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Travel Insurance

You have already chosen a tour in Peru and everything is ready for your trip, but now you ask yourself:


Do I need travel insurance for Peru? Which travel insurance for Peru?

Well, these are good questions since it is mandatory for each traveler to be adequately insured against accidents and medical expenses. Travel insurance is necessary for participation in any of our trips.


We would like to offer you the best travel Insurance for Peru (for more details see below please).






This Travel Health Insurance for Peru Covers Expenses Such As:

  • Emergency treatment, following hospitalization, surgery, and outpatient treatment in Peru.
  • Appointment at registered doctors in Peru.
  • Medicament prescription.
  • Air ambulance and other transport.
  • In urgent cases, it covers overseas dental care, such as an unexpected dental infection, a broken tooth, accidental injury to the mouth or jaw. 
  • If necessary, it involves travel rearrangement of your initial travel plans or repatriation.
  • Moreover, if you travel during pregnancy and suddenly become ill, injured, or have unexpected complications during pregnancy, the travel insurance guarantees urgent medical treatment, hospitalization, ambulance, repatriation to continue treatment at the home country (if necessary), and a 24/7 multilingual team assistance while in Peru.
  • It insures against unexpected cancelation of travel in case of an accident during the trip. In this case, a doctor needs to certify that you are not fit to travel, or you, your travel buddy, or a close relative is hospitalized or dies. 
  • The insurance covers delayed, stolen, or damaged baggage too.
  • In addition, it might cover stolen credit cards, passports, iPhones, Smartphones, iPads, eBooks, tablets, cameras, lenses, laptops, etc.

We strongly recommend travel insurance for trekking in Peru to offer you a calm trip and avoid inconveniences throughout the tour. The insurance is suitable for Peru's Inca Trail, Salkantay Trek, a Machu Picchu hike, or other hikes in Peru. Buying insurance does not mean that there is a risk when traveling to Peru, in fact, the rate of tourist accidents is very low. We would simply like to provide you with an unforgettable experience with peace of mind. Do not hesitate to ask us for more details, we will be happy to advise you!


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