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Presbitero Maestro, one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Latin America

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Presbitero Maestro, one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Latin America

The history of Peru can be found in books, archaeological sites and vestiges left by our ancestors. Although, you can learn more about this South American country through a place of eternal rest. 

Thus, the Presbítero Maestro Cemetery Museum offers its visitors a trip to the past where they can rediscover personalities who have left an indelible mark throughout Peruvian history. 

Next, discover the secrets of this space full of mystery, where iconic figures who even gave their lives for the country rest. 

Master Priest, history of an enclosure with cultural and historical value 

Considered by UNESCO as one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Latin America and with the stripe of being Cultural Heritage of Peru, it is located in the city of Lima, between blocks 16 and 18 of Jirón Áncash, in the Barrios Altos area, with an approximate dimension of 20 hectares. 

Composed of thousands of tombs, crypts, mausoleums, niches and majestic sculptures dating from the 19th and 20th centuries, it is owned by the Charitable Society of Metropolitan Lima. 

It was inaugurated in 1808. Its first name was Lima Cemetery and it was designed by the Spanish priest Matías Maestro Alegría in a neoclassical style. 

The European clergyman also carried titles of musician, painter and architect, and arrived in Lima in 1790 to become a priest three years later. They entrusted him with works such as monuments and more pieces, but the main one was the design of the cemetery museum that today bears his name. 

In it rest the remains of historical figures such as: 

  • Heroes of the country: Miguel Grau, Francisco Bolognesi, Alfonso Ugarte, Andrés Avelino Cáceres. 
  • Former Peruvian presidents: José de la Riva Agüero, Manuel Pardo y Lavalle, Augusto B. Leguía, Nicolás de Piérola. 
  • Writers: Ricardo Palma, Abraham Valdelomar, José Santos Chocano, Ciro Alegría, among others.
  • Scientist: Eduardo de Habich. 
  • Miraculous Child: Nino Ricardito 

We strive to maintain the decoration for our visitors. Likewise, we carry out night guides, to discover the mystery of what the more than twenty hectares of history related in its niches, tombs, crypts and mausoleums have to deliver.

What illustrious characters do we find in the Master Presbyter? 

Immerse yourself in a trip to the past through the tombs and mausoleums where the remains of personalities with high transcendental value for national culture and history rest. 

Here we find the so-called Crypt of the Heroes, where there are characters who gave their lives for Peru. For example, this mausoleum is 30 meters high and in it rest more than 230 people who participated in various combats such as Angamos, Tacna, Tarapacá, Iquique, Arica, War of the Pacific, among others. 

Thus, and with a distribution on three levels that allows for a ceremonious atmosphere, are the remains of Miguel Grau, Andrés Avelino Cáceres, Francisco Bolognesi and other notable figures who not only spilled blood, but also the maximum patriotic sentiment. 

Likewise, the remains of former presidents such as Manuel Pardo y Lavalle, Augusto B. Leguía and José de la Riva Agüero rest. Let's not forget renowned writers, including Abraham Valdelomar, Ricardo Palma and Ciro Alegría.


The Site Museum

Given the need for public health, given the high levels of decomposition of the corpses that were buried inside the churches, the "General Cemetery of Lima" was inaugurated on May 31, 1808, during the viceroyalty of Don Fernando de Abascal y Souza. ”. It was designed by Presbítero Matías Maestro Alegría, under a Neoclassical style. 

In 1923 its name changed to "Presbítero Matías Maestro Cemetery" in honor of its designer, and in 1972 it was declared a Historical Monument, and then on June 9, 1999 it was elevated to the category of Museum, due to the historical value of its transcendental characters.

The Master Priest, synonymous with culture and art 

The cemetery museum is also a great cultural attraction for its visitors due to the presence of magnificent sculptures (some of them with characters from Greek culture) throughout its space. 

Thus, we find representations that are related to the tradition of Lima in the 19th and 20th centuries. These, mostly sculpted by European artists, embellish the monastery in neoclassical, romantic, modern and realistic styles. 

A tour to review the mysteries and urban legends. 

Under the supervision and accompaniment of a specialized guide, you have the option of visiting the Master Priest on a night tour where you will have an appointment with the unknown and the paranormal, while listening to stories next to the tombs and mausoleums. 

Get ready to be part of real stories that will make your hair stand on end and discover the city under various myths and urban legends: here, fear does not exist.

Tourist visits

Day Schedule

From Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 to 14:00

Cost of day tickets

  • Adults S/ 8.00
  • University Students S/ 7.00
  • Children (in non-school visit) S/ 3.00 up to 12 years old
  • Private school children S/ 3.00 up to 12 years old
  • Public school children S/ 2.00 up to 12 years old
  • Seniors and Conadis S/ 3.00
  • Residents of Barrios Altos and El Agustino with DNI S/ 3.00
  • Guide service S/55.00

NOTE: Tickets are purchased at the offices in front of the cemetery (Jr. Ancash 1692) or by transfer

Night Schedule

From Tuesday to Saturday from 18:00 to 20:00

Night ticket cost

  • Adults and tourism companies S/ 22.00
  • Children up to 12 years old S/ 11.00
  • Residents of Barrios Altos and El Agustino with DNI S/ 11.00
  • Guide service S/75.00

NOTE: Tickets are purchased at the offices in front of the cemetery (Jr. Ancash 1692) or by transfer

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