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Ancon, the spa par excellence of Lima Norte

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More than three decades ago, to talk about Ancón was to talk about the most exclusive and glamorous resort in the country, the favorite place of the Lima upper class, when no one was still talking about Asia. Time passed and the wealthy class moved away to the south, but the beautiful spa with its imposing buildings remained to live new times.

Location of Ancon

Ancón is located about 40 kilometers away from the center of Lima, it is without a doubt a beautiful and unique place.

History of Ancón

According to the dictionary of the Royal Academy, the word “Ancón” would be like a small cove, there are some similarities with native languages such as Aymara where “Ancón” means fat, arched stones. The truth is that since the times of the Viceroyalty, this area was known as the fishing port of ancient Ancón.

Ancón was always used as an alternative port for Callao for all types of normal and emergency situations.

It is the oldest and most glamorous resort in Lima, just 43 km north of our Capital, the beautiful bay where 30 years ago the most elegant young people fell in love, the legendary Las Anconetas beach, the Yacht Club parties and the endearing festival.

Today, under the same sun, this place is the favorite in the northern cone on summer Sundays.

Fashionable Lima spa

At almost 30 degrees of temperature, people arrive eager for a good dip, crowded buses that take them to the promised land and if you forget something, don’t worry, they sell you everything here.

Touring the bay in an elegant sports boat, Ancón is discovered as a postcard of incalculable beauty, wonderful private piers, a floating tap and beautiful buildings reminiscent of a golden age. In that sea that today hosts thousands of beachgoers every weekend who just want to have a good time in one of the most discreet places in Lima.

At lunch time, everyone is obliged to visit the pier and enjoy the best fish, seasoned by expert hands in the cevicherías of Ancón.

The beaches of Ancón await you, perhaps not with the glamor of yesteryear, but as a perfect place for families to find a very popular beach Sunday.

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