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Cerro Azul: the beautiful resort near Lima

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Cerro Azul: the beautiful resort near Lima

Cerro Azul is a beautiful beach that is located within the district of San Vicente de Cañete, in Cañete-Lima. To get there, you have to continue along the Panamericana Sur, up to kilometer 130, where you take a one-kilometer detour to the spa. 

Cerro Azul is a very attractive beach for surfers thanks to the varied waves that can be found in its sea. In Cerro Azul there are usually waves of the "left, lounge, tubular" type, which vary to fast, strong and tubular, when the sea rises. The lefts of Cerro Azul are one of the most attractive waves for surfers who frequent the resort, because of their perfection. 

In Cerro Azul, due to the magnet that the beach has become for fans of board sports, different competitions have been held, and events such as the recent Surf-Camp Cerro Azul 2012, an event that focused on the practice of surfing and boating; the first, in the spa area and the second, in the territory of Lunahuana. 

This beach is recommended for all surfers, and is frequented by those sporadically during the week, with a greater number of visitors during the summer, when the climate of the area is more favorable. Cerro Azul presents a pleasant sea for all visitors, whose only attribute, moderately against, is the presence of sea urchins. 

Despite the fact that surfing is the main activity that attracts the eyes of visitors to this spa, it is also known that the place is important for its history, since previously the territory stood out for being an old fishermen's cove and later a port that It was last used in 1971. 



Leaving Asia Boulevard behind, you'll know you're about to arrive. Cerro Azul, in Cañete, was the first Peruvian port where Japanese immigrants landed in 1899 (a monument in their honor has existed since 1999). Today, it is a district where everyone knows each other. Therefore, visitors are easily recognizable.


What to do in Cerro Azul?

We recommend that tourists walk along the José Olaya boardwalk, the meeting point for those who live or spend the summer there. Also, appreciate the sunset on the pier: it is the ideal place. On the other hand, two blocks from the boardwalk is the Plaza de Armas, which has a central roundabout. At night, anticuchos and hamburger vendors surround it to tempt passers-by with their seasoning. The price? An average of S/10.


A restaurant-lodging option is Puerto Azul. Their dishes range from S/32; its rooms, from S/100 (some also have a view of the beach). Another alternative is the popular Juanito, whose rooms cost from S/180 and their dishes range between S/35 and S/50.


How to get?

Km 131 of the Panamericana Sur. Buses like the Cañetano take you from S/10. Take them on the same road, in front of the Mall del Sur in San Juan de Miraflores. 


Where to stay?

At the Las Palmeras hostel the night is from S / 350. In the Arena Blanca, on the other hand, the double room costs from S/200 and the family room (for four people) costs from S/325. 


Where to party?

In front of the Plaza de Armas, the rustic D'Kaliche Bar Snack offers cocktails and beers from S/15. But if you are looking for a nightclub, on the José Olaya boardwalk you will see The Bunker Vip. Its second floor terrace has a good view of the coast.


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