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Huanchaco: discover the attractions of the Trujillo spa

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Huanchaco: discover the attractions of the Trujillo spa

One of the most famous spas in the northern part of Peru is Huanchaco. In addition to having a beautiful beach, this resort is full of history and tradition.

Huanchaco is the perfect resort if you are tired of going to the same beaches this summer. In addition to freshening up, you can take the opportunity to learn a little more about the attractions that surround this beautiful place.

Huanchaco, the Paradise of Northern Peru

Huanchaco is the spa that receives the most visits in the city of Trujillo. This beach has a great historical importance, since in the reign of the Moche and Chimú cultures, it functioned as a port for the region. Its name also derives from this time, meaning beautiful lagoon with golden fish.

From those pre-Columbian periods, the caballitos de totora is preserved as a vestige. These, which were used as means of navigation, are still used by local fishermen.

Likewise, this resort is recognized as a World Surfing Reserve and is the first beach in Latin America and the fifth in the world to obtain such recognition.

Where is Huanchaco?

Tourists who want to escape from the cold days have among their options the city of Trujillo, which can be reached by own car, land company or by air, being a choice for those who want to save travel time.

Depending on the season, the price of the tickets are between 90 and 200 soles. We suggest that before starting this adventure, find out the state of the roads and if the company you hired has not rescheduled its departures.

When you arrive at the City of Eternal Spring, you will have to take a taxi to drop you off in Huanchaco. This tour lasts approximately 15 minutes.

The cost of this transport is between 10 and 20 soles per person, although there are buses that charge less.

How to get to Huanchaco?

If you want to get to know this beautiful spa, you first have to go to the city of Trujillo. To get to this city, you can take various bus companies that leave from different parts of the country. From Lima, for example, you can take the Oltursa and Linea companies. You can find tickets from 35 soles.

When you arrive at the Trujillo terminal, you have to take a taxi. The price of the ticket is around 15 soles approximately and the journey lasts 16 minutes.

Huanchaco Attractions

Colonial Church of Huanchaco

When you arrive at the spa you will be able to see that in the upper part of it there is a church of colonial architecture. This church is one of the most important in the city of Trujillo and is included in the traditional route of Holy Week.

In this church the Virgen del Socorro is venerated and inside you can see a large amount of religious art of the time.


In 2013, Huanchaco was recognized as a World Surfing Reserve by the Save The Waves Coalition organization. The northern resort is known for its fluid waves and for having a historical tradition of coexistence with the sea, which dates back to pre-Columbian times.

If you are a lover of this water sport, you cannot miss the opportunity to be one of the lucky ones who can test the power of its waves.

Reed Horses

The caballitos de totora are probably the most touristic attraction of the Huanchaco spa. These boats, formerly called Wachakes, are built with reeds that can be seen bordering the beach.

These old boats are still used for fishing today and you can see their daily use by local people every morning.

Huanchaco Port

The Huanchaco Port is perfect for a walk into the sea. This begins in a small square located on the edge of the beach and goes to the interior of the sea, ending in a space formed by two roundabouts.

If you are thinking of taking pictures, the best time to take them is at sunset at the Huanchaco Dock.

What to eat in Trujillo?

Being close to the sea, marine preparations are the ones that star in restaurant menus. The catch of the day is used every day. Read some recommendations to try the best of local gastronomy:

Trujillo ceviche. The story goes that this was one of the favorite stews of the Chimúes, who cooked the fish with tumbo. The flavor will be unique thanks to the local lemon that is used, which is admired in the world.

Fried Trujillo. This typical dish is cooked with bacon or pork ribs that are marinated with chicha de jora, garlic, mirasol chili and panca. It is accompanied with cassava and a tasty criolla sauce.

The shambar. This is the flagship dish of Trujillo, and according to tradition, it should be eaten on Mondays. It is the meeting of flavors of different stews with pork skin, ham and some herbs. It has a large amount of nutrients and energy.

Theologian soup. Its origin is in the colonial preparations that were made in the old convents of northern Peru. It is based on chicken and beef broth, soaked bread, potato, milk and cheese. For Holy Week it is the main dish of this festivity.

Best Tours in Peru

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