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Tierras Vivas Reviews

Tierras Vivas Reviews

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Nic Carlisle

3-Day Challenge with THE BEST (27 April 2022)

Tierras Vivas is an EXTRAORDINARY company. We are so pleased with our trek that we don't know where to start. Our guide (Edson) was born and raised on the Inca Trail, so you can't find someone more knowledgeable. Our chef (Clemente) treated us to five-star dining at every single meal; he managed to serve food way better than most restaurants. And this company is seriously responsible too. While the porters are taking care of you, Tierras Vivas is taking care of their porters. Unlike most other companies in the area, Tierras Vivas adheres to a strict limit for how much a porter is expected to carry. If you come to Peru (and you should), and you want to get VIP treatment from a responsible company, don't consider anyone other than Tierras Vivas. You won't regret the choice. We'll definitely be back and use them again on our next trip.

Craig Nelson

Awesome 😎 (23 July 2021)

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Matthew Roome

Machu Picchu visit (24 August 2021)

We had an excellent time with our tour guide, Jose Lluis - he was extremely accommodating and very knowledgeable. Tierra Vivas was super easy to work with and thoroughly communicated throughout the entire trip. Highly recommend!

Elizabeth Volynsky-Lauzon

Amazing Tour! (03 July 2021)

Our tour guide Wilbert was absolutely amazing and made this tour 100% better. He knew everything and was able to answer any questions we had. During our mountain hike, we passed by many different plants, some we had never seen before. He knew all their uses, modern and ancient, and their history! He was very accommodating any time we had a problem. During any breaks we had, he would tell us stories about the Inca and about his history. He gave the tour a very personal feel that I know we all appreciated. In the end, all I can say was this was an absolutely amazing tour and Wilbert was an amazing guide!

Rachel Novick

Worth it (21 January 2020)

It was hard for my to decide whether to give 4 or 5 stars because if given a choice I would be happy to go with Tierras Vivas again. Overall we had a great experience and our cons are overall minor compared to the pros. Here are pros and cons of our trip: Pros: Food = AMAZING. Delicious meals that well-exceeded our expectations. Porters = AMAZING. So kind and we are so impressed by their hard work and impressed by their abilities on the trails. Amenities - we had everything we needed and much of what we wanted on the trail. We were very impressed by all the porters were able to provide for us. They ran the trip even though only 2 of us were on it which is pretty incredible because it seems only the porters benefit, I doubt the company makes much money from that, so we appreciated that they gave these people work and toured us rather than pushing us onto a different group. Cons: Our guide's English wasn't the greatest and she often wouldn't understand our questions. She definitely knew her stuff and was able to present everything and because of her we saw some really cool birds and plants but we had trouble understanding some of what she would tell us and it was hard to have conversations during meals. T-shirt - we never got one, which my brother had been counting on as he only brought 3 shirts for our 4 day trek. Hot water bottle - we were never provided with this in our sleeping bag Water - had to ask for it and only received it at some meals

Emilio De Leon

Best Tour Ever (03 September 2019)

My tour with Tierras Vivas was beyond exceptional. My tour guide, Yolanda, did such a great and through job. The night before our 2 day trek our guide came to our hotel to provide a review of all acitivties over the next 2 days. At this time I paid the remaining half of my balance due(pay with cash because there is a high fee if paid with card). The next morning I was greeted by the driver and Yolanda ready to go. We began our trek around 8:30am that morning after a car ride and train ride to the start of the trek. Yolanda took the time give a detailed explanation of the history of the Inca People and the trail along the hike. Snacks, lunch, and dinner was provided day 1. The second day we got a tour of the Machu Picchu city ruins and we also treked Huayna Picchu which was amazing. Overall the tour was great and Yolanda did an amazing job. Thank you again for the best experience in my life!!

Rick Farmer

3D/2N with Jennifer (29 August 2019)

I simply do not have enough wonderful things to say about our experience. From beginning to end, we were taken care of and made to feel like family. Every single person on our hike went above and beyond to ensure we had a great time and I will be forever grateful to Jennifer and our amazing chef Gustavo. For those who are physically able, the Inca Trail is absolutely worth the experience. You will eat incredibly well, have a chance to be surrounded at all times by scenic vistas and observe and experience Inca ruins that those taking the train will never see. Thank you, Jennifer, for taking care of my and my buddy. I know that we ended up moving very quickly but you and the team were with/ahead of us the whole time. Truly superhuman. For anyone reading this, the 3D/2N trip we took is the exact same path as the 4D/3N. You just move a lot faster. For those who are athletically capable and maybe are trying to conserve a day on your trip, this is for you. Be warned, this is not an easy hike. You will be challenged no matter how good of shape you are in.

Danilo Datola

4 giorni perfetti (25 August 2019)

Abbiamo trovato questa agenzia /tour operator cercando su internet con ampio anticipo. Al nostro arrivo a Cusco abbiamo incontrato Jolanda, la nostra guida, in hotel. Subito ci è sembrata professionale e simpatica. La sorpresa è stata che non c'erano altre persone nel gruppo. È stato praticamente un tour privato. Ciò nonostante non ci è mancato nulla. Anzi! Jolanda è stata sempre attenta a che tutto funzionasse a dovere senza mai perdere la simpatia. Ha illustrato sia la parte naturalistica che culturale del Camino Inca in maniera completa. I 5 portatori: una squadra perfetta! Andres, il capo e il cuoco è stato bravissimo nel preparare in spazi risottissimi e con l'attrezzatura che veniva portata a spalla, delle colazioni, pranzi, merende e cene eccezionali; buone di sapore e belle alla vista. Praticamente un mago! Dirigeva con sapienza i suoi aiutanti: Percy, Leoncio, Clemente e Juliàn. Un gruppo ben affiatato che rideva e sorrideva mentre lavorava. Raccomandiamo questa agenzia assolutamente anche perché si è dimostrata capace di risolvere perfettamente una nostra difficoltà finale, rendendo possibile anticipare di qualche ora il rientro in treno a Cusco. L'aiuto e il supporto di Jolanda anche in questo caso sono stati determinanti. È importante ricordare che il trekking di 4 giorni non è un vacanza comoda: non c'è acqua calda corrente (ma ti viene fornita dallo staff in piccoli catini x lavarsi), i bagni sono quelli degli accampamenti quindi bisogna veramente adattarsi, la salita è in salita e la discesa è in discesa. Bisogna arrivare preparati. Una bellissima esperienza! Grazie!

Connie wang

Salkantay-Inca 6 day trek (25 August 2019)

Had a great experience and great time hiking with Marco our tour guide for the salkantay-Inca 6 day trek. We managed to tackle some intense uphills and steep downhills as well as some fun activities like zip lining and soaking in the hot springs. Our chef prepared an abundance of food for us everyday. Overall an awesome experience and I would definitely recommend this hike to those who love great scenery as well as historical ruins.

Diane and George Sedlacek

Choquequirao to Machu Picchu (22 July 2019)

Our trip was wonderful. The scenery along the hike was beautiful; we especially loved the glaciers, waterfalls, and rivers. We felt very well taken care of; the food was fabulous and abundant (Pedro is a wonderful cook), when we requested warm water to wash up with at the end of each day, we were accomodated. Our tour guide, Albina, was encouraging along the way, as the hike was challenging for us at times.

Leticia Carrabotta

5 días a Choquequirao (03 August 2019)

Fue una experiencia fantástica . La caminata es esforzada pero lo sublime del paisaje lo justifica. Alvina nuestra guía fue amable, puntual, siempre atenta a nuestras necesidades e inquietudes , conocedora de la historia y la cultura Peruana nos los brindó ampliamente. Bruno, el cocinero fue simple y sencillamente excelente. Nos sirvió mangares variados, deliciosos y preciosamente presentados.

Matt Zabriskie

Fantastic Salkantay Trek (26 June 2019)

The 5 day Salkantay Trek with Alvina as our guide was fantastic. Would definitely recommend trekking with her and Tierras Vivas.

Heather Teresa Jewett

Salkantak/Inca Trail 6 day trek (09 June 2019)

Tierras Vivas provided me with a worry free, safe, incredible experience. They were always on time and the guides would fully explain what was to be expected each day. The food was amazing as well! Thank you to Tierras Vivas for allowing me immerse myself in the experience without worry while you took care of all the arrangements. I am truly grateful for such an amazing experience.

Charles Post

Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (28 May 2019)

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful trek on the Inca Trail. I’ve already left a 5 star review on TripAdvisor but wanted to send you a personal note. Everything was perfectly executed and we had no problems.


Our guide, Jennifer, was terrific! Such an amazing person and a great leader for our trip. I hope you consider giving her a raise or a promotion in the near future. Any company would be lucky to have someone like Jennifer working on their team.


I would also like to commend Andres and Mateo on the porter team. They were so thoughtful and cared for my father who struggled a little bit during the trip. Great guys. Pedro is an excellent chef too, but I’m sure you know that already.


One minor thing that I wanted to bring to your attention was the quality of the air mattresses. One was leaking air and should probably be replaced, just letting you know.


Lastly, I have two friends who have reservations with Tierras Vivas on the Inca Trail later this month. Their names are Kalpana Ganti and Arun Mikkilineni. I’m sure the team will take great care of them.


All the best and looking forward to another reservation with you in the future.




Dear Charles, Thank you for your review.

Jason Brunson

Short Inca trail to Machu Picchu: 2 day hike Tierras Vivas (08 May 2019)

We took the short 2-day Incan trail to Machu Picchu. Yolanda was our guide and she was amazing. She was really patient and sympathetic with us dealing with the altitude(we are from sea level). She was a great and very informative guide and we couldn't imagine doing the hike without her. The hike itself was one of the most amazing journeys of our life. My wife and I did the hike as part of our honeymoon and it made for an unforgettable experience. The group we were with were also great people and now friends. All in all, this was living out a life long dream. Tierras Vivas was very helpful in the booking of the trip and guiding you through the process. I would highly recommend this tour group for your Machu Picchu experience. Thanks again Tierras Vivas and especially Yolanda!


Alison Burdett

6 day salkantay to Inca trail trek Tierras Vivas (10 May 2019)

We just completed the 6 day Salkantay to Inca trail trek. We had a fantastic time! Our tour guide, Marco spoke very good English and was very accommodating, knowledgeable and fun. He always communicated with us and let us know what was happening. The food was plentiful and tasty. Overall a great experience.


Diego Rocca

Muy buena experiencia (31 May 2018)

Una experiencia muy buena que cumplio las expectativas, ademas el personal muy amable.


Juan pablo picasso

Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Tierras Vivas (05 April 2018)

Una experiencia única. Gracias a Tierras Vivas pudimos pasarlo excelente. El servicio que nos brindó la guía Yolanda, el cocinero y el equipo de porteadores fue impecable. Recomendable sin dudas.


Wilma Senior

5 day Salkantay Trek (19 January 2018)

We've just completed the 5 day Salkantay trek. We were lucky enough to have Jennifer as a guide for just the two of us. Jennifer spoke excellent English and was very knowledgeable about Peruvian history, culture and daily life. We learned so much from her and she never tired of answering all our questions. The trek was well organised from the pre trek briefing, to the tasty meals cooked along the way and the transport to and from various locations. Miguel the horseman was very helpful and Hermo managed to produce amazing meals in challenging conditions. The weather unfortunately was not great but Jennifer always briefed us well each evening so we were prepared for anything and everything the following day. We experienced everything from extremely hot weather to snow as we travelled over the Salkantay pass.



Charlotte Inglis

Salkantay Trek (11 January 2016)

The trip overall was excellent! since the start I found the trip be well organised. .

The food was excellent and abundant camp was always set up ready to go and the equipment was of a high quality.

The guide was great, Alibeth was informative and entusiastic


Martyn Cinnele

Salkantay Trek (22 May 2015)

May 18 began the Salkantay trek.

We had some amazing and wonderful 4 days and the last day in Machu Picchu was very beautiful and impressive. The full experience was worth it because of Washington, he helped me through difficult moments along the way.

It was wonderful

Thank you

Nick Vealie

inca jungle (15 July 2015)

day one

downhill mountain biking 

very good

hostal: very good

day two

trek was great!!!

hostel was clean and good

food was fantastic

guides were brilliant!

Heber and Guido were great very funny and always happy

day three 

breakfast was very good 

guides were great

lunch was ok.


Joe Sulmidlia

Salkantay Trek 5 days (10 September 2015)

The Salkantay Trek was beautiful, and Lourdes was a great leader, Alex met me in la plaza, he was very nice and we went to a great place to accomodate me. We had a smouth trip to aguas calientes, thank to him, great accomodathere in aguas calientes,.Alex took me around town, and showed the intercity on the bus. I just wish the briefing was earlier as I said, but it is ok . thanks for the great trip!


Sally Murphy

Salkantay Trek (06 November 2015)

Day 1

Biking -  loved it! 

my tyre did burst but I know that was absolutely nobody`s fault! 

hostel - brilliant! 

Guide -  fab! both of them were very funny, informative and  positive 

Day 2

Walk - not too bad, loved the cable car and  bridge

lunch -  great.

hostel - absolutely fine! 

hot springs - loved them 

guides - Eber- very informative 

              Guido- just great.

dinner - the best!

Day 3;

Breakfast - really nice, loved the pancakes!

walk - good, loved the scenery

it was unfortunate that the mountain / ladder walk was not available - but again nobody`s  fault

lunch - really good, especially soup and lemon juice!

Guide : Eber and Guido were brilliant guide, very informative, friendly and helpful.

we loved the trip! 




Jeremy Landreth

Salkantay trek (14 July 2015)

The trek was a fantastic time and I had wonderful experience hiking the Salkantay trek complete to Machu Picchu here the highlights of the trek.

  • Hiking in the high country
  • Experiencing Peruvian life in the mountains
  • Hiking Humantay lake (beautiful)
  • Hiking the Salkantay pass (woderful)
  • Having a great tour in the jungle
  • An amazing cook (Amilcar), He is food was fantastic and every meal was full of color, tate, and vibrant flavours. Very impressed by Amilcar cooking.
  • Visiting Machu Picchu
  • the Peruvian experience.
Our guide Edmar was fantastic and souch a wonderful person to hike/trek with he is very knowledgable and detailed on the information while hiking. Edmar is passionate about his job and the quality that he brings is unforgettable. I never in all my years had a guide like Edmar, he is fantastic! Thank you.



Inca Jungle (10 June 2015)

Day 1st:- good, The 2nd day really good, guides were very encouraging supportive during the hard parts. In Santa Teresa we could have hada better hostel the more better bathrooms. The 3rd day good food and service. Day 4th Hiking to Machu Picchu and guided tour.


Steplen Phillps

Great Inca Jungle (00 0000)

Day 1, Bikes worked fine, Guides were nice, hostel was great, food was super. Day 2-3 Food consistently good, except for breakfast option for fruit salad an the 3 days, the portion size was so big, In Machu Picchu were good. guides really wanted is home a good trip. I recommend this company.


Daniel Byrne

Inca Jungle trek 4 days 3 nights (15 June 2015)

For all 3 days the guides were really friendly more informative, the breakfast were excellent, very good for energy for trekking. Overrall, above expectation, I am very happy we chose this company. Day 1, Mountain biking really good, enjoyed it a lot, lunch excellent, hostel very good, dinner very good. Day 2, Lunch was excellent, hostel good, dinner very good, trekking was really good more interesting. Day 3, lunch good, nice more big, hostel excellent. I am very happy we chose this company.


Catherine Byne

Inca Jungle with Tierras Vivas Excellent (22 June 2015)

Day 1- Biking Excelent fun, very good guide realy knowledgeable and the activity we were doing the bikes broke, and the her, very good fun, nobody fault about the goodbikes. Accomodation was great more food was delicious. Day 2 Hiking - the trek was good and the a good pace that all the group could keep up with nobody or few behind which was great. guide was also good as the kept everyone going!! food was great- excellent!! Hot springs were good. Day 3 Hiking very good doing the trek, the very knowledgable about Inca history, lunch very good especially the cream. Day 4 Hiking to Machu Picchu.


Nick Adnelly

The Inca Jungle (15 July 2015)

Day 1, I really enjoyed the hike downhill biking, both guides introduced them selves in a friendly manner, and they were quite pleasant and capable, the entire trek a few people had some problems with their bikes, but this can only be expected with this kind of riding the most. The rooms were also nice and confortable. Day 2, The walking was a bit tiring going uphill, but it was enjoyable the Lunch was good, and he was very informative about Incan history, and very helpful, the hot springs were great. dinner was good, and the rooms were good. Day 3, A nice relaxed walk along the train tracks, the ladder climb was unfortunately closed, but cant do anything about that. All in all, great experience,great guides... Thank you.


Erik Chaircz

Hiking to Inca Trail (10 July 2015)

The first day of eat trek was great. Edwin made us feel very welcome, It wasn’t bad at all. It was nice and easy, The Second day was chilling but Edwin kept telling us to take our time did we would make it. The Third day was better than the second day. Not as challenging but not that easy either. The hotel was very nice and comfortable. Day 4 on the way to the top was very challenging but very worth it , It was amazing through the whole treck Edwin told us all kinds of information about Peru. That was one of the best part. Telling us about this country, he food was it we same we did not expect to eat like such king. Tea time was also such a bonus The pop corn was Great , we got way more than we expected, we will refire this company more Edwin to all our friends more Family.


Nick Adnnelly

Inca Jungle with Tierras Vivas (08 August 2015)

Day 1 , I really enjoyed the hike downhill biking,both guides introduced them selves in a friendly manner, and they were quite pleasant and capable, the entire trek a few people had some problems with their bikes,but this can only be expected with this kind of riding the most. The rooms were also nice and confortable. Day 2, The walking was a bit tiring going uphill, but it was enjoyable the Lunch was good, and Her was very informative about Incan history, and very helpful the hot springs were great. dinner was good, and the rooms were good. Day 3, A nice relaxed walk along the train tracks, the ladder climb was unfortunately closed, but cant do anything about that. All in all, great experience,great guides... Thank you.


Anna Marie Vase

Salkantay with Tierras Vivas (29 October 2015)

Trek, the best guide Edwin! good at organizing everything, explaning good atmosphere, laughing, we had a great time! Edwin cooks after everybody, takes with everybody, the group is in good hands, thank you. the trek was amazing, so beautiful and so many different scenarioes. a lot of respect to the horsemen and cook; they worked really hard to made the camps and prepare delicious food!! Everything was perfect.


Daniel Qujemsal

Hiking Inca Trail (08 November 2010)

we were very satisfied with the organisation of the agency Tierras Vivas, especially the person in charge in Cusco was friendly, helpfull and wele organised. We all very enjoyed on days in Peru, it was a confortable trip.



Llactapata Trek (30 June 2015)

Thank you for the wonderful and adventures 2 days. Edmar, a very friendly guide sweet person, made us feel very confortable on the trip. Truly enjoyed every aspect on the trip the schedule although seemed a little too tight.


Anusma Rajagopalan

Llactapata Trek (30 June 2015)

Thank you for the wonderful and adventures 2 days Edmar. A very friendly guide sweet person. made us feel very confortable on the trip. Truly enjoyed every aspect on the trip the schedule although seemed a little too tight.


Vinod Venkatesh

Llactapata Trek (30 June 2015)

Very friendly, pacient, and well organized trip. Good knowledge of the trek and detailed and though guidance. Trip planned well but a little tight on schedule.


Hilary Aviela Lermer

Salkantay trek 5 days (20 October 2015)

I had a fantastic time on this trek!. I have not hiked very much and the whole team made it easy to keep going much very enjoyable during difficult parts of the trek. Edmar was very friendly more welcoming her always checked with each person how we were doing more made sure we were prepared for each day. He did sometimes walk a little far ahead of us on the trek, but he would wait when we took our breaks, I really enjoyed our time with him more would absolutely recommend him for another trip. Ticher was such a wonderful cook as well I was stuffed after every meals-these was sometimes almost too much food, my favorite meals were the saltado,stuffed peppers, and the pancake more out meal for breakfast, the variety of food was amazing and I enjoyed every meal. Tierras Vivas has been a great tour company, I would use them again in the future.


Erik Henry

Salkantay 5 Day 4 Nights (29 October 2015)

Overall I am very happy with the trip. I was impressed by the quality and proper organisation. Especially the cook (Amilcar), they made the difference that made the trip amazing, great food!. Edwin was a great guide, he gave clear information and was also great company, we had so much fun. It was great that when we arrived at the camps that everything was ready for us, these guys work so hard to make, the trek fantastic for us. Muchas Gracias!


Anna Marie Vase

Salkantay 5 days (29 October 2015)

Salkantay Trek. the best guide, Edwin! good at organizing everything, explaining good atmosphere, laughing we had a great time! Edwin looks after everybody, takes with everybody, the group is in good hands, thanks!! The trek was amazing, so beautiful and so many different scenaries, a lot of respect to the horsemen and cook,they worked really hard to made the camps and prepare delicious food!!. Every thing was perfect.


Anja Maurischat

Salkantay Trek 5 days (29 October 2015)

First sentence of start, this is no competition. Relax and take your time from Edwin. That was really good for taking out the pressure of the first steps. He is real good informed and try to explain every Inca related issue. It makes the trip very interesting. Very good group attitude and the fun is staying in focus. Good recomendations for the tours. The tour was really great!!! Cook Amilcar, perfect, every time. Horseman, really helping and very nice!


Joris Henry

Salkantay 5 days (29 October 2015)

The Salkantay trek with Tierras Vivas, Edwin was very helpfull and clear (good information every day) Equipament was good. Some of the zipps of the tent need replacement I think though. The lodging was better than expected, during the first three night. In Aguas calientes it is a bit basic for a hotel. All in the guide was super and equipment was good. The Food, our food was great, the chef Amilcar, was Super!! And he did a lot of work. Keep it up!. The Horsemen tents and lugage were realy and taken care of very well.

Thank you for a great trek.


Sourice Julien

Salkantay Trail (24 August 2015)

Très bonne expérience le trek nous a plu par sa diversité, nous avons été très bien servi. La cuisine nous a bien plu car elle etait locale et en bonne quantité. Les explications tout au long du trek étaient intéressantes.Par contre nous aurions souhaité avoir une étape plus longue le 3 ème jour.


Lisa Persson

Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu Tour (11 June 2011)

My colleague and I went on a 3 days / 2 nights, Cusco/ Machu Picchu tour with Tierras Vivas in June 2011. We had the most amazing experience and our guide Janet, looked after us very well. On the first day we were taken on a city tour with surroundings in Cusco which was very informative and interesting. On the second day we went to Machu Picchu by train and this beautiful site I would recommend everyone that got the chance, to visit at some point in their life. Janet took once again very good care of us and made sure that we had a fantastic day! On the third day before flying back to Lima our guide Janet brought us to the local market in Cusco, this was also a highlight of the trip and was great to experience.

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