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Inca Trail Permits Availability 2019

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Inca Trail Permits Availability 2019

Today, the Ministery of the Culture published the following:


All the Inca Trail tour operators and Tour Guides have the Inca Trail authorization ready on the 19th December 2018 to operate the Inca Trail 2019. The Inca Trail can be booked from March to December 2019.


We recommend to book this trek in advance. Because of the amount of people wanting to do this hike, the Peruvian government has restricted the availability of the Inca Trail in order to protect the path. 500 people are now allowed on the trail per day, this includes about 180 tourists and the rest is staff (guides, cooks, porters).


You can check availability by yourself below:


Inca Trail Permits Avalaibility 2019 Online




Inca Trail 2 Days Permits Avalaibility



If you would like to do the Inca Trail, please first check an availability of Inca Trail on our website. Go to the section “Inca Trail Avalaibility 2017” and choose month when you want to do the hike. If there is still availability of the Inca Trail on your date requested, please click on BOOKING and fill all information required. But in case there aren't available on your date, choose the next day or month. When the Inca Trail is fully booked, it means no travel agency can booked it. This is because the booking system of the Inca Trail is managed by the Ministry of Culture of Peru!

If you fully booked, we can recommend to do the short Inca Trail, there are spaces available every day.


       Spaces Available      Season

          Mach 2019                Low Season 

          April 2019                  Low Season

          May 2019                  High Season 

          June 2019                 High Season  

          July 2019                   High Season

          August - September - October - November - December 2019      High Season


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