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Llactapata Trek to Inca Trail

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    Tierras Vivas Travel > Llactapata Trek to Inca Trail

    Ausangate Peru hike

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    Llactapata Trek to Inca TrailLlactapata Trek to Inca Trail is a new hiking to Machu Picchu. This hike involve 2 important Inca Path. Llactapata and Inca Trail.

    On first day you will take the small van to Lucmabamba. Where you will start the hike to Llactapata archaeological site. The Quechua word “Llactapata” means “High City”. Llactapata shows us her incredible condition. This archaeological site is in the Inca Trail. This citadel have revealed an extensive complex of structures and features related to and connected with Machu Picchu by a continuation of the Inca Trail leading onward into the Vilcabamba. Llaqtapata may have been a member of the network of interrelated administrative and ceremonial sites which supported at Machu Picchu. It probably played an important astronomical function during the solstices and equinoxes. Guided tour in Llactapata and walk down to Hydrolect. Lunch included. Then we continue the hike to Puente Ruinas, where you will spend a night in the camping.

    On second day you will wake early and you will go to Inca Trail checking point and start hiking through lush vegetation of a cloud forest while greeeted by local exotic birds such as Andean guan, grey-breasted mountain tucan, etc. and since we can see various wild orchids and bromelias along the path too. Our Tour Guide explains us about the Chachabamba ruins. Lunch. Our next stop is in Wiñay Wayna, an Inca complex neighboring to Machu Picchu. 

    Last day, you wake early and guided tour to Machu Picchu. In the afternoon you will take the train to Ollantaytambo and bus to Cusco. Our driver will drop off in your hotel.

    The Llactapata and Short Inca Trail is the second important Inca route apart of the Classic Inca Trail.


    Llactapata Inca Trail overview

    Service Level: Comfortable tourist-class accommodations with character, tourist train and private transport.

    Physical Rating: 3 – Moderate/ Diffult – Some low-altitude hikes, but accessible to most healthy travellers

    Age requirement: 4+ / All travellers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

    Inca Trail Permits: It is included in your hike. In the peak season the trail is booked months in advance

    Llactapata to Inca Trail Operator: Tierras Vivas travel 

    Crew: A profesional Tour Guide, Cook and porters.

    Meals: 2x breakfast, 2x lunch, 2x dinner, 2x Snack

    Transportation: Transportation by private van, 1x train (Expedition train).

    Accommodation:Campsite (1 camping)  Hotel (1 night). These following hotels are used to accommodate you during your 3 day Inca Trail tour: ViAndina Machu Picchu Hotel and Wiracocha Hotel. Once booked, our booking department will confirm your accommodation. If you would like to upgrade your hotel, visit our website ESSENTIAL INFO on the Short Inca Trail page. 

    Quick itinerary:

    Day 01: Wake up early and Hike to Llactapata

    Day 02: Short Inca Trail

    Day 03: Hiking to Machu Picchu

    Highlights of the Llactapata Trek to Inca Trail:

    • Visit of a Peruvian cloud forest
    • 3 day hike with a professional Tour Guide
    • Guided tour of the Incan complex of Llactapata
    • Guided tour of the Inca Trail
    • Guided tour of Patacancha, Wiñaywayna and Intipata
    • Guided tour of Machu Picchu
    • Climb to Huayna Picchu (Optional) 

    Resposinble Travel

    Tierras Vivas Porters

    Tierras Vivas DOES NOT permit this exploitation!! We guarantee that our porters carry only an amount given by the Peruvian law!! There is still a long way to go when it comes to a reserve of adequate meals, backpacks and warm dry sleeping accommodation. click here

    Each Year Tierras Vivas hots a Christmas party in Patacancha. Family porters

    Day 01: Cusco – Llactapata – Puente Ruinas

    Early morning, we pick you up from your hotel or Airbnb and we take a private vehicle from Cusco to Aobamaba (Head trail). During this 6 hour ride, we can observe the cloud forest, Veronica Mountain, Abra Malaga mountain high pass (4,550 m) and we will pass throught between to Santa Maria and Santa Teresa town. Once arrived to Aobamba, we start to climb up 4 hours to Llactapata ruins. During the hike you can see flora, fauna and Coffe plants. Arrived and guided tour to the Llactapata Incan comple. Most of the photos we are used to seeing from Machu Picchu are taken from the other side, the north side. Very few trekkers in modern times have seen Machu Picchu from the other side, from Llactapata, where it is appreciated above from the southwes. Then, we walk down to the Hidrolectrica (hydroelectric plant). Lunch, after the lunch, we continue to hike to Puente ruins approximate 3 hours – through the valley and Vilcanota rivers – Camping in Puente Ruinas.

    Day 02: Puente Ruinas – Inca Trail – Aguas Calientes

    On the second day, we start to walk along to the railways to the Km 104. Inca Trail checkpoint. It is very important to take your passport original. After about two or three hours along the Inca trail, hikers reach the Incan site Chachabamba for lunch and a rest, and then a guided tour of the site. After a few more hours of hiking through cloud forest and cacti, and a quick stop at a beautiful waterfall, a second Incan site, Wiñay Wayna, is reached and toured. Finally, the trail reaches the Sun Gate (Inti Punku) to watch the sun set over Machu Picchu. Since it is too late to enter the city, the hike descends to Aguas Calientes to sleep in the comfortable hotel.

    Day 03: Hiking to Machu Picchu

    A 2 hour hike up to the city of Machu Picchu in the early morning, after breakfast, brings the group to the city early enough to get sunrise pictures of the city and to miss most of the crowds. There is a guided tour of the Incan city, explaining the rich history of the site, after which hikers have the option of hiking to the peak of either Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu, two mountains with incredible views of the city from above, another good photo opportunity. Finally, there is time for individual exploration of the city of Machu Picchu.

    At the end of the day, there is a train ride from Aguas Calientes to either Ollantaytambo or Poroy, from where a bus will continue the rest of the way to Cusco.

    Machu Picchu is currently one of the most well-known Incan sites in Peru, but was not mentioned in any documents from the Spanish. At this point in time, archeologists can only speculate on the purposes of the city. Centuries before Hiram Bingham was brought to the site – by a local child, while the American explorer was searching for Vilcambamba – the local Quechuans had known about the city. Mr. Bingham exposed the site to the rest of the world, and since then, much effort has gone into restoring and studying the mysterious city. Despite this, there are still many questions about which historians and archeologists are uncertain. What is known for certain, though, is that the city of Machu Picchu, the “Lost City of the Incas”, is a truly magical destination.




    • Pre-trek briefing with your Tour Guide
    • Transfer by private vehicle to the Lucmabamba (Head Trail)
    • Accommodation: Camping (1 night), Hotel (1 night)
    • Entrance fee to LLactapata
    • Inca Trail Permit and entrance fee to Machu Picchu;
    • Meals: 2x breakfast, 2x lunch, 2x dinner (please advice us in advance if you are a vegetarian; this option is for NO extra additional cost)
    • Snack on the first and second day
    • Water on the first and second day (Excluding the first 4 hours of the trek when you need to bring your own)
    • Professional bilingual Tour Guide (a group of up to 8 participants receives 1 Guide, a group over 8 persons receives 2 Guides);
    • Professional Cook;
    • Porters will carry your camping equipment and your duffel bag 5 kg. per person
    • Sleeping bag (feather) 
    • Inflatable sleeping therma-rest mattress
    • Inflatable pillow
    • A blanket
    • A duffel bag for your personal clothes, this duffel bag, our porter will carry
    • Camping equipment Personal double tents (4 person tent which allows for greater comfort, and also storage of backpacks);
    • A shuttle bus round trip to Machu Picchu
    • A Expedition Train service between Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu) to Ollantaytambo
    • Tourist bus from Ollantaytambo to Cusco.

    Not Included:

    Meal budget: Please allow USD 10 for meals not included on the last day Aguas Calientes town.

    Solo Traveller: If you like a single room for this trek, please choose the “Solo Traveller” option during your booking.

    Local flights: No local flight is included in the trek´s price!

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