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Checacupe: discover its beautiful bridges lost in time

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Checacupe: discover its beautiful bridges lost in time

The district of Checacupe is a small Andean town that hides wonderful and beautiful bridges, where apparently time has stopped. In this place we will be able to appreciate the wonderful bridges: “Inca Bridge, Colonial Bridge and of course we will also know a little more about their history of each one of them.


This attractive place is located north of the city of Cusco, in the province of Canchis, Department of Cusco.


It has a cold and dry climate.


Checacupe is located at 3 441 m.s.n.m.

How to get to Checacupe?

In order to get to know this beautiful place, we have to start from the imperial city of Cusco and then head north until we reach the community of Checacupe, the approximate journey is 2 hours. You can choose to travel by bus or a private car.

What to do in Checacupe?

On your visit to the city of Cusco, do not forget to visit this unmissable destination. Where you can appreciate wonderful places with friendly people.

Inca bridge in Checacupe

When we arrive in Checacupe, our first destination will be the Inca Bridge; To access this place, we will not have to walk too much, but it is important to do it very carefully, because the wonderful Inca Bridge is located over the mighty Pitumarca River. Touring this attraction will be an adventure, here you will relive those years when the children of the Sun had to travel kilometers to carry errands or barter.

This monument was built between the years 1400 and 1448, possibly during the government of the Inca Wiracocha, who ordered the construction of this bridge as part of the road network or “Qhapaq Ñan” (Quechua term). The Qhapaq Ñan was a road system made up of a network of roads, which connected to the Qollasuyo.

It is important to mention that the Inca foundation is original, but not the suspension bridge that is renewed from time to time. However, the curious thing is not this platform but the story behind this bridge, the story of the Inca, whose real name was Hatun Túpac, who became Wiracocha, whose motive Hatun Túpac claimed to have had a divine dream with the god Wiracocha.

Colonial Temple in Checacupe

The Colonial de Checacupe temple was built in honor of the Virgin Immaculate Conception. Built in the seventeenth century on an Inca palace, this temple is builtwas built with adobe and stones e.

This colonial temple is considered one of the most beautiful churches in the city of Cusco. In addition, it has a beautiful work of art, it is the image of the Immaculate Conception, this church also has the oldest paintings from the school of fine arts and renowned artists, such as the works of the talented painter Diego Quispe Tito.

Colonial Bridge in Checacupe

The Colonial Bridge of Checacupe is continuous to the Inca bridge. There, in the middle of the tranquility and an Andean environment, a robust colonial bridge rises. It was built by order of the King of Spain Carlos III between 1759 and 1788. Built with carved stone joined with lime. This wonderful work is built in the Roman style decorated with a layer of pebbles that were placed on the walls.

According to the legends, they affirm that those who wanted to use it to move from one place to another, had to pay the taxes established by the Spanish crown and the town hall of Checacupe.

What is the cost to be able to visit the bridges of Checacupe?

The cost to visit the bridges of Checacupe is S / 2.00. per person. They are open daily from 8 am to 5 pm.

Customs and Traditions of Checacupe

Dance Sarge

This dance is originally from the district of Checacupe, it has a carnival and traditional character, it is performed in the week of the carnivals. The name of this dance comes from the word sergeant and represents the young men who leave the barracks after serving in the military and come to make beautiful women fall in love at carnivals.

It takes place on the Cangally bridge that divides Checacupe and the Community of Cangally. This conflict is originated as a result of the lack of delimitation of its borders, boundaries and is often caused by the character named Huaylaca.


  • Bring personal documents (identity document or passport).
  • Bring extra money (in soles).
  • Don’t forget to bring warm clothes and comfortable shoes.
  • It is important to bring a camera; to be able to capture the good and wonderful moments.
  • Use sunscreen at all times; it is very important to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.
  • Remember that after visiting this tourist attraction you have to leave the place clean; so don’t forget to bring a bag to store all your waste.

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