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Tierras Vivas EquipmentTierras Vivas use only high-quality camping equipment for our Peru Hiking Tours such as Inca Trail, Salkantay trek, Lares Trek, and alternative treks!!

Tierras Vivas provides Eureka tents, sleeping bags, Therm-A-Rest mattresses, dining tents, and toilet tents for all our treks in Peru.

Personal Tents Eureka!

Eureka tents’ are of sturdy construction and top-quality materials. The company has been producing camping equipment for over 120 years and its products prove its experienced craftsmanship and orientation on innovation. The simplicity of Eureka’s design corresponds to export standards. For our treks, we use MOUNTAIN PASS 3XTE 3 PERSON TENT.

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The best features of MOUNTAIN PASS 3XTE outdoor and expedition tents mix an extremely durable tent that stands up quickly. Designed with a focus on weather resistance and durable coatings that are perfect for frequent use in wet and cold environments and during the boom period in late autumn and early spring.

The branded tents MOUNTAIN PASS 3XTE are designated for 4 seasons. We provide our customers with 3-person capacity tents; however, just 2 trek participants use it! In this way, we provide you more space and comfort. In the case of a single traveler, we provide a 2-person capacity tent. After each trek, we carefully check our tents, disinfect them, and fix them if necessary!

Toilet Tent:

Our bathroom facilities are safe and sanitary and ready to be used wherever it is necessary. We use the Cleanwaste Complete GO toilet system providing you with privacy and safety! Moreover, we use biodegradable fillings that contribute to our eco-friendly approach!!

toilet tents

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