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Huarmey beaches: Tuquillo and La Pocita are the best

Tierras Vivas Travel > Huarmey beaches: Tuquillo and La Pocita are the best

Huarmey beaches: Tuquillo and La Pocita are the best

Huarmey is a destination that is very close to Lima, with a coastline full of beaches to discover. As always, we bring you the best points so you can rest and have fun in the best way. On this occasion, we recommend you visit Tuquillo and La Pocita, the two best beaches in Huarmey.

Next, we give you all the information you need to know to take advantage of these two beaches. Get your group together and choose dates so you can take advantage of these two places in Huarmey that will ensure you have fun this summer.

Where is Huarmey?

The beaches of Huarmey, a port city, are located in the province of Huarmey, Áncash. To get to Huarmey you need a 4-hour drive from Lima. The North Pan-American Highway will be your guide throughout the journey.

Because the beaches of Huarmey are neither so close nor so far from the city of Lima, it is an interesting point to rest without so much noise. Without going too far from the city, there you can enjoy beaches that are not so crowded.

You can travel from Lima to Casma on bus companies such as Tepsa and Movil Bus (approximately 7 hours), and then drive to Huarmey on a journey that takes approximately 1 hour. If you take this tour you can take the opportunity to visit beaches like Tortugas.


The average annual temperature in Huarmey is 18°C. In the summer months (from the end of December to March) it has the highest temperature throughout the year, 22°C. It is for this reason that it is the perfect place to spend a good vacation. The tan is more than guaranteed!

Tuquillo Beach

Tuquillo is one of the most beautiful Huarmey beaches. It is very well preserved and its waters have a turquoise color that is rare on the Costa Verde. Among its peculiarities are the rocky mounds that form very close to the coast. This gives a special touch to the natural setting of the beach.

Also, due to the proximity of these mounds to the coast, you can swim around them. We ensure some very nice photos with this scenario.

How to get to Tuquillo beach?

To get to Tuquillo beach it is necessary to take a vehicle. In each corner of the Huarmey beach you can find transportation services to Tuquillo beach. Transportation is mostly minivans and the service has an average price of 3 soles.

The beaches of Huarmey are very close to the Plaza de Armas, so getting to Tuquillo will not take more than 15 minutes.

What to do at Tuquillo beach?

Tuquillo beach has low waves, so it is perfect for swimming and playing in the water. The waters have a cold temperature so any embarrassment you may be feeling while you are tanning is solved by going into the sea to cool off.

Also, on one side of the beach there is a small hill of rocks where you can climb and take spectacular pictures.

Very close to Tuquillo beach there are also several restaurants where you can taste the many dishes made with the catch of the day. What better way to end your tanning session than eating a fresh and delicious ceviche!

La Pocita Beach

La Pocita beach is the second option among the Huarmey beaches. Although this beach is a little less wide than Tuquillo beach, its waves are not very strong and the sea is shallow. La Pocita beach forms behind the breakwaters, which is why it is small.

How to get to La Pocita beach?

La Pocita is very close to the other beaches, so if you want to get there you have to take the same route as for Tuquillo beach. Both beaches are separated by a hill of rocks, so it is a matter of passing it to get to La Pocita beach.

What to do at La Pocita beach?

Due to the calm of its waters, this beach is highly recommended for everyone, especially for young children. Like Tuquillo, its coastline is full of rocks, but you can also find crustaceans and shellfish. In the early hours of the morning you can see how they are collected to be sold in restaurants in the area.

On this beach you can also find several local restaurants that sell food made from the catch of the day.

Also, if you are staying in Huarmey, a good plan may be to walk along the coastline of the beaches and observe the sky full of stars while the waves break against the rocks. Those night walks are unforgettable and perfect to end the day relaxed.

Camping on the beaches of Huarmey

In several beaches of Huarmey you can camp, as is the case of Tuquillo beach. So if the budget is not very high or if you simply like the experience, venture to take your tent and spend the whole night on these beaches. We assure you that you will be able to sleep peacefully with the sound of the waves breaking against the rocks. Nothing more relaxing than that, right?

If you’re visiting with a group, this is a great way to collect lots of summer memories. The camping experience is always unique and the organization it requires can be a lot of fun with friends and/or family.

Remember, however, to take the necessary precautions in order to have a safe and peaceful camp. To do this, you can visit our entry on what you should bring for an environmentally responsible camp.

Tourist attractions near the beaches of Huarmey

The Huarmey beaches are also close to tourist attractions that you can visit during your stay in Huarmey.

If you are interested in archaeological sites, you can visit Los Gavilanes, which is located at kilometer 294 of the Panamericana Norte. This archaeological center is estimated to have been built between 2200 and 2700 BC. This center was used to deposit corn production under the sand. This was due to favorable ground conditions.

Another important place is the Huarmey Castle, belonging to the Chimú culture. This is located 1 kilometer east of the city of Huarmey. The archaeological zone is comprised of a complex of rooms made of adobe and mud.

Also, there is the Punta Lobitos Port, where more than 200 sacrificed pre-Columbian fishermen have been found. This was discovered as a result of excavations at Huarmey Castle and the Old City.

If you are more into enjoying nature, there are also the Huarmey Loberas. This is a navigation of an hour and a half in which the different animal species of the region can be observed. Among these species you can find blue-footed boobies, Peruvian gulls, Humboldt penguins and a large number of sea lions.

Best Tours in Peru

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