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Kennedy Park: Miraflores Central Park

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Kennedy Park: Miraflores Central Park

Parque Kennedy is one of the best known and most visited parks in Lima due to its central location in the district of Miraflores, the most touristic district of the city. 

Although there are actually 2 parks: Central Park and Kennedy Park, one next to the other, the entire 22 thousand square meter place is known as Kennedy Park.

History of Kennedy Park

At the beginning of 1900, the solar corner was constituted by the Central Park. In this stood a modest church. In the 1940s, the Park was widened, remodeled and divided into two: Parque 7 de Junio and Parque Kennedy. 

At present, the two parks have been reunited with the name of Parque Central de Miraflores or Parque Kennedy, on the Avenida de la Peruanidad that joins the parks, painters, sculptors, popular artists and sellers of artistic works meet to exhibit and sell their works to the attending public. 

The Miraflores Central Park or Kennedy Park articulates different recreation proposals. On the one hand, there are the sandwich and dessert carts. In them you can taste sausages, even the famous combination of rice pudding and purple porridge. There is also the Paseo de los Pintores, where local artists show their work. If it’s about shopping, you can’t fail to mention the artisans’ roundabout. In the amphitheater, on weekends, they play music for couples to dance to. Attached to the park is the Church of the Miraculous Virgin built in 1939 and designed by Ricardo de Jaxa Malachowski. Next to it is the municipal palace, where the Luis Miró Quesada Garland art room was inaugurated in honor of its architect. 

The Miraflores Central Park currently occupies 22,000 square meters and is a cultural, ecological and tourist park. 

The park has 3 main entrances, one is through the Oval, another is in front of the municipality and a third is on the corner of Schell with Av. Diagonal. 

The “Chabuca Granda” amphitheater located inside the park, offers permanent artistic and cultural activities where diverse musical proposals of all genres, folkloric dances, choirs of the municipality, recitation of poetry are presented and some weekends it is used by music clubs. older adults of the district as a meeting and entertainment center. 

At the height of the pizza street, in the central park there is a small roundabout with small stalls selling Peruvian handicrafts. 

There is also an entertainment area for children, with various games, where artificial grass is used that allows good maintenance of this area. 

The ornamental and landscaping treatment is very well carried out by the municipality, the park is very well cared for, at the beginning of spring is when it reaches its maximum splendor due to the color it takes on by the plants and flowers of this season. It is very relaxing and peaceful to sit on its benches that line the park and its paths. In 2014 Larco Avenue was remodeled and at the height of the park the sidewalks have been widened, eliminating the parking lots that existed there, this has made it possible to provide greater comfort and spaciousness on this side of the park.

What to do in Kennedy Park?

This park has a particularity that makes it famous and it is the large number of cats that are in it. Of all sizes and colors, cats roam the gardens and you would walk around the park looking for food but also some caresses from visitors. 

Why are there so many cats in Kennedy Park? It is said that years ago there were mice in the area, and to solve this problem, people started leaving their cats in the park. These were reproduced and are now part of the park. 

Every day local artists are present in the park to offer their paintings and handicrafts to visitors and passers-by. Also inside the park you will find the Chabuca Grande amphitheater where artistic and folkloric shows are held on weekends. 

On one side of the park is the Church of the Miraculous Virgin, which is a beautiful Catholic church built in 1939, where you can see stained glass windows with images of the life of Jesus. 

In front of the park, along the diagonal avenue, there is a variety of restaurants, especially the famous Sanguchería La Lucha. There is also the pizza street, a busy street on weekend nights because there are bars and some places to dance. You have to be careful with your belongings on this street.

Cat Park

Also known as the “cat park”, Parque Kennedy is the place that every catlover should visit during their stay in Peru. 

It is striking that, unlike the rest of Latin America, there is not a single dog here. Quite the contrary, there are many… many cats – of all sizes, breeds and colors – that, over time, have made this park their home.

But, how did cats come to populate this park? 

There are many theories that try to explain this phenomenon, but the most accepted is the one that states that the Miraculous Virgin Church (which is next to the park) brought kittens there to control the rodent plague that existed in the area. Over time they began to reproduce, until they made Kennedy Park their own home. 

Today, far from being expert exterminators of mice, cats are the tender hosts who, with purrs and meows, brighten the day of those who visit the place.

So now you know, if you are a cat lover, why not include Lima in the itinerary of your next trip?


  • Free. 


  • 24 hours. 


  • Miraflores, bounded by Diagonal and Larco avenues and Schell street. 

How to get to Kennedy Park?

By Metropolitano bus to the Ricardo Palma station. When leaving the station it is necessary to walk along Pardo Avenue to the Miraflores oval and on the left will be Kennedy Park. 

On the blue bus of the Integrated Transportation System, along Arequipa Avenue to the bus stop at the corner of Diagonal Avenue and Schell Street. 

If you stay in Miraflores, an excellent option is to walk to the park. 

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