechura and Vice Mangroves tour, with stops at different tourist spots in the area, or go on an adventure with the Sechura Sandboard and Buggy tour. 

Humpback Whale Watching

Without a doubt, one of the most wonderful moments that the Peruvian coast lives is when the humpback whales go out to make their majestic leaps through the Pacific Ocean. Every August, around 2,000 whales arrive from Antarctica to the beaches of Punta Sal, Órganos and Cabo Blanco, to have their young and begin the journey back to the southern part of the planet with them. 

These animals, which are 16 meters long and weigh more than 40 tons, have a very curious courtship ritual. In addition to emitting songs under the sea that reach up to 300 km away, the males perform these pirouettes in the air, reaching 20 meters in height. A wonderful show! 

How to see the humpback whales: to be able to see the humpback whales jump, you have to hire a tour with an agency, since you have to get by boat from the coast to the area where these animals are found. 

Swim with Turtles

Another of the tourist attractions in Piura is being able to swim with the giant green turtles. This activity is carried out in Caleta El Ñuro, where there is a center dedicated to the investigation of this species, where you can learn the details of this animal before taking a bath with them. 

It is important to keep in mind that when you swim with the green turtles you are entering their natural habitat, so you should not touch or feed them, and it is also essential that you enter the water without sunscreen, as it can affect them. 

How to swim with turtles in Piura: to be able to swim with these animals you will have to go to El Ñuro taking a bus in Máncora. Once here, you will only have to pay the entrance fee and the rental of vests. To take advantage of the trip to this place, at Denomades we offer the Route of beaches and swim with turtles tour where, in addition to El Ñuro, we will visit other beaches in the area. 

Cabo Blanco Beach

Cabo Blanco Beach has a special charm quite apart from its landscapes. And it is that, according to what they say, Ernest Hemingway was inspired by this place to write his well-known novel The Old Man and the Sea. So when you go to visit Cabo Blanco do not forget to put this book in your backpack and read it with this background scenery. 

The turquoise waters of this place also have perfect waves for surfing. And what better than accompanying a day at the beach with a delicious ceviche? In Cabo Blanco you will find various seafood restaurants with the best dishes of the Peruvian coast. 

How to get to Cabo Blanco: to get to Cabo Blanco from the city of Piura, you must take a bus to Tumbes and get off in the town of El Alto. From here, 7 kilometers separate you from the beach, which you can reach by motorcycle taxi. 


But not everything is nature in this northern region. Just 64 kilometers from the city of Piura is Chulucanas, a town known for being true masters of ceramic work. This art comes from the ancient tallan culture, who lived in this area of Peru between 700 and 1500 after Christ. 

Here you can visit the workshops of these artisans, where they will teach you how to make their items and, in addition, you can buy some of them to take home as a souvenir. 

How to get to Chulucanas: to get to Chulucanas you will have to take a bus in front of the Mercado Modelo de Piura. The journey takes between 45 minutes and an hour. At Denomades we have the Chulucanas Costumbristas and La Encantada tour, which includes transportation and a guide. 

Caracucho Waterfall

In Piura you can also take a bath in freshwater areas. One of these places is the Caracucho Waterfall, a fall where you can free yourself from the sweltering heat that characterizes the department of Piura. 

One of the entertaining points of this place is that to get there you have to hike for around two hours through the Piedra de Toro forest, characterized by its green vegetation and its curious animal-shaped stones. 

How to get to the Caracucho Waterfall: from Piura you must take a bus that will take you to Morropón, an hour and a half from the city. Once here, you will have to take a motorcycle taxi that will bring you to the beginning of the path where the walk begins.

Beach Route 

Quite apart from Máncora, Piura has beaches that are less than an hour from the city, ideal for those who have little time to invest in this area of Peru. 

Instead of spending a whole day on the same beach, you can take the opportunity to move from one to another and get to know several. In this case, we recommend you travel to Paita and from here move to Colán, to the north, and to Los Cangrejos and Caleta Yacila, to the south. These destinations are perfect for spending a day of sun and beach. 

How to get to Paita: the Port of Paita is only 40 minutes from Piura by car and just over an hour if you go by bus, which you can take at the Piura terminal. From here you can move to the rest of the beaches taking a motorcycle taxi. You can also hire our Beach Route tour that includes transportation and guide. 

Amotape Hills National Park

Another of the tourist places in Piura that has no waste is the Cerros de Amotape National Park, where the tropical dry forest is mixed with the northern Peruvian mountain range and territory shared with the department of Tumbes. 

This union creates a perfect habitat for a wide variety of flora and fauna. Los Cerros de Amotape is one of those places where you have to walk with your eyes wide open, since you will be able to see animals as impressive as the Andean condor or the spectacled bear.

How to get to the Cerros de Amotape National Park: the best way to get to this national park is by private transport, so if you do not travel with your own car you should take a taxi. The closest cities to start the trip are Máncora, Sullana and Tumbes. At Denomades we have a spectacular tour to the Cerro de Amotape National Park from Máncora that includes shared transportation and a guide. 

Mud Pools

A place to relax and take advantage of the medicinal properties of nature are the Pozas de Barro de Talara. This pool, with warm and sulphurous waters, has an infinite number of benefits for our skin. 

This destination is ideal to enjoy a day with family or friends near Mancora and with a different plan from those offered by the rest of the region. When you leave here you will feel like a whole new person. 

How to get to the Pozas de Barro: the Pozas de Barro de Talara are located just 13 kilometers from Máncora and to get there you can do it by motorcycle taxi, in half an hour, or by bike, in an hour.

Best Tours in Peru

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